Scam: You Have Been Warned!

Scam, scam, scam. Will it ever end? I went over to Jee’s blog and read his latest post Scam warning. He said he “almost got cheated by a scam” and asked to “help spread the warning“. After reading his explanation on “what happened”, I realized if I were in his situation, I could have been cheated as well.

Unlike the other examples that I have given in the past that uses “greed” to cheat the victims, this scam reported by Jee uses “fear”. It triggers your fears in hope that you will lose rationality of the situation. Thankfully, he was able to sense something amiss and consulted his sister before taking further actions.

Earlier today, I read a notice posted on Hotlink’s website regarding a scam that was spreading through sms that started only last month. I couldn’t locate that page anymore. I’ll link it here if I can ever find it again.

There are 101 scams out there — online and offline. Consider yourself warned.

4 thoughts on “Scam: You Have Been Warned!

  1. lilian says:

    Heh, I changed my tagline to have the word scam and I notice an increase in traffic. There are plenty of suckers out there.

  2. Jee says:

    You are right about the ‘fear’ factor. Actually thinking back now the whole thing was so not right at the very beginning… if I kept a cool head I should have spot the scam earlier. Darn these scams…

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wah, so little change but have increase in traffic? That’s something I’ll need to look into. Some people get scammed because of their own greed. Others (unfortunate ones) just simply got cheated.

    Like I said, if I were in your situation, I could have been cheated as well. Thankfully you were able to get out of it. I wonder if there are others who got cheated.

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