Test The Response Time Of Your Blog Or Website

If you host your blog (or website) locally, accessing it from your computer should be fast. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your foreign visitors experience the same response speed when connecting to your blog.

YouMonitor.Us is a website monitoring system that gives you industrial strength monitoring capabilities with up to the minute information on the response time by other people viewing your website from around the world. An email or SMS alert will be sent to you when your website is unreachable or response time becomes abnormal. YouMonitor.Us also provides analytical reports such as availability report, performance report and monitoring source report.

The features mentioned above are provided for registered members only. You get a 2 weeks free trial from the day of registration. If you wish to continue your account, you will need to contribute a DC-Node to their peer to peer network.

I use YouMonitor.Us to check my blog’s response time from all around the world. The website randomly checks the status of my blog from 5 locations around the world. The response time is compared against 4 other well known websites — Google, Yahoo, MySpace and MSN — to give you a better picture of how well or bad your response time is.

Response time of my blog

Above is the response time of my blog compared to the others. The blue bar represents my blog. I am very happy with the response time of my blog after migrating over to a US server a few weeks back. What is your blog’s response time? Are you happy with it? If your response time is significantly slower to the other 4 websites even after a few tests, you may want to change to a better web hosting provider.

Top 6 Websites To Check IP Address

There are many websites available that allow us to check our IP addresses. I noticed that every website has their own unique feature that most of the others do not. When competition is plenty, they need to do that in order to stand out.

Below is the list to the top 6 websites to check IP address.

#6: ShowMyIP.com
IP address is shown at the very top. However, the rest of the page is filled with advertisements and unnecessary information.

#5: WhatIsMyIP.com
I have been using this website to check my IP address for quite some time now. The URL is easy to remember and the interface is simple.

#4: IPAddressWorld.com
This website is simple and nice. It allows you to embed an iframe code into your blog or website thus allowing your visitors (including yourself) to view their IP addresses when they are visiting.

#3: WhatIsMyIPAddress.com
This website integrates with Google map to plot your location based on your IP address.

#2: HearMyIP.com
You can hear your IP address being read out by a recorded male voice.

#1: MoanMyIP.com
[Not safe for work!] Turn down your speaker volume before you enter the website (if you haven’t already entered). This website definitely tops the list. If a female voice moaning your IP address to you doesn’t put it on top of the list, I don’t know what else will. HearMyIP.com & MoanMyIP.com is the brainchild of Matt Myrick.

Generate Link Badges For Your Blog Or Website

Have you seen how some websites or blogs use badges to link to a page? These badges are usually an icon the size of 80X15 pixels. They are also known as antipixel buttons. They are compact and can be very attractive if you design them properly.

These are some of the badges that I did for my blogs using the 80X15 Brilliant Button Maker by LucaZappa.com.

My Technology blog

My personal blog

My old blogspot blog

The advantage of this free button generator compared to some others is that it allows you to include an image on each sides of the badge. However, the disadvantage is that they allow only 80X15 pixel badges. If you want larger badges, the Button Maker by Blog Flux allows badges the size of 88X31 pixels.

Ajax Loading Indicator Generator

Some websites incorporates the AJAX technique to load certain element onto a webpage without reloading the entire page. It is common to see certain loading indicator like the one below to indicate that a process is running at the background. The indicator will disappear when the process has completed and while the page is updated.

Ajax loading indicator 1

ajaxload.info is a free webtool that allows a user to easily generate different types of loading indicator. The colour of the indicator and the background can be customized as well. A colour picker will appear when the mouse is clicked on the colour textfields. Clicking on the “Generate it !” button will generate the loading indicator in the preview panel below.

ajaxload.info colour picker

Some other indicators that can be generated are displayed below. Feel free to download it if you want to.

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Easily Discover New Websites With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon allows you to easily discover new websites that may interest you. StumbleUpon users aka Stumblers bookmark a particular website that they find interesting and it will be shared with other Stumblers who have the same interest on the topic.

You can start discovering new websites without registering an account. However, I recommend you to register an account to enjoy greater flexibility and features.

You should also download the StumbleUpon Toolbar that is available for IE and Firefox users.

Once registered, browse to your Preference option which should be located at http://[your_user_name].stumbleupon.com/prefs/. You may fill up your personal information and public profile but the important part is the “My Interest” tab. There are currently over 400 topics to choose from. Select the category of websites which you would like to discover.

StumbleUpon preference option

With the StumbleUpon Toolbar installed, you can randomly search through websites in the category that you have selected earlier by clicking on the “Stumble!” button in the toolbar. If you like the website displayed, click on the button with the thumbs up and the words, “I like it!” If you don’t like what you see, click on the one with the thumbs down.

StumbleUpon toolbar

This is actually very addictive. I have discovered a handful of interesting websites using this method. I hope you are able to discover new websites that may interest you as well!

Did you StumbleUpon any interesting website today?