How To Make Money Buying Expired Domain Name

According to, over 750,000 domain names expire every month. Among these expiring domain names, there are many who have high ranking PageRanks. The owner of the expiring domain name will usually renew them before it expires but you will be surprised at how many domain names are left to expire.

Here is your chance to make some money out of these expired domain names. You can grab these domain names that have expired and resell them at a higher price. Firstly, what you need is a tool to help you search and identity expiring domain names.

Make money by searching for expiring domain name is a new web tool that provides you with a search tool to search for expiring domain names. You can search for specific keywords in the domain that you are looking for. Other search factors include setting the number of days before the domain name will expire and minimum PageRank score.

I have tried this service but the result isn’t 100% accurate. For example, there are some domain names that are expected to be deleted in August but are still in the list. Some of the domain names have already been bought or renewed but are still showing as “expiring”. However, just sort the domain name by expiration date and view them from the back. I manage to find some good PR domain names that are currently opened for public bidding.

I found this website two days ago and I notice there are already some changes to the search function. Maybe they are still updating the service. Bookmark the website. I am sure there will be more updates in the coming days. Who knows, it may even be a powerful web tool all domain name traders need in the future.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Money Buying Expired Domain Name

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, I notice some of the domains have very long names. It will be nice if we get to buy one expired domain that has a high PR.

    Maybe they still have not expired or have been renewed. I managed to find one that was open for public bidding.

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