Why I want to eat at Friday’s

Nuffnang is organizing another blog competition thanks to sponsor TGI Friday’s. So, why I want to eat at Friday’s, you asked?

Only one reason to dine at Friday’s

I am looking for a nice place with great food to bring my girlfriend to dine at. I have only been to Friday’s once. I bought my brother and girlfriend dinner that day. The food was okay since I played it safe by ordering a simple chicken dish. The service provided by the waiters and waitresses was good.

If I am Being among the 50 Nuffnangers selected for the free dinner, I plan to order something exotic to satisfy my taste buds. Most importantly, I plan to have a great time over at Friday’s because I am sure that Friday’s is not just an ordinary restaurant.

What will I do with the RM1,000 cash grand prize

I could use the cash to upgrade my camera with a new lens or other accessories. Instead, I will buy 10 (or more) of my friends dinner over at Friday’s. That is if they are able to serve us great food and a perfect atmosphere for me and my friends to enjoy.


Bottom line is that I am looking for a great place to bring my date to enjoy a great meal with excellent service and atmosphere. If TGI Friday’s cannot provide me with what I want, please do not invite me over for dinner.

Thank you very much.

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