All 3 Nuffnang Evil Quadruplets Repented

Barely 24 hours after exposing the Nuffnang’s evil quadruplets, all 3 of them have repented. Now that, and have seen the light, they truly know that is where they belong.

Let’s hope that the devil doesn’t pray pray anymore.

I guess it’s true that nothing taste better than free lunch.

Now, where the hell is my food?

Nuffnang Has An Evil Twin? Oh No, Triplets! OMG! Quadruplets!!!

UPDATED VERSION. Once again, the shy goddess surprised me with her latest findings. She even put up a short goddess conversation in her post while she was hunting for her nail polish remover (must read). I hope it doesn’t end in a goddess vs fairy duel. Quoting her findings:

Seriously, loyalty is based on trust and it’s (go ahead, type in into your browser) shit like this that makes me afraid of you.

If you did not try it out, redirects all traffics to Advertlets website. Just when I thought that the real Nuffnang has an evil twin, I received a tip off from Marcus of another registered domain — All of a sudden there are triplets!

UPDATE: Finally, I have my account activated. I am able to view the full list of the other 12 domains that are hosted on the same server. That is when I found a fourth evil sibling —!

A whois check on both all three of the domain names (, and reveals that the personal information of the owner of the domain names are masked with privacy protection.

After some digging around, I found that both all three of the domain names point to a server that hosts a dozen other domain names. is one of them. I had some e-mail exchanges with the owner of few months ago. If I’m not mistaken, I was told that part of the website was developed by Josh’s group. This was later confirmed by another individual.

A whois check on shows that it is running on a dedicated server (should be the same server as the other 2 evil domains). So, does owns the dedicated server? Or are they just a client of another company who owns the server? is another domain name that points to the same server. However, traffic from is redirected to Strangely, the method used to redirect the traffic is exactly the same used to redirect traffic from the “evil triplets” to Advertlets website.



This could either mean that the person responsible for redirecting the two are the same person, or this is purely coincidence.

The question that I still can’t answer is, “Did Advertlets registered the two domains?”


Note: I found out that this “news” isn’t new. People already know about the evil triplets quadruplets some time ago. Strangely, I have never heard anything about it at all. Have you?

Advertlets Riddle: Main Dish (Final)

I received a comment from reaymond in one of my previous posts. If you have read the comments left by “some aliens” (exist today, but vanish tomorrow) in my blog, you will understand what I mean when I say, reaymond sounded like “someone”. So the normal routine of checking the IP address was done. And though it was close, it was safe to say that reaymond is “clean”. That is why I approved it.

Later in the day when I had more time, I did some further investigations and found that reaymond could have been “someone” from within Advertlets. Here are my findings:


1. IP address

All the IP addresses of DevilsAdvocate, amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim are somehow “linked”. I made a mistake earlier by approving reaymond’s comment because the range of his IP address works differently from the other IP addresses that I have seen so far. Based on my observation on the other commenter’s IP addresses in this same range, it is safe to say that all the IP addresses recorded by DevilsAdvocate, amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim are somehow “linked” and could have came from the same computer/network. In fact, in one occasion, reaymond had the same IP address as Josh Lim.


2. Feed/RSS reader

Amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim uses the same feed/rss reader. Even the version of the program is the same. Please take note that the feed/rss reader that they are using is not the latest version and that there are dozens of other feed/rss readers in the market. DevilsAdvocate is not included in this list because I was not able to collect this information on him at that time.


3. Subscribed feeds (this is the bomb)

Amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim subscribed not only to my post and comments feed, but coincidentally, all 3 of them also subscribed to the same 2 posts’ feeds in my blog.

To those who are a bit lost on this point, let me explain. A feed/rss reader is like a web browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc). It is an alternative way to “browse” my blog. Subscribing to a feed is like bookmarking a page in your web browser. What is happening now is that all 3 of them (amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim) bookmarked the same 2 posts in my blog.


I have around 50 posts and what are the odds/probability of all 3 of them bookmarking the same 2 posts, and using the same type of feed/rss reader? (Note: There are dozens of different feed/rss readers. Based on my statistics, I limit the amount of “feed/rss reader” to 10)

What are the odds/probability that the scenario below happens?

1. There are 3 people (amateur, reaymond and Josh Lim).
2. There are 10 types of feed/rss reader to choose from.
3. There are 50 posts that can be bookmarked.
4. All 3 of them needs to bookmark 2 different posts.
5. All 3 of them used the same feed/rss reader and bookmarked the same 2 posts as the others.

The probability for the above scenario to happen is 1 in 149,253,731 cases.


To better visualize the figure above, I “consulted” a probability expert in the field of gambling — TOTO. Their “Super TOTO 6/49” is to pick 6 numbers out of 1 to 49. The prize money if someone hits the jackpot is RM5,441,000.

Therefore, based on the probability of the given scenario above to happen, it’s a whooping RM58,073,529 jackpot.

Note: Some “variables” are not included, not discussed or just ignored in this question to reduce the complexity of the formula. Example: In reality, no one is forced to bookmark any posts.


For those of you who are still confused of what is happening, here is a summary of it all. There have been rumours that Josh Lim has been disguising himself using anonymous names in a few blogs while backstabbing Nuffnang. They say if there is smoke, there must be fire some where. I cannot confirm the happenings of such an event in other blogs, but I can say it seems to have happened in my blog, not once but twice.

Once again, I leave it to you, my readers to make up your own minds. I’m just discussing some mathematic probabilities here — nothing more nothing less.

Advertlets Riddle: Complimentary Dish Served…

…and I hope you guys like “chicken“.

(This is a sponsored dish thanks to reaymond)

So, my previous post on Advertlets Riddle: A Curtain Raiser did out of a sudden “bring back” reaymond. He sent me an e-mail explaining that I have mistaken him as Josh, or Josh as him — whichever. What is his reason for not replying earlier? Apparently he was busy and actually planned to reply me on “the next day”. However, seeing that I have misunderstood him as Josh, or Josh as him, he felt he needed to reply me immediately even though he was still in his office.

His reason for his “knowledge” of Nuffnang and Advertlets was because he was doing some research on advertising options for his clients. I haven’t replied his e-mail. Take this post as an indirect “open letter reply”. I hope you don’t mind, reaymond.


I wonder why out of a sudden, “people” are inviting me to meet up and have a drink. It’s quite odd that on the same day, 2 individuals asked me out to meet them (Nabil Feisal and reaymond in the e-mail). After reading the e-mail, the question, “Did I make a mistake thinking that reaymond and Josh is somehow ‘related’?” did pop up in my mind. But a while later, I saw this:

Someone came in from Advertlets' WordPress

Point #1: That “someone” who came in from Advertlets’ wordpress admin at 10.57pm has the same IP address as reaymond when I caught him stalking my blog at 8.28pm (this is why I did not reveal the “whole” IP address — to reduce chances of people spoofing IP).

Point #2: The e-mail that reaymond sent to me was received at 10.47pm.

Question #1: What are the chances two people get the same IP address in 2 and a half hours? Quite high.

Question #2: What are the chances “those two people” with the same IP address, coming into my blog? Apart from the IP address, there are “other things” that proves the two people are in fact, the same person. More on that, in my “main dish”.


I could probably understand how reaymond feels. Being the guy who is misunderstood as another, and could have caused some “harm” to “the other guy”. It sure does feel bad. I guess that’s why he’s trying his best to clear things up, so that “the other guy” doesn’t get harmed. Well, he left a comment in my post, and an e-mail to explain why and how he is not “the other guy”.

I guess he is “working overtime” to make sure that “the other guy” is fully clear of any misunderstanding. Just look at how dedicated he is:

Reaymond stalking my blog at 1.40am

Okok. 1.40am really isn’t very late. I’m sure most of you guys are still wide awake at that time. He was probably busy “working” and just dropped by to check things out. But…but…

An anonymous person with same IP address as reaymond at 3.49am

To be still awake at 3.49am to check things out…errrr… That is why I said, a lot of “time” and “effort” has been contributed by my “sponsor” to ensure that you guys have the best meal.


I’m not sure if the next thing I’m showing has anything to do with the above. Apparently, Josh Lim replied to some comments in Advertlets’ blog that same night.

Josh Lim replying comment at 10.57pm on 8th May

And then another…

Josh Lim replying comment at 3.33am on 9th May

Even Noor Azman Bin Othman (the person Josh Lim was replying to) said this, “Don’t work too hard, Mr. Josh Lim or did you wake up at 3:33 AM just to answer my inquiry?“.

Apparently on that night, at least 3 people in Malaysia slept late (+/- 4am):
1. Kelwin (aka TenthOfMarch)
2. Reaymond
3. Josh Lim


I’m getting feedbacks that my blog is turning into some Hong Kong gossip magazine or some sort. Hahaha. Seriously, it feels like it as well. This is supposed to be a “geeky” blog after all. However, I guess it’s also true that I’m exposing a truth USING technology. So, it’s still “geeky”, no? πŸ™‚ Therefore, I’m deciding to finish “all this” on my next post.

And some mathematics geek, please help me confirm if the formula given out by Boss Lepton is correct. I need it. *URGENT* πŸ˜‰ I would like to thank jee, Freethinker, Boss Lepton and aw for their help so far.

Next up: “Main Dish”

Help Me Out Guys

Sorry for the delay, guys. Something came up, and I was a little tied up for a while. Unfortunately, I’ll only be able to serve you the “sponsored dish” after this post — won’t take long. Meanwhile, I need your help on some mathematics. I was never good at questions like these, so any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated.

Please help me out, yea? I seriously need to know how to answer the question below. It’s some sort of a possibility (kebarangkalian — in Malay) question. If possible, can you include the formula and the answer as well? That’s because I have 2 similar questions. So if you provide the formula, I should be able to answer the next question myself (I hope).

The question goes something like this:

1. There are 3 people in 3 separate classrooms.
2. There are 10 different color pencils on the table (red, blue, green, …) of each classroom.
3. There are 50 numbers to choose (ie. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, … 48, 49, 50).
4. The 3 people need to write down 2 different numbers (between 1 to 50) on a paper.
5. What is the possibility of all 3 people using the same color pencil and writing the same numbers.

I feel like a fool for not knowing how to do such simple mathematics. I hope you guys can really help me out with this one. *Quite urgent* Thanks in advance!


My initial explanation might not be perfect. So I’m adding more detailed information.

Each person can only choose 1 type of color pencil. Both numbers must be written with the same color. Both numbers must be different.

All 3 people used blue color pencil to write the numbers 12 and 24.