How To Apply Public Bank Visa Electron Fast (Within 7 Working Days)

UPDATE: Sending the application form using snail mail and courier service requires different address. Check the correct address to use below.


If your credit card or debit card doesn’t allow PayPal withdrawal, you may want to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. I called up Public Bank’s customer service and was told that it will take at least three weeks before your debit card will be approved. That is very long so I asked him if there were “any other ways” to get it done faster.

He literally “lighted up” and told me there was. He sounded so cheerful and happy I thought that whatever method he was going to teach me would involve bribing or some other illegal means. I was wrong.

He helpfully told me that getting the Visa electron debit card approved is a very easy process. You can actually get it approved within a week or so, provided that you followed his advice and rushed the Public Bank’s staffs. So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to your nearest Public Bank branch and ask for the Visa Electron debit card application form. Grab the form and leave while smiling to the beautiful lady behind the counter. Fill up the form (of course, duh!).

Step 2: Photocopy the front and back of your IC. Cross it out and state that it is for Public Bank use only. That way, it won’t be misused for other illegal purposes.

Step 3: Write a check payable to “Public Bank Berhad“. The amount should be at least RM25. Write your full name and IC number behind the check. If you do not have a check book, don’t worry. Just send the application form and your photocopied IC. They will provide you with a bank account where you can transfer the money into later.

Step 4: Send your application form, photocopied IC and check (if any) to the address below. To shorten the time needed for the delivery, I will be sending it using overnight postal service like ABX Express.

If you plan to send using overnight courier service (eg. ABX Express, NationWide express, etc), send it to the following address:

Public Bank Credit Card Centre
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

If you are sending using normal snail mail, send it to this address:

Public Bank Card Services
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 11722
50754 Kuala Lumpur

Note: The address was given to me by the call centre staff and matches the address given in the Public Bank website. However, the address printed at the bottom of the application form shows that the postcode is 50754 instead. I will send it to the address above.

Step 5: Phone 03-21768000 to ask if they have received your application form. Tell them to process your application ASAP because it is urgent.

It will take at least 5 working days for your application to be approved. Phone them on the fifth day to check your application status again.

Your Visa Electron application should be approved within 7 working days (the quickest) if there are no other problems. I will be sending mine tomorrow.

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68 thoughts on “How To Apply Public Bank Visa Electron Fast (Within 7 Working Days)

  1. Malcolm says:

    wow….so desperate to withdraw? I am going to ask Public Bank how they came to the RM value they credited to my account. Wondering what are the extra charges besides forex.

  2. KennyP says:

    Do you mean no matter how we appy the card, we need to send the application form to Card Centre, including the usual and unusual way to complete the application?

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Quite desperate actually. Need the money to buy a Nikon D40x. 🙂 If I am not mistaken, PayPal charges $5 per transaction and that’s it. Not sure if the bank charges anything else apart from the Forex though.

    I don’t know if we must send the application forms in ourselves. I think we don’t need to. You can submit the form at your local branch and they will send it to KL (I think). I think if you send it through your local branch, it will take longer.

    At first I thought the staff gave me wrong postcode as well but I checked the PB website under “contact us”, the postcode given by the staff matches the postcode in the website. Gleneagles Intan hospital is just across the road and the hospital’s postcode is the same (50450).

  4. Jys says:

    7 working days? sure or not? i submitted the application form at the branch, they told me it will take around 1 month for me to receive the card wor… they also didn’t ask me to pay RM25 wor.. hmmm….

    no charges if u withdraw from public bank atm, first yr annual fees waive, subsequent yr need to pay RM24.

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  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, I called them again and was told there are two addresses to send to. If you want to send using snail mail, send it to the P.O. box. If courier service then send it to the first address that I gave. The details are updated in the post.

    Cool, I didn’t know they have an online application form. However, in the form they require us to send our photocopied IC. Not sure if we still need to do that for the online application.

    According to the guy on the phone, he said the fastest it can be approved is 5 working days + delivery time. However, there is no guarantee. All accounts need to have a minimum balance of RM25 at all times. So, you either pay when applying or after that I am sure you need to as well.

    The RM24 yearly fee will be discounted if you use your card to pay for things in that year. Eg:
    1) RM300-600 discount 25% (pay RM18)
    2) RM600-900 discount 50% (pay RM12)
    3) RM900-1200 discount 75% (pay RM6)
    4) more than RM1200 discount 100% (free)

  7. KennyP says:

    After you submit the online application form, you will need to print out a paper called, “PB Card Online Application Customer Copy”, just sign on paper and put this together with your photocopied IC in the envelope.

    Yesterday I sent my application with Poslaju to the first address you provided, luckily it’s not wrong even after you update your information.

  8. TenthOfMarch says:

    Oh, that is good. Hopefully we can get it approved quick. Unfortunately, I called up customer service yesterday but they said my application still haven’t entered into the system. Public holiday is coming and I am not sure how long more will it take.

  9. KennyP says:

    I sent my application form yesterday and tried to call the card center just now, you know what they told me?

    I asked whether they receive my form, they called me to wait for one week of working days because their system do not has the data now.


  10. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hmmm…I called them yesterday and the girl said maybe next week because now near raya etc. She sounded damn pissed off. Damn different attitude compared to the guy I talked the other night. Now I am thinking if I should try out Al Rahji but you pointed out some hidden charges etc. I just need my card quick, really quick.

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  12. ponna says:

    how about RM24 application fee? Where and when to send app.fee ? And I don’t have a checkbook .
    Please help me

  13. TenthOfMarch says:

    The annual fee is RM24 but the first time fee is at RM25. Don’t worry if you don’t have a checkbook. Just send in your application form without the check. After they process your application, you will receive a letter from them asking you to bank in the RM25 into an account.

  14. jacky says:

    although i dont have an PB account, but is it meaning that once i apply the visa electron card, it also create an account at the bank

  15. TenthOfMarch says:

    If you apply for the visa electron card, you will have an account for the visa electron debit card with Public Bank. However, savings account is not automatically created. It is a different account. You will need to apply for the savings separately.

  16. Lawchin says:

    mikey is you over 18 of age u are eligable to apply…

    but I have my own question.

    can a BANKRUPTCY person apply this?????????

  17. Orceanus says:

    Really need to submit a copy to them? I mean apart from the online application… If yes, can I send through fax? Another thing is, where should I sign on the paper? There’s no place for me to sign. The only place I see for signature is under To Be Complete By Parents. I’m over 18 by the way. Before I forgot, under the term, I suppose to include only my NRIC right?

  18. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Orceanus: It’s been over a year since I applied for the Public Visa Electron card so things may have changed. Back then, I wasn’t aware of an option to fax instead of sending through mail. Yes, you’ll only need a photocopy of your NRIC (front and back).

    If you have access to a checkbook, write a check of RM25 to the them as well. If you don’t, skip it. They will send you a bank account number later where you can transfer it to them later.

  19. yong says:

    Is most of the public bank operate half day on Saturday now ?
    their web site doesn’t look like up to date,
    I call the customer service they told me that for new card application, I need to get it from nearest branch, if want them to mail it to me, then I will need to write a letter to them and tell them to mail it to my home address.
    1 more question, after I get my card number, and I bank in an amount via pbeonline, what I need to do for next ?
    thank you

  20. Orceanus says:

    You can try apply online, after filling the online form, you need to sign and submit the customer copy with the required information. And there is no need to appeal to them to send it directly to your mailbox since there is an option in the application form. After you get your card, if you choose to received the card through mailbox, you need to wait for the next letter for the pin number to use your card as an atm card for cash withdrawal.

  21. TenthOfMarch says:

    It depends on what you want to do. Are you using this card for PayPal withdrawals? If so, you’ll need to transfer at least RM35++ (or more) into the debit card. RM25 is the minimum deposit for the card, and some extra for PayPal to charge your card for verification process. If I am not mistaken, it is USD1.95?

    Wait for the first statement to get the verification code and enter into the PayPal system.

  22. yong says:

    My debit card application has been approved, and I already bank in money to that card, anyway, thanks for your info

  23. yong says:

    yup, I’m using it to verify my paypal account, so even I got the I’ll still need to wait for the first statement to get verified?

  24. TenthOfMarch says:

    For security reasons, you are required to enter a PIN number before you are considered verified by PayPal. PayPal will charge a sum of USD1.95 (I think) to your debit card. When you receive your first statement, the description of the charge will contain the PIN number required to enter into the PayPal system.

    It may take a week or two for the statement to arrive. After that is done, you are good to go.

  25. miss says:

    hye there, i just apply through online application and tomorrow i will send the form to public bank office together with my i/c fotocopy. still i’m so confuse which post code need to be use as in my application form i’ve printed it is 50754. but when i read your explanation above you use 50450. help me pls..

    and one more, in this application form, the place where need signature is when you applicant is under age (12-18 years old). as for me i am above 18, so where should i sign in that form? i am so confuse too..

  26. miss says:

    please advise me to use which address to send my application form via PosLaju..the first address without P.O.Box or the second address with the P.O.Box ? which one better and faster? thanx..

  27. TenthOfMarch says:

    @miss: Does Post Laju require a signature from their staff upon receiving? If it doesn’t, you can send it to their P.O. Box. If it requires a signature, you have to send it to the address WITHOUT a P.O. Box.

    Please call Public Bank’s customer support and make sure you applied using the correct online application form.

  28. yen yen says:

    hi how re you?tenthofmarch is who re you?
    I want apply Debit card credit visa Electron for paypal, how to apply debit card credit? Do bank public serious want to document for payslip,3 months work and EPF any? i havent checkbook account in public bank so how?

  29. yen yen says:

    I lives from ipoh. Can any choose public bank for apply debit card credit? How long get debit card credit?

  30. ikram says:

    when i’m trying to submit the application of PB Visa electron, it state that :

    Sorry, please try later.
    Error Message: /opt/SUNWwbsvr/docs/email_cnt/hitcount.txt (Permission denied)

    .. i tried so so many times in man days… but it still same.. not working… anyone could help me ? is it have problem with my computer or what ?

  31. akil says:

    hai, can anyone tell me is this pb visa electron can be use to pay ebay seller fees or not?
    i have some problem to pay ebay seller fees because i did’t get my card credit yet, if anywant that have credit card can help me, what i mean is i want to borrow money from your credit card, and i’ll pay you back with the transaction charge using maybank2u transfer or paypal..i need this urgent..

  32. Jk says:

    Ok here’s a question. I’ve applied at a local branch. They didn’t ask for any fees or anything. They told it’ll be finished within around two weeks. Do I need to create a seperate account if I want to use it for paypal withdrawl or the card alone is sufficient? Also how do I deposit money into the cardif I don’t have an account? This is confusing kind of.

  33. TenthOfMarch says:

    When your application has been approved, they will send you a letter informing you. If I remember correctly, the instructions to pay the minimum RM25 is included in the letter. You’ll need to send a check or money order to them.

    You don’t need a separate account to withdraw from PayPal. The debit card is all you need. However, if you want to do online banking, such as transferring cash from and into your debit card to a personal savings account, you will need to apply for a savings account as well.

    To deposit cash into the card, just go to an Cash Deposit machine. Put your debit card in it, select “credit card payment” or something similar. Treat it as if you are trying to pay off your credit card, but instead, that transaction will add money into your Public Bank debit card.

    Good luck.

  34. junz says:


    I also just about to apply this debit card but I got some questions;

    1-Does this card has expiration date like credit card? And what I should do when my card has expired? Do I need to apply for new card?


  35. martin says:

    hey how come when i call public bank main branch (ampang) when they ask me for my ic no. they say havent get my form yet..many times already. Its been 3-4 days now since i applied at my nearest branch

  36. TenthOfMarch says:

    Your local branch probably have not sent in the registration form to the main branch in Ampang yet. Happened in my case as well. I doubt they send the forms every day.

  37. tky says:

    I submitted my application form last Mon via Poslaju. I’ve confirmed that the form was delivered & acknowledged by someone at PBB on the very next day.

    However, when I called to check on the status today, the person told me there’s still none of my application record in their system. She told me that data updating will normally need 2 weeks time & approval process will need another 2 weeks time. I double confirm with her whether this is their ‘NORMAL’ process, she said ‘YES’.

    Does anyone facing the same situation as me?? Your card really approved within 7 working days??

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