Beware Of Internet Scams

There must be hundreds of “make money online” or “get rick quick” programs on the Internet. Some of them would claim that their program will enable you to earn hundreds of dollars in a day. What is their proof? Most of the time, they’ll display some sample cheques that shows how much they claim they have made. Another common method will be to display print screens of monthly earning statements, paypal statements, or monthly bank statements.

Some of these scam artists’ work is amateurish. However, others look too good to be fakes. So how do you distinguish whether it’s real or not? Well, just use your head. Would someone who earns thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a month, sell you his secret for $9.95 or maybe $50? Don’t be surprised if you find out that their “secret” is…

“Go create a website. Tell everybody you have a secret to earnings thousands of dollars a month. Sell your ‘secret’ for $50. Get 20 buyers and you’ve just made your first thousand!”.

If you are arguing that those monthly earning statements, paypal statements or bank statements look real, beware that those might be photoshoped or edited somehow. Still not convinced that “MOST” of them are fakes?

I read one article from some time ago entitled CRAZY cool javascript : Edit whatever you want on ANY page : Images, Text. With the technique mentioned in the article, you can literally edit anything on most websites. With proper cover-up techniques, you won’t notice any foul play with the print screen. Since I don’t have a paypal account (yet), I’ll show you what I did on my Google Adsense statements.

A BIG NOTE: All the modifications and print screens below are for educational purpose only. No harm intended. It doesn’t represent the website’s true view or opinion.

Google Adsense Earnings (Before)

I know that my Google Adsense revenue is nothing to be proud off. Give me a break, I’ve just started blogging for a month or so. If I’m blessed, it may look something like the one below in a year’s time.

Google Adsense Earnings (After)

Currently, you’ll see this at The Star’s website.

The Star Website (Before)

And if I’m really really blessed, you may just see this article some time in the future.

The Star Website (After)

My grades during university was OK to me. I really wonder how some people could managed to get all As. NERDS! 😯

Examination Results (Before)

Forget about studying hard or smart. This proves that you only need to know some technologies to have great results.

Examination Results (After)

Well, whatever makes me happy.

Conclusion? There’s a big bunch of scams out there. You have to depend on your wits and judgement to identify which are scams, and which are potential opportunities. Instead of wasting your money on scams, may I suggest you donate the money to me. 😆