Easily Discover New Websites With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon allows you to easily discover new websites that may interest you. StumbleUpon users aka Stumblers bookmark a particular website that they find interesting and it will be shared with other Stumblers who have the same interest on the topic.

You can start discovering new websites without registering an account. However, I recommend you to register an account to enjoy greater flexibility and features.

You should also download the StumbleUpon Toolbar that is available for IE and Firefox users.

Once registered, browse to your Preference option which should be located at http://[your_user_name].stumbleupon.com/prefs/. You may fill up your personal information and public profile but the important part is the “My Interest” tab. There are currently over 400 topics to choose from. Select the category of websites which you would like to discover.

StumbleUpon preference option

With the StumbleUpon Toolbar installed, you can randomly search through websites in the category that you have selected earlier by clicking on the “Stumble!” button in the toolbar. If you like the website displayed, click on the button with the thumbs up and the words, “I like it!” If you don’t like what you see, click on the one with the thumbs down.

StumbleUpon toolbar

This is actually very addictive. I have discovered a handful of interesting websites using this method. I hope you are able to discover new websites that may interest you as well!

Did you StumbleUpon any interesting website today?

4 thoughts on “Easily Discover New Websites With StumbleUpon

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  2. HORNY ANG MOH says:

    Hallo! I have register as requsted by a blogger but don’t know ho to ‘use’ ( actually I register in all sort of sites as ask by other blogger in my email, so got so many ID & password that I end up blur blur ).So this infor most helpfull. Will give it a try & see! Tq tq. Have a nice weekend!

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