Generate Link Badges For Your Blog Or Website

Have you seen how some websites or blogs use badges to link to a page? These badges are usually an icon the size of 80X15 pixels. They are also known as antipixel buttons. They are compact and can be very attractive if you design them properly.

These are some of the badges that I did for my blogs using the 80X15 Brilliant Button Maker by

My Technology blog

My personal blog

My old blogspot blog

The advantage of this free button generator compared to some others is that it allows you to include an image on each sides of the badge. However, the disadvantage is that they allow only 80X15 pixel badges. If you want larger badges, the Button Maker by Blog Flux allows badges the size of 88X31 pixels.

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    Stumbled upon your blog and read a few of your postings.. Nice blog. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.:D

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