Super Safe Military Grade Thumb Drive

Thumb drives should be one of the most popular storage medium used nowadays. Its advantages over other storage medium such as CD are convenient, faster read/write speed and large capacity. Unlike when thumb drives were first introduced, they are now capable of storing up to a few gigabytes of data.

Due to portability and the large capacity, computer users are keeping more data into their thumb drives — songs, movies, files, programs and photos. Some users may even store confidential files in their thumb drives. The problem that needed to be addressed was how to properly safeguard the data contained in the thumb drives. A few years back, some thumb drives are bundled with encryption features. However, encrypted passwords can still be hacked if the password isn’t strong enough.

Introducing IronKey, the grade thumb drive.

IronKey Super Safe Military Grade Encryption Thumb Drive

IronKey was first developed for military use. Data on the thumb drive are scrambled and encrypted using a hardware encryption chip. The inside of the thumb drive is filled with a solution called epoxy. Therefore, any attempt to open the thumb drive physically may cause damage to the chips inside. To make matters a little tougher for any potential hacker, the encryption chip will self-destruct when 10 incorrect password attempts were recorded.

This is one heavy duty thumb drive, eh? It is available to the public now at a price range of $78.99 to $148.99. The only available model now is the 2GB version at a price of $109.00. The 1GB and 4GB thumb drives will be out soon. Hop over to ThinkGeek for more information.

Do you keep any “sensitive” data in your thumb drive? Have you ever lost a thumb drive that contained data or files that no one else should see? If yes, what was it? 😉

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