Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang AGAIN!?!?

Earlier on, Advertlets seems to be losing out to Nuffnang when it comes to attracting new publishers. This morning, I received an email from an anonymous person suggesting Advertlets has lost some important assets/resources to Nuffnang this time. The content of the email is as below:

from: haha <>
to: [tenthofmarch]
date: Jul 18, 2007 11:25 AM
subject: Hahahaha what do u have to say? — contact form

goto url:

The title of the post caught my attention — 2 Advertlets Lead Developers Converge to Nuffnang. My immediate respond (before reading the post and doing more research) was, “Is this real? Nuffnang siao already? Wouldn’t this be like putting a mouse into a sack of rice (Chinese proverb)?” I mean, if you have been following the spy scandal controversy happening in the world of Formula 1 lately, you would think twice before taking such actions. Could this be a plot to spy on the competitor internally?

A quote from an “interview” (not sure done by whom and when) with the two of them:

Both of us love development .. and we would wanna be in a company where the development is growing and the developers has a say in how the project would be.. Team work is whats important, not a one man show…

An SMS and another phone call later, the news was confirmed. Advertlets did lose its 2 main developers to Nuffnang. Now with the exit of their 2 main developers, I wonder how is Advertlets going to cope with their losses. They better start hiring and paying if they do not want to be left (too far) behind.

Somehow for an unidentified reason, the photo below gives me goosebumps.

The new members at Nuffnang
(the photo above taken from — contact me in anyway if this should be taken down)

I hope there’s no hanky-panky behind this new recruit. As a programmer myself, I have said in the past that I would have quitted if I were in their shoes. Maybe that is what’s happening. With that, I sincerely wish the new Nuffnang team good luck and best wishes.

26 thoughts on “Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang AGAIN!?!?

  1. Freethinker says:

    Hmmmm… didn’t know the cat would come out of the bag so early… well, guess I won’t do a follow up on this… I duwan to throw stone when some bloke is in the well…. well… maybe just stones.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Really? Unfortunately, it doesn’t generate as much traffic. LOL.

    Hahha. You know about this earlier? Oh well, thanks to mr/ms anonymous, I got it out earlier than you loh. Hehehehe.

    True. However, losing both your top 2 programmers at the same time (especially when your programming team consists of no more than 5 programmers) is still costly.

  3. Patrick Teong says:


    Losing 2 programmer that know everything about your site “back-end” and all coding will be costly.

    As all programmer know, if you take over a coding project it will be very hard. Especially when you didn’t involve in any development of these coding.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Patrick Teong
    Exactly! It will take the new guys some time to know exactly what’s going on, how the system works, understand how it’s coded, etc etc etc.

  5. mooiness says:

    I hope that Tim and Ming had gone into this with their eyes wide-open – especially if the Advertlets programmers who had commented here in previous posts are the same as these two.

    Nonetheless, this is a big blow to Advertlets.

  6. Jalte says:

    After lots of bug reports to the Advertlet’s system (I reported a few, and TenthOfMarch exposed some) finally Nuffnang hired those programmers. Honestly I’m quite skeptical about the ability of those 2. Hopefully they don’t bring any of their bad practice from Advertlets to Nuffnang.

    Looking from another angle, what those two people (and to some extend, Nuffnang) were doing is quite unethical. Jumping ship to competitor is one thing. Blowing trumpets about the happening is another. But sadly that’s how business world is going nowadays.

    I do hope both companies could grow together without killing each other. There are still big cake to share and there should be lots of area yet to be explored.

  7. Jalte says:

    I actually agree with hanneng. There are a lot of better programmers out there. What lost does Advertlets endure should be mainly for image and reputation only but not in term of expertise. Although it takes time to learn everything from scratch, but a good programmer should not find any problem familiarized himself with existing systems. They have the source codes as the complete documentation to learn from. If the previous programmers are indeed good (no cowboy programming), they should leave behind a well structured codings and adequate documentation thus making the learning process easier.

  8. David Lai says:

    I just came back from Josh’s office settling some personal business . He told me his thoughts on the move and I shared my views too . I really feel it is unethical for the programmers to make a direct move to the competitor without informing their previous employer . It is definitely a setback for Advertlets having their main programmers working for the other team….Oh well, in this world , business is business …

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    I had the same worries as well. However, I heard some rumours that speaks of the possible reason for the 2 leaving the company and the “condition” of the company right now. Sad case if it’s true. Bad news spreads fast.

    I was actually quite curious with their ability to jump to a competing company soon after resignation. Shouldn’t all companies ensure their staffs sign a contract that prevents them from joining a competing company within X months after resignation? If Advertlets failed to do that, it’s their fault.

    Come to think of it, given the time constraint the programmers had to design, build, code and test (I doubt there were any) the system, I doubt there are proper (if any) documentations at all. That’s what happens when the boss wants a project to be completed last month.

    @David Lai
    As you said, business is business. If their move is unethical, that is not the first unethical thing happening within Advertlets that I know of (am I right, Josh?). When two of the top employees quit abruptly, there must be a reason behind it. A reason, some/most do not yet know of (unless they caught the wind of rumour as well).

    Since you were at their office, how was the atmosphere over there? I heard it’s pretty quiet. Very quiet.

  10. David Lai says:

    Actually man , it was not quiet at all .=) . When I was there , there were 5 of his staff on duty . Very friendly in fact . I din ‘t get their names but they greeted me and we chatted about their upcoming projects . His sister was there too helping out in some data entries( I think she had college break or something ) .

    I don ‘t known where did you get the idea that his office was `quiet’ ( You put it as `very quiet ‘ ) . I’ve been there many times and the only time it’s quiet is on weekends and after office hours . His staff whom I’ve met many of them , are really friendly too .

    I’m not siding Josh nor am I backing Advertlets …but man , I see him take negative criticism like there was no tomorrow, ever since starting Advertlets.Bang here,Bang there and Bang here again . I’ve known him for the past 3 years and I’m telling you , it might be hard for some of you to believe , but he is a good person if you get to know him ( I mean know him ,as in know him personally)

    I’ve met Tim a number of times ,Ming and also Samantha of Nuffnang and all I have to say is that they’re very nice people . However , comparing the attitudes of their’s to Josh is almost impossible . It’s like comparing Kevin Costner and Collin Farell .

    Both have their strong points and are good in what they do . Some better in different areas . That’s what makes Nuffnang and Advertlets different from each other .


  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    @David Lai
    No problem. I’ve corrected as much as I can find.

    Well, from what I’ve heard, I imagined it must be quiet. Maybe he did some hiring? I don’t think I can say I know anyone of them personally enough to be close. However, as you’ve said as well, Josh seems to be getting a hell lot more bashing compared to Tim and Ming. I’m sure people don’t bash a person simply because his face looks more “inviting”. There’s surely a reason for it, no?

    On an unrelated note, I’ve watched the video you posted up. That’s some scary stuff you did there. I’ve seen a video where a guy messed it up and ended up with a hole in his hand. Anyway, when there were only 2 bags left, did he chose the first one because you showed the number 1 with your fingers? Like mind manipulation or something?

  12. David Lai says:

    Just a note, when I compared Nuffnang to Adevertlets , Kevin Costner is Nuffnang and Josh is Collin Farell. Both can `act ‘ but ‘ have different attitudes off screen … I hope this clears up abit .

  13. David Lai says:

    Hey Kelwin , what I do is mind manupulation , you do have the basic concept correct, but it goes much further than that . I don ‘t want to risk my hand with a simple gesture , do I?=)

    Hope you can make it to one of my shows these days . Till then man!

  14. TenthOfMarch says:

    @David Lai
    Sorry, I don’t really know how Kevin Costner and Colin Farell are off screen. So, who are you suggesting are the bad guy off screen? I don’t really know so I did some searching and these are my findings:

    Kevin Costner is Nuffnang (as you put it):
    While on his honeymoon in October 2004, a hotel employee complained that Costner had performed a lewd act while she was attempting to massage him.

    Josh is Collin Farell (as you put it):
    In July 2005, Farrell filed a lawsuit suing his former girlfriend, Playboy model Nicole Narain, the Internet Commerce Group (ICG) and adult entertainment producer David Hans Schmidt over the unauthorized public distribution of an 14-minute sex tape that Farrell had made with Narain in 2003.

    Farrell has been sued twice for alleged harassment and sending foul messages to telephone sex worker Dessarae Bradford. The lawsuits were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence provided by Bradford.

    I still don’t know who the bad boy is.

  15. David Lai says:

    Man , after you researched it , I feel like a dim wit . I’m not saying anybody is a `bad boy’ here man . haha

    Well, in the public eye, Collin Farell is the little rebelious type while Kevin Costner is more of the fatherly figure type . That was my comparison .

    What I was saying that while both can `act ‘ their off screen personalities differ . It’s like watching Kevin Costner in `The GUARDIAN’ and Collin Farell in `Miami Vice’ .

  16. TenthOfMarch says:

    @David Lai
    LOL. okok…sorry. I got it all wrong then. I’m not sure if I’ve watched those movies before. Even if I did, I won’t remember until I watch it again then I go, “eh, I’ve seen this movie before” 😉

  17. jalte says:


    I agree with your sentiment that due to the time constraint, there should be some doubts the they will lack of proper documentation. That is why as a programmer, we should bare in mind that the source code is the actual documentation. If we find that it is hard to understand the source code, then it is either:-

    1) We are a bad programmer
    2) We inherited a very badly structured codings that been done by previous programmers (good for the company that they have gone) .

    Hopefully, both would not be the problems for Advertlets. And hopefully they won’t be to restrictive in term of salary which could end up having the #1 as above

  18. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, I understand what you mean. Anyway, I guess their system isn’t that big. So, it shouldn’t take too long to go through the codings to get an idea of how things work.

    Wow, if that’s true, things will surely get more interesting! Are you sure you’re just predicting? Or you have “inside source” information?

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