Withdraw PayPal Twice Successful

I got my Public Bank Visa Electron card early this month. The first thing that came into my mind was to withdraw my PayPal funds immediately. Just when I was about to withdraw my PayPal funds, I notice that my name printed on the screen (full name) doesn’t match the name printed on my debit card (partial name).

PayPal expanded number required

I looked for an option in the system to edit my name printed on the screen to reflect the one in my card. There isn’t such an option but I found something else instead. I noticed the phrase, “Expanded Use Number needed” for my debit card. I was worried that my withdrawal will be rejected if I do not complete the expanded use option first. That is why I postponed my withdrawal later.

A few days later, Joyce mentioned that her PayPal withdrawal was successful even without completing the Expanded Use process. That is when I immediately made my withdrawal.

I applied for Public Bank E-banking service and opened a savings account. That way, my e-banking application can be approved immediately. I was told that applying for the e-banking service for the debit card only may take weeks to complete. Anyway, the advantage of connecting the savings account and the debit card is that I can transfer funds from the savings account to the debit card (and vice versa) easily. To top it up, it is free of charge.

Withdraw PayPal Funds Into Debit Card Successful

To date, I have made two withdrawals from PayPal successfully. The first withdrawal was on the 12th November and the second one five days later. Both transactions were approved without any problems.

PayPal withdraw successful

The conversion rate for the first withdrawal is 3.3068. That is very low. The conversion rate for the second withdrawal is 3.3285. The difference is about RM10.

Public Bank ebanking statement shows PayPal funds received

Withdraw $500 Or Not To Withdraw?

Earlier, I read some concerns about withdrawing big amounts with a new debit card from PayPal. The advice given was to withdraw small amounts first and to make some transactions with the debit card before withdrawing. In my case, I made two big withdrawals without any problem.

However, as Hongkiat puts it, getting your PayPal account limited is like having chicken pox. You are sure to get it. Therefore, do not allow it to disturb you too much. Just withdraw your funds like how you would like to do it. It is advisable to withdraw a maximum of $500 each time (or as much as you have) to save on the $5 transaction fees incurred for each withdrawal. $5 is about RM17. Think about it.

24 thoughts on “Withdraw PayPal Twice Successful

  1. Jason says:

    Filled up the “contact me” form but you never follow up with me. *shrugs*

    Anyway, if you don’t complete the expanded use, is the limit of withdrawing your money there? Example, if you don’t complete, you can send money up to USD1000 only. What about withdrawing?

    I just applied for PBB Debit Card as they disallowed my VMI account when I was suspended/limited access last week.

  2. kljs says:

    yeah, Jason is right, if you don’t complete the expanded use, you can send money up to USD1000 only.
    However, the withdrawing is still USD500 even after completing expanded use.

  3. Jason says:


    They have restored my VMI account after I submitted the relevant documents, just that they don’t allow me to use the VMI account anymore.

    I need to verify the bank account by providing a bank statement that has the two amount that PayPal banked in before I am allowed to use VMI as my bank account again.

    Did you face such problem?

  4. Jason says:

    Moses, here’s the message by PayPal when I try to add VMI as my bank account again.

    Quote :

    This bank account is disabled for entry into the PayPal website. Please add a different bank account instead.

    If you would still like to use this bank account, you may fax us a copy of the bank statement with the two amounts PayPal deposited in your bank account shown and a copy of your driver’s license or other photo I.D. You must use this form for your fax cover sheet and send the fax to (402) 537-5780.

  5. Jys says:

    wow, the conversion rate for urs is quite high wor, how come mine so low ar? 🙁 i heard usd rate increased ler, if u got some more funds in paypal, now it’s the time to withdraw!! ehhhe..

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    Sorry again for not seeing your email. I’ll answer your questions again for the sake of others who may benefit from them.

    The US$1,000 sending limit is lifted off after completing the expanded use program but the withdrawal limit remains at US$500 per day. Btw, I’ve never used VMI but I believe PB debit card should be better 🙂 Or at least I prefer it.

    Thanks for the info 🙂

    I also don’t know when it is high and when it is low. Anyway, the difference isn’t a lot (+/- RM10?). The best way to save would be to withdraw the maximum $500 instead of making several smaller withdrawals.

    LOL, not a lot lah. It’s “two or three months salary” anyway. I’m sure others make this amount in a month or less.

    Good luck to you. The longest part is the waiting. Once you get the card, the wait is worth it.

    I’ve never used PB credit card so I can’t comment much on it. I don’t know if PayPal accepts PB credit card but there are other bank’s credit card that PayPal allows withdrawals into.

    One of the advantage of using debit card instead of credit card is that withdrawing the money at the ATM is free for debit card but credit card is considered as “cash advance” and may bank may apply charges.

  7. kljs says:

    I think as long as the bank’s card is VISA…. because my AMBank’s NexG pre-paid mastercard isn’t allowed to withdraw any money from Paypal……

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  9. paul says:

    Dear TenthOfMarch,
    I’m quite confusing with the use of the pb visa electron debit card. I got the card and try to add it in my paypal account but it has been rejected. Is it because I didn’t apply for e-banking? It was written as debit card has been denied by the issuer of debit card.I already got the pin given by the bank and has change it to a new pin. So, is this step is verification step? Or I need to go to public bank to verify my card?
    I have tested many times to key in my card number and the verification code, but it was always been rejected. Can you share with me your experience? Thank you and glad to hear from you soon.

  10. TenthOfMarch says:

    Apart from the RM25 that you transfered into your debit card, did you transfer any other amount into it? When you add your public bank visa electron debit card into PayPal, they will temporarily charge your card with a small amount — US$1 or 2 I think. So, you’ll need to top up your debit card with at least RM10.

    My card was rejected the first time as well because of this problem. I transfered RM50 into my debit card and tried again — it worked. I hope this helps.

  11. Ciss says:

    Hi TenthOfMarch,

    You mentioned that your name appearing on the screen differed from the name printed on your Debit Card, did you change your paypal user name at the end?

    Or does it matter to have the same name in PayPal and the debit card?
    I haven’t applied for a debit card yet, thinking of doing so. But I do have a HSBC Visa credit card. Think I can use that? (Or will it be considered as a cash advance and hence render charges when I withdraw from PayPal?)

    Sorry for piling your blog with so many questions. Just want to really make sure. Please advise. Thanks!

  12. TenthOfMarch says:

    No problem. I did not change the name in the PayPal system. As long as the card is yours, I think there shouldn’t be a problem. The name printed on my debit card is just part of my full name.

    I am not sure if HSBC credit card is accepted in PayPal. I think it is. You can try it. However, it will work slightly different from debit cards. All cash withdrawals from PayPal into the credit card is will be used to deduct any expenses that is being charged to your card. There will be no charges (if I am not mistaken) unless if you try to withdraw money from ATM using your credit card. Since it is a credit card, withdrawing from ATM is considered as cash advance and will be charged. Debit cards will not be charged by this.

  13. Rozzy_San says:

    I use etrade card to withdraw my paypal. Having heard about the PBB Visa Electron Debit Card is accepted by paypal, i applied and managed to get it. I banked in RM50. Few times tried, my card still rejected by paypal. Is it because i dont have the pin no from PBB yet?

  14. Poyoh says:

    I tried to register my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card to PayPal in order to withdraw my fund but got an error message stating that this cards has been denied by the bank. I received my debit card few days ago and have not yet used to purchase something or withdraw my money from my account with Public Bank, this is my first time to use the card.

    I am not sure why my card was denied. I tried to register my card many times but it didn’t work.

    Anyone here can help me??


  15. TenthOfMarch says:

    Make sure that you have loaded money into the card before you attempt to register it with PayPal. If I am not mistaken, there must be a minimum amount you need to have in the card before you can actually use it. On top of that, PayPal will charge your card the amount USD1.95 (I think) to get it registered. You will then get the pin number required to be entered into the PayPal system on your Public Bank statement. The USD1.95 will be rebated to you later on.

    In short, just make sure you have some cash in the card (eg, RM50 or USD20) before you register it with PayPal. If that fails, contact Public Bank directly to enquire further details on the error.

  16. Poyoh says:

    Dear TenthofMarch,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I tried to verify my Visa Electron Debit Card on PBB website but it was not successful and called customer service who told me that I need to put some money into Visa card. So, I just did it (RM200). Now, my second question is how many days does it take for use and how to check the balance amount in the card? Do I have to apply for the ebanking system for visa??

    Appreciate your advice and comments.


  17. TenthOfMarch says:

    I don’t understand your question regarding ,”how many days does it take for use”. Are you asking how long it takes before you can withdraw money from your PayPal account into your Public Bank Visa Electron card? If so, I think (if I remember correctly) you will need to wait for the pin code that will be printed on your Public Bank statement to arrive. Then, you’ll need to key it into the system to activate your PayPal account. Once done, you can start transferring money into the card.

    To check the balance in your debit card, you can go to any Public Bank ATM machines, insert it in, and check the balance there. You’ll need your pin code. It would be more convenient to have an e-banking account for the card that is attached to a savings account. I had my debit card and savings account linked up together with the ebanking account.

    If you have not opened a Public Bank savings account yet, you will need to do so and request to open an ebanking account as well. Tell them that you want to connect both the savings account and the card together. It may take a longer time though compared if you were to have applied for the savings account at the same time with the card.

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