103bees: How To Make F Streamyx Faster

I have been using 103bees.com to track my blog’s stats for a month or two now. Although I do not fully utilize its features, I do enjoy occasionally checking out what others are searching for that ended up on my blogs. I checked it again a while ago and saw the information displayed in the screenshot below.

How to make F Streamyx faster?

I really shouldn’t be surprised. Are you surprised? I wonder when TM Net will upgrade their Streamyx broadband to something more presentable. I do hope that WiMAX’s launch in middle of 2008 will finally see some improvement in the broadband service in Malaysia. I do not dare to put too much hope in it though. Someone might just search for “How to make F WiMAX faster?” and land on one of my posts in the future!

6 thoughts on “103bees: How To Make F Streamyx Faster

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, some places Streamyx can be very slow. I agree that the line is very unstable sometimes. At the worst times, it disconnects every few minutes. *sigh*

  2. zoma says:

    well..not surprised at all..my frens and i call it screamyx and fucked up isp…for my area they have been telling me they are doing upgrades so theres service interuption…they have told me this for 1 year
    …i think they are buzy with a massive downgrading….Tmnut screamyx is the MALAYSIA BOLEH BRAND!! and not surprised if robbers want to rob streamyx cables =) because its a malaysia boleh for them too =) until and unless the Fuc*** up isp learns how to give a fair usage instead of 10% of the usage !!so called :unlimites but its more like limited!! and at the best effort : means laziest effort…and some idiots and customer service telling me my computer is to slow and needs and upgrade…are u telling me my asus strike e2 core 2 extreme 8gb corsair is to slow for them??? wow they must be using a pentium 3 to run their fuc**** server then….u can imagine how angry i am..now…because malaysia local server speed is : 1700k ^ 411 k down…so..now lets test newyork server…..connection failed….L M F A O }{ lol…it was …1.5k last time now it cant even do the test mayb once in the while its ..20k…my ** * * * * i want to blast tmnuts off the hood!

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