More Bugs Found In Advertlets’ System

This is getting ridiculous. After all the suggestions and bugs I found in the Part One and Part Two of my reviews, and a short follow up here, the Advertlets’ team don’t seem to have learned anything at all! I wonder if they ever will.

So, they have done some changes to their system AFTER reading my reviews. To summarize the whole story, those bugs I found shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Proper testing of the system would have ensured those bugs were found and fixed BEFORE their system was launched. Having bugs like that after over 300 people have registered an account with them could be very dangerous. That proves that they did not conduct a proper test on their system before it was launched.

I don’t believe that they have learned their lesson because if they did, I wouldn’t have found another bug in their system. This is not some MAJOR bug but it does prove that they did not conduct a proper test before releasing their new updates.

They provided a new option in their publisher’s admin area called, “Change Your Password“. As the name suggests, you may use it to change your password (which I highly recommend you to do). The funny thing is that they enforce a minimum 6 characters password during registration but do not enforce the same rule when a user changes their password. I tried changing my 10 characters password to a 1 character password, and it was accepted.

*sigh* I am your user, not your beta alpha unit tester, ok?

19 thoughts on “More Bugs Found In Advertlets’ System

  1. mooiness says:

    Wow speechless. Implement a change but with a repeat of the mistake which you wanted to change in the first place! Damn if it ain’t funny.

    FYI Josh: I can’t test your system because I am not in Malaysia. But a lot of things that 10/3 have mentioned here do not require us to have an account to see or understand.

    You obviously care about what we think since you reply to the comments. Just be more diligent in your implementation, admit the shortcomings, and perform the necessary changes. We all like to see both and the only Malaysian companies in this field succeed.

    However, since you are such a fan of comparison, just look at Nuffnang and how they have responded to their criticism here.

    Your responses so far and Nuffnang’s responses is a big canyon (Great Canyon, even) in difference.

  2. aw says:

    Looks like the nick “10/3” has caught on! Hahaha! 🙂

    Why Tenth of March? Your birthday? The date the blog was registered (first post on 18/3)?

  3. aw says:

    Sometimes the perception of reality is clouded by countless emotional triggers from the past or our desires for the future. Such is cognitive dissonance.

    Yeah, the friendster is restricted. But not much there anyways 😉

  4. ABC says:

    Nabil must be an outstanding worker. Hats off to you Nabil. One word of advice for you… Leave Advertlets NOW! Or not, i will see you as a scape goat.

    Let’s not hope that this is one of the ‘rectified problem’ from Nabil, impersonation starts (most probably not amateur anymore), Josh comes in to be a hero and tell everyone that he knew about the problem/working on it already and tells us all we’re a bunch of losers. To top it off.. he might start the Jackyl and Hyde thing – questions THEN answers.

    Let’s make a prediction here shall we? Kelw… start a poll. (this is going to be super fun)

    Why not we locate blogs who has advertlets in it and ask them come read your blog? how does that sound? my as well. 🙂

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Boss Lepton
    Yup. But as mooiness said, they repeated the same mistake they’ve made earlier.

    “We all like to see both and the only Malaysian companies in this field succeed.”

    That was exactly the same thing I said to Josh in one of our ‘e-mail exchanges’. Below is a quote of it:

    I actually want BOTH your companies to be successful with this ad campaign thing. BOTH! Not either one of you, do you understand me? That’s why I am sincerely suggesting that you to stick to your own game. It’s very true when Boss Lepton said, “One slice of a pie not enough? Bake a bigger pie!”, not steal your friend’s pie!

    @Josh Lim
    I sincerely suggest you take down the comparison chart. Even in my first review on you guys, I told you the chart makes you look “desperate and cheap because you’ll do anything to knock out your competitors (including punching them below the belt)”.

    Yes, Digi, Maxis, and Celcom are ‘doing it’ as well. But their market share is already CONGESTED. They need to do it, in order to survive. And I don’t want to be rude but, neither Nuffnang nor Advertlets is ‘there’ YET. In fact, you guys are just like “babies” compared to them. One day, when you guys are as big as them, then please, do whatever you like.

    If you really want to compare, compare yourself with the mainstream advertising companies out there. Tell your advertisers-to-be WHY they should choose you compared to the mainstream guys, not why they should choose you compared to Nuffnang. In fact, the two of you should be “progressing” side-by-side, rather than one stepping on top the other. Or else, the mainstream guys will just need to give a “buddha-hand-slap” on you guys, and the both of you will disappear.

    Imagine this. Baby A proudly boast about his kukujiao (pun intended — sorry kukujiao!) to Baby N. “Look! My kukujiao is BETTER than your kukujiao!”. The poor Baby N looks south, than back at Baby A saying, “Your stupid kukujiao same only what!”

    The thing is, both kukujiao also not ‘seasoned’ yet. So, compare what?
    *This is meant to be an illustration only. There’s no need to be offended.*

    Welcome. The other thing I said that day…you know already. And changed also. Good job.

    Yes, 10th Of March is my birthday. Now that you guys know about it, I’m expecting presents! 😉 I accept bank transfers, cheques and money order. Paypal will be accepted soon.

    Ahhh….that’s the “sign” I was looking for. 😉 Wahhh…your last comment is a little too deep for me to digest lah. Layman’s term please? *faint*

    If you want to provide me with free traffic, I wouldn’t mind one bit. What kind of poll questions and answers should we have then? I’d love to start my next poll.

    Come to talk about the poll, there is some similarity of the poll I’m using with the one Advertlets has. Maybe they built theirs on top of mine (poll). Well, at least the 3 cookies that was created is the same. But one thing “special” with my poll is, you cannot cheat easily! 😛 .

    You know, about you asking Nabil to quit…I did think of that before. On a personal note, if I were working in a company ‘like that’, I would have quited. My principle.

  6. Freethinker says:

    Forget it, despite my “honest review” which was reviewed last week, it’s still there… it’ll stay there.. Too much pride already..

    Anyway, u do seem like the official nemesis of Advertlets.. HAHHA

  7. ABC says:

    Nah… that i will defend Kelwin.. ..

    he’s just merely a blogger who is trying to make a rightful choice so that he wont be victimize.

  8. Freethinker says:

    Hey, sorry, I wasn’t trying to be anonymous.. if ya notice there was a typo in the Http:// part of my web…. LOL… link whatever you want from my site.

    I’m open to discussion

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wah, thanks. So next time if anyone plans to attack me, I use you as a shield, can? All the rotten eggs and vege you block for me, ok? Hahhaha.

    Wah, OFFICIAL nemesis ah? Sounds important. Haha. No need to apologize. It’s strange, no URL was recorded, that’s why I was confused. Anyway, here it is:

    I’ve read your “honest review” and the “consequences of it” more than a week ago. Since you mention it, I might as well link it here. Well, no surprise he credited the RM50 into your account. Again, no surprise he took away your “face” from their front page. LOL. But of course, it doesn’t matter to you, right?

    Your “case” does show the difference between how Josh and Tim & Ming handles critics. A week ago, I read two posts by PabloPabla, how he “attacked” Nuffnang in his first post, and how Timothy replied. Check out the DIFFERENCE.

  10. mooiness says:

    10/3: I went and read the posts at PabloPabla’s blog and I must say – Nuffnang’s response was and still is, very professional indeed. Adds credence to what I had said earlier about there being a canyon of difference between the responses of both companies with regards to criticism.

  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    Very true indeed. You need to experience it, to really know the difference. I know I have.

    I believe your “case” (ie. how you were treated after those honest reviews) won’t surprise a few of those reading here 🙂

  12. earl-ku says:

    hahaha only got to know this from an incoming link … hhahaa

    niama – sue kau u then u know … use kau my kukujiao as comparison …

  13. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wah…still got people reading this post one ah? Better still, reading the comments.

    Wahhahaha. That makes you the second person threatening to sue me. But of course, you different a bit because you were just joking only. errr…were you? Hahahhaha.

    Don’t dare to compare your kukujiao, both Nuffnang and Advertlets sure lose. Hahahha.

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