RM99 Streamyx SOHO 1.0Mbps Special Package

The normal rate for Streamyx SOHO 1.0Mbps package is RM148 per month. TM Net announced a discount on this package last month and reduced it to RM99 per month. There was no other information stated in the newspaper advertisement that I read. After going to TM Net’s Clickers today, I learnt that there was a catch to the promotion.

The RM99 per month fee is only for the first 3 months of subscription. For the following 9 months, the fee will be increased to RM120 per month (although it is still cheaper than the original RM148 per month). On the 13th month onwards, the subscriber will be charged the original price of RM148 per month.

There is more to it! Instead of the usual 12 months contract, you need to sign an 18 months deal for this “special package”. This promotion ends on 15th October 2007.

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