Niamah! WTF Is This?

I was scanning through my blog stats yesterday and noticed a new referral link from

Illegal linking from another blog

I was quite happy at first thinking that one of my posts could have been selected and shared due to its usefulness. When I clicked on the link, I saw the screen below.

Screenshot showing computerhelp linking to my post

I thought there was a mistake so I refreshed the page. The same blog (which is mine) came up. How in the world did this happen? Why the link above connects to my guide on how to remove the skype virus? I checked the source code of the website and it looks like the owner used frames to embed my post into their website.

Well, at least they did not steal my content by ripping it off and posting it up as theirs. However, does this consider as “stealing”? It does confuse others into thinking that the URL above is somehow related to my blog. Bah. It is not like my blog is famous. Why mess with my blog?

4 thoughts on “Niamah! WTF Is This?

  1. Azmeen says:

    Could be just a simple DNS redirecting. Meaning forward whatever request for to

    Technically, it’s still “stealing” because its your content on their domain name, of course when somebody clicks on blog post links it’ll go directly to your web site.

    However, if you use links such as:
    <a href="/somedirectory/file.html>

    Then it’ll go to their domain, and thus will receive whatever search engine “credits” for such content.

    The problem is, search engines might punish you too for having duplicate content (although I think this is rather unlikely in your case).

    After writing all the above, I checked this out:

    You probably should too 😉

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    The owner wasn’t using a DNS redirect. As I mentioned in the post, they are loading up my post using frames. You can check the source code of the page. I don’t think it will affect page rank or anything like that. I am just curious why they are doing this. What do they get?

    Yup, I know. Just like blogspot, etc. I am actually not angry lah, the title is just to catch people’s attention. Hehe. Anyway, I really wonder why they took my post and who.

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