Google Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN)

I encountered a problem earlier on when I tried to key in the PIN number I received into the Adsense system. I tried it today and it works. Here is a chronology of what happened.

Adsense card front

I received a letter from Google a few days ago. It looks like a self printed “letter-card” type of thing by Google and was folded in half. I was actually a little surprised and disappointed with it. I thought that they would at least send it in an envelope or something.

Adsense card back

The back of the card was printed with the Google logo.

Adsense card peep in between

The funny thing is that the front of the card was printed with the text “Important Account Information Enclosed” but the card was only “sealed” with small round tapes at all three ends. Anyone could have taken a peak by looking through the gab in between each tape.

Adsense card content

The above is the content of the card. There are some instructions on where you can insert the PIN (you should already know where by now). The most important part is the PIN number.

Adsense insert PIN successful

Everything is ok when you get the screenshot above.

4 thoughts on “Google Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  1. pablopabla says:

    Well done! You should be receiving your adsense cheque soon 😀

    And after that, wait another month or so before it clears. I just got my very 1st adsense cheque cleared.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Thanks! It takes so long to clear the check? Wah…anyway, I am not sure if I will get it next month or the month after because payment was blocked until I entered my PIN number. I think it should arrive in November.

  3. pablopabla says:

    Yes, it does take about a month for the cheque to clear. I deposited it into my CIMB account. Commission plus stamp duty costs RM10.15, if my memory serves me well.

    Even when I hit USD100, it still took about 3 to 4 weeks before the cheque found its way to my home.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, I remember reading people saying CIMB charge RM10. Now that they allow Western Union, I think I will be using that option. A lot faster and no cost, I think. Thanks for you info.

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