AmBank Credit/Debit Card Does Not Accept PayPal Funds

I am still waiting for my PayPal account to be verified. The bank statement should come within the next two weeks or so. I was hoping that my Ambank credit card can be used to withdraw my PayPal funds. I made a call to AmBank’s customer service last night and was disappointed with the outcome.

According to the customer service staff, AmBank does not allow such fund transfer from PayPal using their credit or debit cards.

I am back at square one now. I have no other choices but to apply for a credit or debit card from another bank. I have read some responses and comments in other blogs and forum and have decided to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron. Malcolm has reported that he was able to withdraw his PayPal funds into his Visa Electron.

The next problem awaiting me would be the risk of getting my PayPal account frozen. I read some people got their accounts frozen after trying to withdraw their funds into a brand new debit card. There were suggestions to use the card to pay for something first before withdrawing. That way, there are a few transactions before the withdrawal.

I will be getting the forms to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron later this afternoon. Any other suggestions, recommendations or warnings?

7 thoughts on “AmBank Credit/Debit Card Does Not Accept PayPal Funds

  1. wong says:

    I just applied PB account, haven’t apply the debit card yet, tell me how is it, or maybe I’ll tell you, see who get first la…

  2. KennyP says:

    Send me a few money on PayPal using your brand new debit card before you try to withdraw your money, then your card will not get frozen XD

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Why are you applying for their account? From what I know, we can just apply for the card without applying for their account. Unless you want another bank account of course. I called up customer service and was told that their visa electron debit card will take at least 3 weeks to approve. However, I pulled some strings and got a way to get it done within a week or so.

    We can use any credit/debit card to verify our accounts (I think) but we may still not be able to withdraw funds into that card. Need to verify with bank. I am not sure if citibank cards work. All the best 🙂

    Hahaha. Can also, but you need to send me back 2 times of what I send you. Can? hehehe.

  4. KennyP says:

    How can you get the card within a week? Teach me 😀

    Of course can, you send me USD100 one times, i send back you 10USD TWO times. See? You earn I loss ah

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