GMail Slow When Using Internet Explorer

I notice there are some changes in GMail these two days. The ones that I notice are visual changes.

GMail slow when using Internet Explorer

The “more actions” drop down list looks different. I think the font type and size were changed. The drop down list looks more “boxy” too. The next thing I notice that could have been changed is the message alert box. I am not too sure about this but it feels different to me.

Anyway, here is the serious part.

When I am accessing GMail using Internet Explorer, everything I do seems to be very slow. For example, clicking on the checkbox takes about 3 to 5 seconds before it is selected. In fact, clicking on anything takes that long to be done. I also notice that during this period, my CPU usage shoots up to more than 50%.

I don’t know what Google staff has done to GMail but it seems to be killing my CPU resources everything I try to do something in it. Strangely, there is no such problem when I am using Firefox.

Are you experiencing the same problem? Could this be a way Google is supporting Firefox?

13 thoughts on “GMail Slow When Using Internet Explorer

  1. GeminiGeek says:

    I don’t see CPU resource taken up so much on my firefox. Though GMail can be really slow due to streamyx’s slowness with google in the past few days.

  2. Andrew Ooi says:

    I’ve given up using IE for 2 years now. I only turn it on once in a blue moon to check for browser compatibility on my websites or webapps.

    As for GMail, I noticed no slowdown on FireFox. I’m too lazy to even turn on IE to check GMail.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Boss Stewie
    If MACs are cheaper, I might consider them. LOL.

    I have no problem when using Firefox too. It only happens when I am using IE7. It isn’t slow as in connection wise. It is whenever you click something, the whole IE jams the CPU resources causing the browser to hang for 3-5 seconds.

    I mainly use Firefox. I only use IE for certain tasks. I have to open IE to check GMail because I have two GMail addresses. I keep both open all the time.

    @Andrew Ooi
    I still use IE for certain tasks though. Some websites have problems when run on Firefox.

    LOL. I am sure many people share your same feeling.

  4. lazyfellow says:

    perhaps due to certain quirky javascript functions in IE that is slow, whereas in Firefox is more optimized. just guessing, might try to look into their codes if got time.. hahaha.

  5. andy says:

    Grow up Stewie. Macs have cool commercials and all, but they’re not general-purpose technology. Plus, why buy a technology that doesn’t have double-digit marketshare?

    I notice GMail is running slower too – not sure why. I also note the changes. Perhaps the performance and changes are related.

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hmmm…possible. I won’t have the time to check it out though.

    There is an option to revert to the old version when you are using Internet Explorer now. I guess they must have noticed it or received some complaints.

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  8. Guillermo says:

    I think is Steve Ballmer revenge , he hates google and gmail , probably is his stupid way of counter attacking the success of google
    against Microsoft .
    Google won every battle :

    Google vs MSDN
    Gmail vs Hotmail
    Youtube vs MSDN Videos

  9. Kerry says:

    Save older version of gmail in Internet Explorer 8 as a favorite
    then drag it from favorites to desktop.You won’t have to switch from old new to old version every time you use gmail

  10. Ariane says:

    A way Google is supporting Firefox????? LOL – it’s more likely a way Microsoft is writing crap software, as usual.

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