PayPal Automatically Accepts Fund Transfer

There have been some changes with PayPal and Google Adsense lately in terms of how they are currently handling fund transfer. Google Adsense allows withdrawal to Western Union while PayPal is accepting credit/debit card withdrawals for Malaysians. Both changes have speed up the withdrawal process and reduced the cost encountered by us.

I had two incoming PayPal transactions yesterday. As usual, I tried to accept them one at a time. Strangely, there was a popup message that mentioned that the consequent transactions will be automatically accepted if I were to choose to proceed. I accepted it and proceeded. Sure enough, my second transaction was automatically accepted.

Today, I have another two incoming PayPal transactions. When I signed in to my PayPal account, the transaction has been already accepted in both occasions. Does this mean that PayPal will automatically accept all transactions sent to me from now on? Are you having the same “problem”?

This change will be great for those who have many transactions to accept previously. Now, they will only need to login to their PayPal account occasionally to view how much their money has grown. Oh well, I still have no idea if PayPal will accept my AmBank credit card withdrawal. Can someone phone them up to enquire for me? LOL.

7 thoughts on “PayPal Automatically Accepts Fund Transfer

  1. Jys says:

    oh yes, that happened to me as well..automatically accepted. hmm, that’s even better right? instead of having us to go accept one by one..

  2. CincauHangus says:

    are u using the prepaid ambank card? if u are, u gotta call ambank, tell them to open the international lines for ur card, else it wun be valid internationally. =)

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    It will be a lot convenient if they allow us to do so. For now, at least there is an option to transfer the fund to a credit/debit card. I just hope it works.

    hehe. Yup. Save us a lot of unnecessary work.

    Prepaid as in debit card? No, mine is credit card. I think I will give them a call. Just that this few days I really no time. Thanks for the info.

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