Buy An Extra Monitor To Increase Productivity

Jeremy Zawodny shared that having a large monitor makes a person more productive. He quoted a text from The New York Times where Microsoft conducted a study and concluded that human productivity increased between 10 to 44 percent when using a bigger screen. Back then, the standard monitor size a computer user was using is a 14 or 15 inch monitor. At this point of time, anything smaller than a 17 inch monitor can be considered unacceptable.

Buying a bigger monitor (e.g. a 24 inch LCD) will definitely increase productivity of the user compared to using a 17 inch for example. However, the disadvantage is that larger LCD monitors are a lot more expensive. Therefore, an alternative some people turn to is to use two (or more) monitors instead. You can buy two 19 inch LCD monitors and it would cost less than buying a 24 inch LCD.

Why I Need Two Monitors

The screenshot above shows exactly why I need an extra monitor. I am constantly monitoring for available opps while I am blogging or surfing the web. If I had two monitors, I could use one monitor to monitor my opps while another for other stuffs. I’m definitely getting myself an extra monitor in the future — when I have successfully made enough money online.

Are you currently using more than one monitor? Mind to share your thoughts and/or experience?

5 thoughts on “Buy An Extra Monitor To Increase Productivity

  1. mooiness says:

    A good compromise to two monitors, if funds are limiting is a bigger widescreen monitor. That’s what I’m using at the moment and although I don’t monitor PPP like you do, I find it nice to have my browser with multiple tabs open (why aren’t you using Firefox?!) on one side, and my Winamp and MSN windows on another.

  2. Azmeen says:

    I use two monitors at work mainly because I was assigned a laptop and the lack of screen real estate is pretty damn annoying for me to do my job as an analyst programmer.

    At any one time I’d have Query Analyzer, Firefox, Notepad++ (or some Microsoft IDE) open.

    Having two monitors makes my job easier because I don’t need to spend too much time switching between windows. I can use the notebook’s monitor for my code writing and the preview runs on the attached 17″ monitor (I do mostly web based stuff).

    At home though I’m using a widescreen 19″ monitor, so it’s not as cramped as using the notebook.

  3. Zathriel says:

    I have thought a lot about getting a second monitor, because when building websites I like to compare and such. Swicthing between windows to compare really sux, especially when they can be compared side by side.

  4. hanneng says:

    At home, I’m using a 19″ wide LCD, it really help a lot when multi-tasking.

    Sometimes, I also turn on the notebook to execute long running scripts.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    I do use Firefox most of the time. I only switch to IE when I’m monitoring PPP etc. (I need the auto refresh feature). Anyway, I do use FF and IE’s tabbing a lot. I needed all three windows to be opened so I don’t need to browse through the tabs manually.

    I find notebook’s screen (usually 15+” or smaller) a real pain. It’s good to hook the notebook to an external and work from there some times. It’s great that you have 2 monitors to work with at work.

    Very true. Working without switching between programs does ease your work a bit. I’m definitely getting one extra LCD (or at least a widescreen) some time in the future.

    Yeah, I like the extra width a widescreen provides. We get to run other programs on the side as mentioned by mooiness.

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