Why I Prefer CIMB Over RHB For My Western Union Transactions

It has been almost a year since the first time I successfully withdrawn Google Adsense earnings through Western Union. I made the withdrawal at my local CIMB Bank branch. It was a very pleasant experience. I was served almost instantly and the counter staff was very polite.

From then until now, I made several other trips to the bank to withdraw my Google Adsense earnings. My favorite bank to withdraw from Western Union is no other than CIMB Bank and here is why.

Withdraw Adsense earnings through Western Union at CIMB bank

The only other bank I use apart from CIMB is RHB Bank. I have only used RHB’s services for Western Union transactions twice. The first time was when I wanted to cash out my second Google Adsense payment. The truth is, the experience wasn’t anything to shout about. I had to wait at least twice longer for them to process my payment compared to CIMB.

I vowed never to return again. But I did.

The second time was just a few days ago. The reason why I did was I thought that my first bad experience could have been just a one off case. Furthermore, I went into CIMB only to be told that their Western Union was offline. So, I didn’t have any other choices.

I spent close to an hour in RHB that rainy afternoon — around 50 minutes or so. Although most of the time spent was to wait for my turn, the time it took to process my payment wasn’t that quick either.

On my last trip to CIMB, I was in and out of the bank in no more than 15 minutes.

I really have no idea why it takes RHB so long to process a Western Union transaction. Maybe they have tighter regulations to follow? I don’t know. However, one thing I do know is that I am never stepping my foot into any RHB bank for a Western Union transaction ever again.

Well, never unless CIMB is offline.

8 thoughts on “Why I Prefer CIMB Over RHB For My Western Union Transactions

  1. KY says:

    I spent 45 minutes in a queue at CIMB western union just for them to tell me my name is incorrect.

    They can’t seem to understand the fact that we put Last name first on our IC. Went to RHB the next day and got it done in 15 mins.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Strange. Exactly the opposite of what I’ve experienced. The two RHB branches I’ve been to were from different states. Even then, I was having the same problem. Maybe it was just my luck or something.

  3. faridah says:


    I always go to RHB bank for my Western Union Transaction as I find the staff very friendly, prompt and the Bank does transaction to a wider area. CIMB’s scope is limited, thus Iwas referred to RHB bank to do all my transaction.

    CIMB has cosy environment but the slow service makes it uninviting.

  4. Kash says:

    Both are ok but in CIMB mostly malay staff are lazy and usually they say ” Western Union system Problem” or we dont have enough cash etc etc…….Malays die after 3 pm ….bcoz they think about Makan only not work…………..!

  5. HUSSEIN says:

    Hello , i did a transaction online with RHB BANK but theres a error with the receiver currency so they later put the money on hold and refund it but i did not get the money in my account yet.. please are they going to Return my money back to my account? How long does it take to get into my account?

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