Nuffnang Has A New Feature

The last time I heard, Nuffnang hired a “specialist” to handle their occasional slow loading ads. The investment must have paid off when they finally found a solution to that problem. Therefore, the ads do not influence the loading time of the blog anymore.

Apart from that, I have just noticed that they added a new feature in the admin menus. Previously when a publisher is not served any ads, their default ads (skyscraper) such as the one below will appear.

Nuffnang default ads

With the new feature, whenever a publisher is not served any ads, they are given the option to select whether to:

  • Show default ads
  • Show cost-per-click ads (if any), or
  • Minimize ads

All you need to do is to login to your account and click on the “Add Ads” menu. There will be a “When there are no Cost Per Unique Visitor Campaigns, show:” text with a dropdownlist on the right. Select the option you want and click on the “Save” button.

Admin settings

When you select the “Minimize Ads” option, the space taken for the ad will be greatly reduced and a new button with the text “I serve nuffnang ads !!!” will appear. I guess you cannot completely hide the banner since potential advertisers need to know where the ads will be place when they visit your blog.

Nuffnang minimized ads

I do notice a disadvantage of “minimizing” your banner ads — you don’t get a referral link when someone clicks on the banner and signs up with Nuffnang. Anyway, I don’t really mind it at all.

Since I only have a skyscraper banner in my blog, I do not know how the leaderboard and large rectangle banners will look like when they are “minimized”. Maybe you can try it out and drop me a link in the comments area for me to have a look. Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Nuffnang Has A New Feature

  1. Azmeen says:

    Hmm… this might just push me to at least try them out.

    I decided not to join Nuffnang because they seem to lack ad inventory. To make things worse, I find their “default ads” to be butt ugly.

    This one looks nice, clean and may even interest more people to actually check out their services.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    LOL. It’s true about their default ads. Their Singapore’s default ads look slightly better. Anyway, at least now there’s an option to minimize the ads so that it takes up less space.

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