How To Be A Douche Bag Commentator

There is no doubt that loading up dofollow plugins may increase readership, or at least commentators. However, the disadvantage of it is that you may just get one or two guys who are just commenting for the sake of having a back link to their website or blog. For these people, I would like to label them as douche bag commentators.

Before I proceed, I would like to make it clear that I am not implicating that everyone who comments in a dofollow blog are guilty of this “sin”. I am talking about those who commented even though they have not fully read or understood your post. Here is an example.

Commenting for the sake of a back link

I just loaded up the dofollow plugin in my new blog where I share my favorite music videos. The nofollow tag will be removed when someone leaves at least three comments in that blog. It is still a very new blog with very few viewers.

I got three comments from the same guy (“Mr T”) within four minutes. Mr T may argue that he is a speed reader with excellent typing skills, thus the speed in commenting. However, considering that each of the posts that Mr T commented in has an average of 100-200 words and at least one video between 3 to 5 minutes, I will be truly amazed if his commenting was sincere.

I have removed all of his comments. Do you have the same experience as I did? Mind to share it?

How To Check Other Domain Name On Same Server

MyIPneighbors reverse IP domain check

If you are using a shared web hosting package, have you wondered what other domain names are hosted under the same server as you are?

Previously, I was using the reverse IP function provided by domaintools to check the list of domain names hosted under the same server. This function does not come for free. You will need to subscribe to their service and pay a monthly fee in order to use it. For non-subscribers, they will display the first three domain names for free. I only tried out their 30 day free trial and cancelled my subscription after that.

I was reading iCalvyn’s blog and he was blogging about a website called myIPneighbors. MyIPneighbors uses the same reverse IP lookup method to export the list of all domain names hosted under a server. The advantage of this service compared to the one by domaintools is that myIPneighbors is completely free. In fact, it provides extra functionality by displaying the website or blog within the same page.

Go ahead and try out myIPneighbors. You may just find a new website or blog that is interesting. Who knows, you may even make a friend or two.

Wii Remote Jacket To Prevent Wii From Slipping Off

Some have reported that their Wii remote slipped off their hand while playing the Wii. I guess the entire concept of the Wii remote may be so new that even the developers did not think that this problem will arise earlier. Who would have thought that a game remote will require a hand grip, right?

However, when you think of how the Wii remote is being used to play games like golf and tennis where it requires the player to swing the remote “wildly”, it really is a no brainer thing. Rackets and golf sticks have handle grips, why not the Wii?

Nintendo announced a new free Wii Remote jacket accessory. It enhances grip levels of the Wii remote to prevent it from slipping off. This new addon will be available in the middle of October. All new purchases after that should receive a free Wii remote jacket when they buy a Wii. Current Wii owners can order their Wii remote jacket for free at or

[Via joystiq]

Asteroid May Hit Earth In 2029

Boris Shustov, director of the Institute of Astronomy, said at a forum that the Apophis asteroid could have a bigger impact than an asteroid that hit Siberia in 1908, the Novosti news agency reported. (source)

If this is true, it will only be another 22 years before it happens. It sounds like the movie Armageddon. An asteroid is heading towards earth and men are trying to save the planet by either destroying the asteroid or shifting its course. Blasting the asteroid may not be an option since the article stated that it may cause more harm than good.

What if the asteroid does hit earth? What if you are unfortunate enough to be directly affected by the asteroid hit? What would you wish to do? What about the rest of the world that will be indirectly affected by it?

How To Search For MP3 In Google The Easy Way

Google is the big brother of all search engines. If something is uploaded into the Internet, sooner or later it will be crawled and indexed by the Google bot. This is inevitable unless there are preventive measures taken to ensure the content is not accessible to the Google bot.

Although sharing some types of MP3 files is considered illegal, there are still people who have uploaded them. We can always use Google to search for these MP3 files, provided you know the complex codes that are required. I stumbled upon two websites that enables us to easily search for MP3 files on the Internet.

Website #1: Download browser
There are four steps that you need to follow in this instruction. Just follow them and you should be fine.

Website #2: GP2
This is an easier alternative. You can search for other items apart from songs using this website.

Note: I do not recommend/advice/support illegal MP3 downloading or uploading. Not all MP3s are illegal. You can use this method to easily search for LEGAL MP3s on the Internet. Whatever you do with this knowledge is totally up to your own wisdom.