Malaysian Minister Wants To Sue Youtube (Google)

If you are not a Malaysian, you probably have not heard of the now-famous Negarakuku rap. It is a rap recorded by a Malaysian student, Namewee that pointed out his views on Malaysia. Most of the points raised were spot on such as corruption in the police force. Unfortunately, some people find part of the rap offensive.

There’s a lot more going on but that is not the purpose of this post. If you are interested to find out more on this, do a search at technorati on the term Negarakuku or Namewee.

Namewee has since apologized especially after receiving death treats thrown at him threatening him and his family. However, this issue where some believe has been blown out of proportion is not going to end just yet. Malaysia’s local newspaper, TheStar reported that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz wants action to be taken against YouTube and other bloggers.

The Minister also said that he wanted action to be taken against YouTube and other bloggers who allowed sensitive material which went against the laws of Malaysia to be published.

Do you think that the Malaysian government has a chance at the giant Google?

26 thoughts on “Malaysian Minister Wants To Sue Youtube (Google)

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Hasbullah Pit
    Why would Google want to invest in Malaysia?

    I’m not sure if that is possible. Google needs to protect its user’s privacy. Of course, unless required by law or something. No idea.

  2. Hasbullah Pit says:


    It’s not “Google want”
    It’s about we want.

    Imagine, if Google open it branch in Malaysia, Data centre in Malaysia.
    How many malaysian can get better job. Better Salary.

    good for local retailer, penjual karipap , nasi lemak

  3. CincauHangus says:

    lol.. i’d love to see the gov do this. wanna see how they’ll get humiliated just by even the thought of it.

    it’s so hard to understand why the gov just simply say stuff without even thinking.

    usually when people give comments like that, i’ll just say smack his head with some truth and logic, he will bounce back and wont do it again, but i cant say the same for the gov.

    blain in de bekside. bekside in the hed.

  4. Proud malay says:

    The bumi government has no idea… Youtube doesnt fall into the jurisdiction of Malaysian law.. so malaysian law doesnt mean anything… These bumi’s have no idea.. as for the rapper.. what he says is true… Malaysia is corrupt and Bumis get more rights than chinese..that is the truth… that is malaysia… he isnt a traitor.. the only traitors are those who oppress freedom of expression and equality of rights to ALL malaysians.. not just Bumiputras.. this is just plain RACIST RACIST RACIST.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    Firstly, they need to prove that Namewee has in fact committed an offense — something that none of them has been able to do up to this point. Secondly, banning YouTube is definitely “childish” and I’m sure will cause criticism among all/most Malaysian Internet users.

    @Hasbullah Pit
    Ok, I get what you mean. Of course Malaysians would love to have that. However, the main question still remains — why would Google want to invest in Malaysia? They don’t just dump in money into Malaysia for the people’s “good”. They invest and they expect good returns. Question is, does Malaysia provide them that?

    I believe it is already humiliating for him to have said it without thinking first. If they want to sue Google, do some research before announcing it. You don’t just say “I want action to be taken against YouTube” and later find out that you have zero chance.

    @Proud malay
    Please, no hurt/racist comments. I’ve removed your second comment.

    I don’t believe Namewee has distorted or disrespected the Negaraku. I dare say not many can/dare/willing to sing the Negaraku with as much spirit as he did, let alone record a video on it. I think the whole event was blown out of proportion to shift the people’s concentration away from the other important issues — corruption, the 4+ billion lost, etc.

  6. lisa says:

    how could we sue the giant blogger service.
    does HE know what he really means when he mention “wants action to be taken against YouTube and other bloggers.”
    bloggers n you tube is public properties, not only malaysians using it. we have alot of other issues which need attentions.

  7. wong says:

    I tell you if Google kena sue, Google beh song put down all adsense in Malaysia, every blogger die and Malaysia die together o… Suing Google? I think they have to think twice la…

  8. Hasbullah Pit says:


    They invest and they expect good returns. Question is, does Malaysia provide them that?”

    The current Malaysia, NO.

    but at minister level, they actually have power to give them extra offer like gov contract to google, free tax for several years.
    free electricity for 1 year up to xxx megawatt.

    it can be done.

    I Think you should Narrow down ‘Bumi Gov” to “UMNO Gov”.
    You may not believe if I said, the bumi also get lesser than what they should get too.
    Economic gap is still exist between races, and also between town vs rural. Malay and Indian in rural area are really poor.

    But what hapenned now it, when it come to gov contract of what so ever, the UMNO ppl get the contract, sub it to chinese businessman.

    Real bumi businessman are suffered.

    Anyway, when it come into politic, be careful when choosing enemy.

    Namewee actually can get huge opposition support if they only attack the govement. but not label it as bumi govement

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    I doubt he knows what he was talking about. Let’s see if he dares to “follow up” on his earlier comment on suing YouTube. I doubt it.

    LOL. If that’s the case, honestly I don’t think they’ll give a damn. They are against bloggers in Malaysia, remember? I believe they’ll be the ones laughing if Google decides to do that.

    @Hasbullah Pit
    That’s exactly what I meant — I don’t think the government is giving investors good enough reasons to invest here. I think Google needs more than tax-free deals and free electricity to woo them over.

  10. mooiness says:

    Hasbullah Pit: Good point about the “UMNO Gov”. The NEP which is meant to uplift all Malays economically is being abused by UMNO elites and their Chinese cronies. The poor remains poor, and the rich gets richer.

    Let’s hope everyone voice their displeasure and vote the opposition. Even if they don’t win, a reduced majority is helpful in Parliament.

    And I hope to one day see the NEP being used to help ALL poor people in Malaysia, regardless of race. Pipe dream perhaps.

  11. Neutralizer says:

    Malaysia Government is not a communist country like the western countries did; and therefore Malaysian Goverment and the Goodle, these both parties do had their rights and responsibilties of viewing this “unpleasant event” happened. For the “modifier”; he just had the ways to express the ” unfair treat” from the Government and only that he do in the wrong way.

    I don’t agreed Malaysia Goverment to sue Google, as Google nothing to involved in this “unpleasnt event”.Hence, malysian Government should sue to the “Modifier” as for i think he is trying to keeping attention from others and perhaps he had some purpose of doing this and he should had a limit to comment or to crtisize and where is he moral..all gone. he just downgrade the Malysia and Malaysian, and don’t think that this is cool and this totally ridiculous.

    Utimately, Malysian Government should NOT take action to Google, as earlier had mentioned, Google nothing to do with this “unpleasnt event” they just play their role.

    Note: I hereby apoplogisize if my comments has causing insulted or hard-feeling; i sincerely apologise for all.

  12. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’ve read either in Malaysiakini or Malaysia-today that someone suggested the same thing as well — use NEP to help the poor regardless of race. However, someone else countered saying that that would be against the original purpose of NEP, which was to help to Malays. Sad thing isn’t it? What happens to the poor of other races? I thought the government wanted to “membasmi kemiskinan”?

    I don’t understand what you meant about the “communist country” part. Anyway, the minister that mentioned he wanted to sue YouTube probably doesn’t know what he was talking about.

    And to be honest, I still don’t think Namewee was being disrespectful with his rap. The whole thing was blown out of proportion when the newspaper and the government commented without fully understanding the true meaning of the rap. That caused a chain reaction where many others blindly got angry, some of which I’m sure have never even seen the video, let alone understand what it meant.

  13. rul07 says:

    suing youtube? i think he gotta b kiddin. anyway, m’sia govt r used to talk BIG X ACTION. malaysia boleh mah….
    perhaps they could get petronas to buy up youtube or google 😉

  14. TenthOfMarch says:

    Google bought over YouTube at the price of $1.65 billion. That is over RM5 billion and more than the RM4.6 billion bailout on the PKFZ project. I doubt Google would want to sell it for any less than twice the price they bought.

  15. TenthOfMarch says:

    It is a big joke. I don’t think the minister will do any “follow-up” to his call to take action against YouTube though. So far no news about it.

  16. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, I honestly hope that doesn’t happen. There have been so many other “silly” things that the government has done lately. If they ban YouTube, I’ll be the first to b-slap them in my blog.

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  18. mayD13th says:

    I advise to all ministers in malaysia. If they don’t want to be critisize then don’t do funny things. The bloggs,you tube and few more are spaces for people to express their feelings over the ruling system. Or may be the govt want people to express their feelings and disatisfication out door like hindraf, may the 13th or the kpg.mamali incident? Don’t be surprise, its a time bomb. These 3 incidents may have to occur again. They should step down from their post if they don’t want to be critized. If they still want to put their ass there, they should know how to handle the country. Don’t do what the rakyats are displease with.For example. 1.the price of oil hiking up 2.price of rice hiking up 3.spending unnessasary and sending monkeys into space.

  19. Misinformation says:

    This is the same minister who was the funniest man on the planet during the Al=Jazeera Bersih Interview.

    Minister: I commend yo-yo-your journalists trying to project… to exaggerate more than what actually happened. That-that-that-that’s it. We are not the-the and I-I congratulate your journalists behaving like an actor, that-that’s it…

    Reporter: As you say that, sir, we’re watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water!

    Minister: YA! I am watching! I’m here! You’ve been trying… trying to do it this – to do this everywhere but in Malaysia people are allowed to, you know? We know our police head our colleague… Police have whatever allowed the procession to go to the Istana Negara, you know? Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?

    Reporter: Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!

    Minister:You-you-you-you are here with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind! You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everything you-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!

    Reporter: Well unfortunately when you refuse to let people protest, it does appear so.

    Minister: Ya ya we are not like you! You-you have earlier perception, you come here, you want to project us like undemocratic country. This a democratic country!

    Reporter: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?

    Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST! People do-do… of course they protest. We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated. But we just trying to disperse them, and then later they-they-they don’t wanna disperse, but later our police compromise. They have compromised and allowed them to proceed to Istana Negara! Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why do you report that? You take the opposition, someone from opposition party you ask him to speak. You don’t take from the government, right?

    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests…

    Minister: Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?

    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

    Minister: I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!

    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

    Minister: No we-we are! We… this protest is illegal! We don’t want..this… the… NORMALLY…

    Reporter: OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?

    Minister: YA! It’s a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It’s no-no point on having a protest! We are allowing to every erection… every five years never fail! We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country. And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this, this forces. The, you know, these forces who are not in passion, who don’t believe in democracy!

    Reporter: Alright, many thanks for joining us.

    Minister: I don’t, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right

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