GMail Spam (Beware Of Conman)

I check GMail for new e-mails daily. I personally feel that GMail provides one of the best spam filters in the industry. Although occasionally, there will be a few junk mails that will find its way into my inbox once in a while. This morning, I got one e-mail with the subject “greeting-not spam“. My instincts immediately label this e-mail as spam. However, my curiosity kicked in and I wanted to know the e-mail’s content. So I opened it up.

GMail Spam Message

A quick check on the e-mail header confirmed my earlier hypothesis. Usually, the “to” section of the header will display the recipient’s e-mail (in this case that should be my e-mail address). In this e-mail, “undisclosed-recipients <>” was displayed instead. This is probably because this e-mail was sent to many other e-mail addresses.

The “sender” is supposed to be a Chinese guy. Sounds like he’s looking to make friends with me. Reading on, “Looking for sincere friendship and future life partner” sent shivers all over my body. The last sentence indicates that “he” got my e-mail address from a friend — probably someone who knows me as well.

This e-mail makes me sick. If this e-mail is not a spam, my reply would be, “Dude, I’m a dude myself, OK!?!? Your friend must be pulling your leg. Or else, I’m not *YOUR TYPE*!

This e-mail reminds me of some news report where some girls met some guys online, made friends and met up with them. The next thing they remember is waking up in a foreign bed or in a deserted forest. I wonder if this e-mail is one of those attempts to cheat naive girls/ladies. Nevertheless, reports on girls being cheated by friends they befriended through Internet, SMS and telephone is on the rise. Therefore, be on the look out! If you notice any of your friends/colleagues mixing with “suspicious friends” like these, WARN THEM!

3 thoughts on “GMail Spam (Beware Of Conman)

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    ERrrmmm…the possibility of that happening is very very slim. However, if that really happens, then I wouldn’t have blogged about it! 😉 .

    Don’t be so modest. I’m sure there is some who don’t mind having a “hor ny” partner. LOL.

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