Josh, This Is Why I Approved Aw’s Comment

Honestly, I believe this post is totally unnecessary. But for the sake of you feeling a little better, I will do it anyway. This is a reply to why I approved aw’s comment.

Let me remind you of what happened. DevilsAdvocate left a very harsh statement that attacked Nuffnang. I approved his comment without censoring anything — just like I would on any other comments. But I found evidence that linked him to many hours later. That is when I censored his comment due to, as you put it, “unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims“.

When I first read aw’s comments and before approving it, my reaction was, “Shit! Not another one! ARGGGHHH!!!“. After some ‘investigation’ I decided to approve his comment, simply because I found no evidence that he was anyhow linked to Nuffnang. Let’s just say aw is a die-hard fan of Nuffnang. That doesn’t mean his comment is considered “unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims”, right? Everyone has their rights to voice out themselves.

Josh, I am a computer science graduate. But I don’t claim that I am an expert or have the knowledge of a hacker. But I do know enough to ‘curb’ the average user’s attempt of any foul play. As for those who knows more than I do, I am completely defenseless against them. I am not perfect, Josh. I admit there is a big possibility that someone could have spoofed the IP, inserted a fake e-mail address, etc etc etc. But do I have to setup a team of expert hackers just to filter off my comments section to ensure 100% comments sent are in fact sent from the person they claim to be? Do I need to ask for I.C. numbers and a photocopy of their I.C. before they can comment in my blog? Honestly Josh, I do not have that kind of resources to setup all these ‘facilities’. Maybe you can allocate some of your resources to me? I would gladly accept it.

Look, I neither fully trust you, nor Tim and Ming. I have never even met any of you guys. Looks and words can be deceiving. Come to think of it, I don’t think I saw Ming’s photo before. Can someone point me some place where I can find it? Anyway, I have heard so much negative things said about you, Josh. As for Tim and Ming, I hardly recall any offensive report that was said about them. In fact, all I heard were praises. But that doesn’t mean I believe these ‘reports’ 100%. However they say, if there is smoke, there must be fire some where.

Reasons why I approved aw’s comment:

1. It is not an obligation to leave a website URL. And you know that.

2. I sent an e-mail to the address he provided and the e-mail did not bounced back. I know this is not 100% accurate but hey, any better suggestions? A “Reply to this e-mail” before I approve a comment?

3. His IP address is no where near anyone of the guys from Nuffnang. (Don’t even think about talking of IP spoofing)

4. There is no other indications that he was linked to Nuffnang.

5. If you look closely at his post, he spelled Advertlets as “Adverlets” (I guess he watched my video and thus misspelled it 😆 ), without the first ‘T‘. You may argue that it could be done on purpose, but come on. Give me a break. Call it biased or baseless but it is good enough for me.

6. Biased or not, as the owner of this blog, I get to do whatever I like in this blog. I paid for the domain and hosting for god’s sake! I don’t need to answer anything to anyone unless I want to. If you enjoy reading my blog, you are more than welcomed to come again. If you don’t, you know the way out.

7. I seriously wanted to see how you would react to his comment. I think others would too. 😈

Therefore, with my limited resources and capabilities that I have, I conclude that aw is not making any unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims. He is just another guy with an opinion. That is why I approved it. I know that there is ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY that I may be wrong, but I have done my best. I hope we can stop all this nonsense ASAP. I really want to continue writing my part two of the review on Nuffnang. It has been delayed for days now, I wonder if anyone still bothers about it anymore! LOL! Anyway, I hope you are happy with my explanation.

By the way, there is one thing that I have been wanting to do all this while. That is to update my categories section. I noticed I have been writing posts that doesn’t belong in any of the categories. And now just for you Josh, I am thinking of adding a new category — Josh Lim.

12 thoughts on “Josh, This Is Why I Approved Aw’s Comment

  1. Jayelle says:

    hehe, there’s a co-relation between josh and the government officials who want to register blogs.

    Both of them don’t make sense.

  2. Shireen K says:

    ming’s blog =

    good thoughts, job and i totally agree with you. can you tell me why again you are giving josh an explanation? it’s your blog right?

    Sorry.. i’m trying not to be bias too…. but i have been stuck in some instances which i might just probably b*tch about if we get to know each other better *grin

    Hey maybe you should do a poll thing? for votes and stuff.. it’ll be real fun.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:


    It really depends on which theme you are using. Since you are using Cleaker, I assume you have downloaded the “Widgetized” version of Cleaker 2.1. If not, you’ll need to download it here (Widgetized Cleaker 2.1 (601k)).

    Since your theme is already up, what you need is the widgets ( Open it. There’s a readme file in it that guides you to install the plugin. What you need to do is this.

    1. Copy the widgets folder into your plugin folder.
    2. The files that needs to be copied is delicious.php, gsearch.php, rss.png and widgets.php.

    * -> plugins
    * * -> widgets
    * * * -> delicious.php
    * * * -> gsearch.php
    * * * -> rss.png
    * * * -> widgets.php

    Once done, activate the plugin from your plugins page. Configure your sidebars from the “Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets” page. Remember to “Save changes” after you are done.

    Hope this helps.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, looks like the government officer has given some excuses about it after receiving all the negative feedbacks. Seriously, their plan of registering bloggers will never work. Don’t they ever think before saying or doing something?

    @David Lai
    Thanx bro. Ming looks like some Chinese mafia in the movies.

    @Shireen K
    Thanks for the blog address. Errmm…true, true. But I was hoping that it could shut him up once and for all.

    Yes, there’s lots more to b*tchtalk about. 😉 Maybe I should join the next bloggers gathering. We’ll see.

    It did cross my mind to start a poll or something. But I was worried that there might not be enough supporters! hehe. Actually, I’m planning on starting a ‘petition’. A petition to request an inconsiderate, insensitive and disrespectful moron to remove some of his posts that is too sensitive. Let’s just say, his posts criticizes other religion’s belief. GRRR!!

    It won’t be a ‘battle’ between two religion. More like to ensure he respects other’s religions. Has anything like this been done before? Will it work?

    Welcome 🙂

  5. Shireen K says:

    errrr.. hwah.. kua cheong… but… you wouldnt get my support if it’s about religion. I am not sensitive to my own.. but i try not to offend anyone..

  6. lainie says:

    *shrug*. opinion a bit late, but hey –
    aw’s commented enough times -and long enough – on various blogs for me to think that’s warranted.
    unless someone else coincidentally calling using the same nick.

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