Computer Shutdown Suddenly. CPU Very Hot

There are two incidents in the past few days where my computer “blackout” suddenly and required a restart. I had no idea what was happening at first but noticed the heatsink on the CPU was very hot after touching it. From what I know, heatsinks should never be *that* hot.

The side cover of my casing is opened and I have a fan blowing straight into it to cool down everything within. When both incidents happened, my fan wasn’t turned on. So, I guess the temperature of the CPU must have risen so high that the computer turns off itself to prevent the CPU from frying itself.

I should probably buy a new heatsink or at least clean up the contact between the CPU and the heatsink but I am just too lazy. I will just make sure that the fan is on all of the time and that the CPU doesn’t get fried.

* fingers crossed *

5 thoughts on “Computer Shutdown Suddenly. CPU Very Hot

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’ll try to remember to check it the next time I boot up my PC. This isn’t the only problem with my PC now. When I hibernate the system, it “shutdowns” instead causing me to lose everything.

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