How To Make Money Buying Expired Domain Name

According to, over 750,000 domain names expire every month. Among these expiring domain names, there are many who have high ranking PageRanks. The owner of the expiring domain name will usually renew them before it expires but you will be surprised at how many domain names are left to expire.

Here is your chance to make some money out of these expired domain names. You can grab these domain names that have expired and resell them at a higher price. Firstly, what you need is a tool to help you search and identity expiring domain names.

Make money by searching for expiring domain name is a new web tool that provides you with a search tool to search for expiring domain names. You can search for specific keywords in the domain that you are looking for. Other search factors include setting the number of days before the domain name will expire and minimum PageRank score.

I have tried this service but the result isn’t 100% accurate. For example, there are some domain names that are expected to be deleted in August but are still in the list. Some of the domain names have already been bought or renewed but are still showing as “expiring”. However, just sort the domain name by expiration date and view them from the back. I manage to find some good PR domain names that are currently opened for public bidding.

I found this website two days ago and I notice there are already some changes to the search function. Maybe they are still updating the service. Bookmark the website. I am sure there will be more updates in the coming days. Who knows, it may even be a powerful web tool all domain name traders need in the future.

How To Increase BitComet Torrent Download Speed

I bumped into Felix Ker’s post on how to speed up torrent downloads a while back. The guide provided to speed up your torrent downloads on popular torrent clients such as BitComet and uTorrent is available. Since my uTorrent download is stable but slow, I tested it on uTorrent instead of BitComet.

You will need to do some tweaking so be ready. You will need to setup your uTorrent client, router and computer network settings. Don’t worry, the post provides a complete walkthrough so you won’t miss anything.

After completing the setup, I tried downloading some torrent files but sadly, there was no noticeable increase in download speed. Before the change, my downloading with uTorrent usually max out at about 20kb/s. After the change, it was about the same.

I have no idea why it didn’t work out for me. My downloads with BitComet can reach up to 40+kb/s. The problem is that downloading using BitComet causes my Internet connection to drop occasionally. Anyway, I hope it works for you.

How To Apply Public Bank Visa Electron Fast (Within 7 Working Days)

UPDATE: Sending the application form using snail mail and courier service requires different address. Check the correct address to use below.


If your credit card or debit card doesn’t allow PayPal withdrawal, you may want to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. I called up Public Bank’s customer service and was told that it will take at least three weeks before your debit card will be approved. That is very long so I asked him if there were “any other ways” to get it done faster.

He literally “lighted up” and told me there was. He sounded so cheerful and happy I thought that whatever method he was going to teach me would involve bribing or some other illegal means. I was wrong.

He helpfully told me that getting the Visa electron debit card approved is a very easy process. You can actually get it approved within a week or so, provided that you followed his advice and rushed the Public Bank’s staffs. So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to your nearest Public Bank branch and ask for the Visa Electron debit card application form. Grab the form and leave while smiling to the beautiful lady behind the counter. Fill up the form (of course, duh!).

Step 2: Photocopy the front and back of your IC. Cross it out and state that it is for Public Bank use only. That way, it won’t be misused for other illegal purposes.

Step 3: Write a check payable to “Public Bank Berhad“. The amount should be at least RM25. Write your full name and IC number behind the check. If you do not have a check book, don’t worry. Just send the application form and your photocopied IC. They will provide you with a bank account where you can transfer the money into later.

Step 4: Send your application form, photocopied IC and check (if any) to the address below. To shorten the time needed for the delivery, I will be sending it using overnight postal service like ABX Express.

If you plan to send using overnight courier service (eg. ABX Express, NationWide express, etc), send it to the following address:

Public Bank Credit Card Centre
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

If you are sending using normal snail mail, send it to this address:

Public Bank Card Services
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 11722
50754 Kuala Lumpur

Note: The address was given to me by the call centre staff and matches the address given in the Public Bank website. However, the address printed at the bottom of the application form shows that the postcode is 50754 instead. I will send it to the address above.

Step 5: Phone 03-21768000 to ask if they have received your application form. Tell them to process your application ASAP because it is urgent.

It will take at least 5 working days for your application to be approved. Phone them on the fifth day to check your application status again.

Your Visa Electron application should be approved within 7 working days (the quickest) if there are no other problems. I will be sending mine tomorrow.

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Math Anti-Spam Function Taken One Step Too Far

Spam. Everyone hates spam, unless you are the ones behind it. Many tools and plugins have been developed to fight spam in the past. Some works brilliantly while others may not fair that well.

Math anti-spam function (an example is the Did you pass Math plugin) works by requesting the person commenting to answer a “simple” mathematical question. An example would be “What is the sum of nine and two”. Simple right?

However, I read that some spam tools were able to bypass these math anti-spam functions. I guess that is why some developers have raised the level of complexity by asking more complex math question.

Complex math anti-spam question

Honestly, I read in the past that a blogger stopped using the math anti-spam tool (the one where you sum up two numbers together) because at least one of his readers had problems answering them. The math question above can still be considered as simple to most of us but does this mean that your readers have to be at least of a high school qualification before they can comment in your blog?

What next?

“What is the chemical that is produced by mixing 4ml of X, 2.5g of Y and 10ml of Z?”

AmBank Credit/Debit Card Does Not Accept PayPal Funds

I am still waiting for my PayPal account to be verified. The bank statement should come within the next two weeks or so. I was hoping that my Ambank credit card can be used to withdraw my PayPal funds. I made a call to AmBank’s customer service last night and was disappointed with the outcome.

According to the customer service staff, AmBank does not allow such fund transfer from PayPal using their credit or debit cards.

I am back at square one now. I have no other choices but to apply for a credit or debit card from another bank. I have read some responses and comments in other blogs and forum and have decided to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron. Malcolm has reported that he was able to withdraw his PayPal funds into his Visa Electron.

The next problem awaiting me would be the risk of getting my PayPal account frozen. I read some people got their accounts frozen after trying to withdraw their funds into a brand new debit card. There were suggestions to use the card to pay for something first before withdrawing. That way, there are a few transactions before the withdrawal.

I will be getting the forms to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron later this afternoon. Any other suggestions, recommendations or warnings?