Test The Response Time Of Your Blog Or Website

If you host your blog (or website) locally, accessing it from your computer should be fast. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your foreign visitors experience the same response speed when connecting to your blog.

YouMonitor.Us is a website monitoring system that gives you industrial strength monitoring capabilities with up to the minute information on the response time by other people viewing your website from around the world. An email or SMS alert will be sent to you when your website is unreachable or response time becomes abnormal. YouMonitor.Us also provides analytical reports such as availability report, performance report and monitoring source report.

The features mentioned above are provided for registered members only. You get a 2 weeks free trial from the day of registration. If you wish to continue your account, you will need to contribute a DC-Node to their peer to peer network.

I use YouMonitor.Us to check my blog’s response time from all around the world. The website randomly checks the status of my blog from 5 locations around the world. The response time is compared against 4 other well known websites — Google, Yahoo, MySpace and MSN — to give you a better picture of how well or bad your response time is.

Response time of my blog

Above is the response time of my blog compared to the others. The blue bar represents my blog. I am very happy with the response time of my blog after migrating over to a US server a few weeks back. What is your blog’s response time? Are you happy with it? If your response time is significantly slower to the other 4 websites even after a few tests, you may want to change to a better web hosting provider.

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