Public Message To Josh

Firstly, I think you are a very smart person. Seriously, and I’m not even being sarcastic. However, I also feel that you are very manipulative (eh? I thought said won’t be sarcastic!). I have never met you in person but your feedback and responses for the past few days gives me that impression. I wonder how many others share the same thoughts as I do. Or I could be alone.

I would like to clarify two things. Firstly, I did receive your email that contains a picture of a screenshot with a graph in it. However, that picture doesn’t prove anything for it can be easily edited. If I were to post pictures instead of a video, do you think my readers would believe me half as much? Heck, it doesn’t even show which domain that graph belongs to. And I don’t see that graph anywhere in google analytics, can you please direct me to the location where it can be found?

Secondly, you’ve been saying you sent me details for the access to your website stats. And again, you said I am biased for not inspecting it. To be very honest, I don’t see it anywhere. It’s not in the attachments, it’s not even in the body of the email. Just take my word for it — it’s not there. Unless you want another video. I’m a little too stressed out for that right now, I prefer not to.

Time and time again you claimed that I am biased. Please, show me where and when. I would like to correct and improve myself further.

As for your comments:

The other point to bring up of course, is whether “DevilsAdvocate” is “TenthOfMarch”. It seems to have taken a lot of effort to make the video. If you calculate the time it took to script, shoot and edit, and the lovely props as well – it’s at least 3-4 hours, and probably more. And if you stutter, it’ll take even longer to record a good take… Btw, it’s “”. Enounciate la 🙂 All that’s missing is ominous music in the background, and shocking sound effects (dum dum dum dum!)

Why would someone go through so much trouble? 🙂 For a vendetta against whoever of us (Until now I have no idea which side you are on), for increased traffic, “because I can” or all of the above?

TenthOfMarch, if its not you – fine, then great piece of investigative video journalism. But you are implicated as much as we are, really. I’m not pointing the finger at you, but just stating that we can’t really see what goes on behind on your side right? We don’t even know how you look like. To either Your / DevilsAdvocate / Nuffnang’s credit though, its quite interesting though that they chose to reply in detail to the “false criticism”.

In most of the failed recordings of the video, I did mentioned, “I hope I pronounced your names correctly“. I guess I missed that out in the final recording. In the end, I was too tired I didn’t bothered going for another retake. I was wondering if Nuffnang’s ‘nang‘ was pronounced as Pe-nang or ‘Pulau Pi-nang‘. I went for the English version of course.

To say the least, when you started pointing fingers at me saying that I could be the one creating all this nonsense just to attract people into my blog did stir a little tsunami in me. To be fair to you, there is a possibility that it is true. I’ll just leave it at that. I guess I lost to you and the guys from Nuffnang in this area. Despite all my criticism, you guys managed to remain calm. I’ll need to practice more on that.

I also want to add that I DO want more traffic coming into my blog. Who doesn’t? There were a few things that I did that successfully brought in new traffic. However, there are also some that didn’t. I assure you and my readers that the technique used is legal, and most importantly, ETHICAL. I even plan to write a tutorial on it one day when my blog audience grow larger and more stable. I can’t teach something that I haven’t mastered myself, can I?

If you are still wondering whose side I am on, the answer was, and is still — neither. I’ve said this in the video, I don’t give a damn about your fights. But it looks like I stood a little too close, and have received a few blows myself.

One last thing. You don’t need to hit on me so hard. My blog did somehow attract a larger crowd out of a sudden, but it would probably disappear the same way. Furthermore, it’s not like my opinions have any ‘weight’. Now if you will excuse me, I have a Part Two review to write.

14 thoughts on “Public Message To Josh

  1. aw says:

    From what I read in the comments, this Josh is more “sensitive” and thin-skin than the Nuffnang people.

    The first thing that turned me off was their “point-by-point” comparison with Nuffnang that is mean-spirited instead of constructive. Comparing *logos*? Come on!

    Adverlets also always seem to be on the defensive and has an inferiority complex. Adverlets takes every opportunity to blow their own trumpet – while this is acceptable when describing how they can benefit clients/bloggers, most of the time it takes on a boasting tone. Nuffnang seems more humble and down-to-Earth.

    And publicly repeating his offer to “have wine” with the Nuffnang people? “..and if Ming takes up my invitation for wine, maybe we can all be friends” Geezzzzz! Why don’t you have some “cheese” with it as well. It’s so cheesy, it sounds like high-school politics. If you want to have better relations with Nuffnang, just invite them privately.

    Why do you have to talk about it in public, to prove that you’re a paragon of magnanimity? To pressure Ming to have wine with you? To show that Ming is being bad if he does not take up your offer to “have wine”?

    Thus I agree with TenthofMarch first paragraph that Adverlets “are very manipulative”.

    Secondly, Josh so high class one. Have WINE? In KL, we just go mamak or at the most, Starbucks.

    Seems like a pretentious poofter. Me, I’ll have the 2007 vintage of Teh Tarik Le Chateau Mamak. I hear 2007 is a good year, well-balanced with the tannins and the acidity kept down to a minimum. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  2. Josh Lim says:

    Thanks. Its great to know you don’t intend to rip off my head from my shoulders anymore. I’ve sent you an e-mail. Peace and love and money! 🙂 Cheers.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Boss Lepton
    Yeah, I know. I’ll be concentrating on my next post.

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    More like “Welcome to the blogging world”. Haha. Surfing the Internet is just a one way interaction with the screen. Now, I need to adapt to interactions that come from all directions — up, down, left, right, inside-out…

    Part 2 SHOULD be coming out…as long as I concentrate on it, and leave everything else aside.

    WoW! First, I have ShaolinTiger-AngMoh. Now I have HORNY-Angmoh. LOL!

    Seriously H-A-M (eh, you see even your abbreviation is ‘horny’ — haha!), I briefly visited your blog again just now (I read your blog before too), and did read some pretty hor-ny posts. LOL. I actually have two questions to ask:

    1. Are you really an Ang Moh?
    2. Are you really so horny? Or it’s just a ‘catchy phrase’?

    Sorry for approving your comment late.

    I share a lot of the same views as you do. However, I’ll just leave it at that. I do not want to continue in another ‘never-ending-brawl’.

    But there is one thing that I do not agree with you. Teh-tarik is bad for health. If you don’t mind, I prefer Milo kosong KAW ais/panas.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    @Josh Lim
    Like I said, there are laws in this world that I have to obey. I’ve read your e-mail and will respond to it after I finished writing my next post.

    Errrmm…peace and money will do. No thanks with the love — I’m not ‘that’/your type. 😉

  4. Josh Lim says:

    TenthOfMarch, I have a question.

    Wouldn’t it be ideal for you to censor anonymous users, who are making unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims? Such as the only one in this blog comment thread, who has no URL to his name?

    Will you take the same course of action as you did in the past?
    Or only if it suits your purposes?

  5. aw says:

    @ Josh: Censor? Anonymous? Are you kidding me? Surely if you are an Internet user for any length of time, you would know the weight of those two words in online discussions. Most users are “anonymous” on the Internet. And you can’t “censor” any one for any reasons other than vulgarity or for TOS deviations.

    Speaking of specious claims, all I can say are two words: “logo comparison”. It is opinion on your character, substantiated (and reinforced by your current comment, ahahahaha! Oh, the irony) by your actions thus far. It’s up to you to prove otherwise, you can shut people up on the Internet using heavy-handed means. It’s a blog, blogs never claim to be 100% impartial. The essence of a blog is that it *has* a bias of the blogger, that’s why it’s not called a “news site” and is more interesting to read.

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  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Josh Lim
    Your full reply.

    It’s true that it’s a little tough to be fully impartial sometimes, especially when things are becoming a little personal. But I am only human, and will try my best to do what I have to do.

  8. aw says:

    10/3: Thanks for supporting “free speech”, so to speak.. 🙂

    1) But I think the most compelling difference between my comment and DevilsAdvocate is that I backed up my opinions by citing examples and “evidence”. I didn’t just say baseless things. I also didn’t use anything “harsher” than “pretentious poofter”, which if read by anyone with a sense of humor, is obviously a “alliterative” jest.

    2) I’m no “die hard” supporter of Nuffnang. I don’t even have a blog. But something about Adverlet’s heavy handedness (compared to Nuffnang’s niceness) just gets me.

    Cheers, mate. Hope your blog can continue for a long time to come!

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    Good point! 🙂 As for the continuation of my blog, I do hope that it is possible as well. But we do not know the future. I guess only time will tell.

    I will continue blogging. Just make sure you guys continue reading! 😆

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