Nuffnang Abolish Minimum Traffic Requirements

Nuffnang started serving CPC ads for over two months now. There are mixed reactions over this move. Some complaint that it caused their earnings to drop significantly, while a small percentage approved the move. I was one of those who thought it worked quite well for bloggers with lower daily visitors.

Previously, bloggers are required to have at least 20 unique visitors a day to qualify for their ad programs. After gathering their publisher’s feedback, Nuffnang has decided to abolish their minimum traffic requirement. They conducted a study on the feedback and noticed that bloggers with very little visitors a day benefited more from the CPC ads while those with more suffered.

Based on the study, they tweaked the system to only display CPC network-wide campaigns to publishers who has less than 20 visitors a day. Meanwhile, the Cost Per Unique Visitors campaign will be served to publishers with more than 20 visitors a day.

2 thoughts on “Nuffnang Abolish Minimum Traffic Requirements

  1. Freethinker says:

    I felt this “announcement” was a bit of a extra move. The previous new implementation clearly was able to indicate on “regardless” of traffic.. this would sound more of an official statement.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    In addition to that, they also announced that network wide CPC ads will only be served to publishers with less than 20 unique visitors a day. Meanwhile, those above 20 will not be seeing them but will get their Cost Per Unique Visitors campaigns (if any).

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