TenthOfMarch Down For 17 Hours!

(… and I hear a voice from a distance asking, “Why not forever?”)

I have heard some people saying that some things/people cannot be praised or else it/they will end up screwing up things. I guess me praising my web hosting company (ServerFreak) just a day ago ended up with you guys staring at the screen below for the past 17 hours.

Page Not Found

(In an attempt to recreate the screenshot above, I opened a URL that doesn’t (shouldn’t) exist — dafasdfasdfasdf.com. What are the odds for a domain like that to be registered, right? Now, try it dafasdfasdfasdf.com)

So, does that means I am ready to give ServerFreak the biggest slap on the face? Never! In fact, I don’t blame them at all. But, someone has to be blamed, right? So, who? Netmyne! Why? The server is hosted there loh! Duh!


Update: Hmmm…seems like ServerFreak bought the server. Netmyne’s job is just to host it only. But still, I don’t blame ServerFreak. *frantically looking for an excuse to blame Netmyne* Ahhh….I know. Must be the fengshui at Netmyne not good, that’s why the harddisk broke!


The server has been running for maybe a month or so only and the harddisk is already broken. After a few minutes of damage assessment, I realized I lost my previous post and some comments. I also lost 2 votes in my first poll. ARGGHHH!!! But luckily I have a copy of the previous post in my local drive and I remember what the two votes were. As for the comments, I can retrieve them from my mailbox. At the end of the day, the damages were minimal. *phewww*

They replaced the faulty harddisk with a new one. I will try to remind myself to make a backup once every two days or so, for the next 30 days. That is because if a new harddisk has any manufacturing defects, it should show by then (I think). Anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On an unrelated topic, support my attempt to increase awareness on scams! Read this post and vote. There is 5 more days to prepare a post for it. On 30th April 2007, those who are willing to join this campaign will need to publish a post regarding scams in their own blog(s). If this campaign is successful, we can even do it a “monthly thing” — one post at the end of every month. I even made an ugly banner/button for it. Can someone please help design a better one?

Scam Awareness Campaign

UPDATE: If you commented in my post but don’t see it there anymore, don’t worry. I’ll add those comments back soon.

UPDATE 2: All comments were added back up. *BIG LONG SIGGHHH* What I need to do next, is to RE-ANSWER all the comments again. DEJAVU. LOL!

UPDATE 3: All done. Everything is back to normal. *exhausted*

16 thoughts on “TenthOfMarch Down For 17 Hours!

  1. Sam says:

    Yes, we do provide daily backup until 23/04. 24/04 Harddisk became failure. So the backup was until 23/04.

    Thank you.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Patrick Teong
    Eh? Last time sign off as “Undertypo” right? Now change to “Patrick Teong” already? Rebranding? Hehehe.

    My previous server was hosted in Singapore as well. I just transfered to the Cyberjaya one last Sunday. As Sam said in the comment below, yes — they do a daily backup. That’s why I only lost the previous post.

    Yeah, luckily Sam (from ServerFreak) have a daily backup…or else…MY REVIEWSSSsssssssss. hehehe.

    LOL! Yes yes. Let’s go! I already have my next ‘victim’. Hahhahaha.

    Hahaha. So ‘kuah chang’ meh?

    @Boss Lepton
    Trying my best. hehehe.

    Wah, thanks for dropping by. Great service.


    Why does ServerFreak gives me the best service? If you’re hosted with other company and have a problem, you send them a ‘ticket’ and they’ll “get back to you”. When I have a problem/question, I send Sam (ServerFreak) an instant message on MSN and he replies immediately. Now beat that! Haha.
    *This is NOT a paid compliment* 😉

  3. Boss Lepton says:

    Wahlau I also tempted to register with serverfreaks already

    how much register domain ar?

    eh kelwin link your prevent scam campaign up on my blog di 😀

  4. Patrick Teong says:

    Hahah. You realise it? Good.

    Btw, for Sam service, it’s can be consider great if you compare value to service.

    The price for the hosting plan is quite low among Malaysia web hosting company.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Boss Lepton
    .com is only RM40. Register, register. Faster register 😛 Don’t worry, I’m not affiliated with SF, I promoting cause I feel they are really good.

    Yes, I noticed. Thanks a lot! I did write a comment about it here. Thanks again!

    @Patrick Teong
    Of course I noticed! Got ‘reward’ or not? 😉

    Yes, very very good. Even though it’s cheap, but it still remain its quality. The server is fast and can support “intermediate” traffic.

    Thanks. Good day to you too. Yea yea. It’s odd that such a domain is registered, right? Weird.

  6. aw says:

    Another alternative is namecheap.com, I have had several domains registered with them. It’s US$8.88/yr, so it’s only about RM31. Plus they offer 1 year of free Whoisguard to anonymize your personal details 🙂 And, you can still get SF to host your website I think.

  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    Eh? You have a few domains? PM me with it, can? I want to have a look 🙂 Yes, I asked Sam before, he said we can purchase a domain some place else, and still host with them. All you need to do is to set the DNS thinggy or something.

  8. aw says:

    The websites don’t belong to me, I registered them for several people & helped to set it up 🙂

    Eh, what “PM”? You mean email. You hang out at too many forums is it? :p

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    LOL. Sorry sorry. I got a little confused there. Hehe. Nah, the only time when I participated seriously in a forum was years back — when I was playing an online game.

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