Easily Calculate Your PayPal Fees With PPCalc

Paypal must be one of the most used “online wallet” online. Its users consist of bloggers, advertisers, buyers and even business owners. Paypal transactions are secured by VeriSign. Therefore, a lot of buyers and sellers alike prefer having transactions done through PayPal.

As of any services, PayPal charges a certain amount of fees for each transaction. This amount depends on several factors such as total monthly sales, location of country and types of payment received. Not to mention different currency exchange! Therefore, things might get a little confusing especially when there are a large number of transactions done per day.

PPCalc the PayPal fee calculator

PPCalc is a free online PayPal fee calculator that helps you determine exactly how much money to receive from a buyer or to send to a seller. It takes the currency and PayPal charges fee into consideration as well. If the buyer is supposed to pay for the transaction fees, the “Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator” option should be used. The “PayPal Fee Calculator” option shows how much the buyer will receive after deducting the transaction fees.

How much would it costs YOU to send ME USD10 through PayPal if I’m from Malaysia? Any transaction fee should be footed by you. Go ahead and give PPCalc a try. Just don’t forget to send me the USD10 😉

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