TenthOfMarch Posts First Video On Nuffnang And Advertlets

This is my first video. I’ll let the video do the talking. Hope you guys enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed recording it (except for the dozens of NGs, cuts and @#!%#@!!!!).

Now, if YOU (DevilsAdvertletsAdvocate) dare tell me this is pure coincidence, I will believe YOU. However, I wonder if my READERS will. Cheers!

13 thoughts on “TenthOfMarch Posts First Video On Nuffnang And Advertlets

  1. Josh Lim says:

    I’ve sent you an e-mail. Regarding referrer spoofing, and also the DDOS attack on our server (with access to the Google Analytics settings for Advertlets.com), and how they might be related.

    You’ve put a lot of effort into this, and its really easy to see how people might jump to the wrong conclusions. Knowing that referrers can easily be faked, its entirely possible that the whole purpose of the attacker was to get caught, and implicate us.

  2. Shireen K says:

    Good one MOssism..

    Josh: just a few questions. Please excuse my lack of technical knowledge as what you have explained earlier. I dont understand one bit.

    1) the spoofing.. whatever attack on your server… does it mean that the security system you are using for your web business is not good enough? In that case i will be quite worried bout them blogger’s data who signed up with you.

    2) if the anonymous person is just speaking his mind (by all means defending advertlets) why would he be bothered putting in the referrer’s ip as yours and not other links?

    I think any hacker who has a grudge on you would be smarter than this?

  3. Josh Lim says:

    Hi Shireen:

    1) The bloggers data is very secure – personal details, payment, etc. Our web host at that time was the first to contact us regarding the unusual activity, and we are also now on an even better system. The purpose of a DDOS attack is to shut off access to Advertlets.com from the outside world, it has nothing to do with the data inside. Its more like “flooding” than “hacking” – just overloading the server so it cannot respond. Hacking would be to break into the server to get whatever data the hacker wanted, which hasn’t happened…and can’t. We have day shift and night shift staff to monitor any unusual activity.

    Regarding spoofing – anyone can spoof a referrer URL to any URL. Eg, anyone with the right tools could make it seem as if http://www.digg.com or http://www.cnn.com linked to http://shiryen.blogspot.com (and it’ll show up in your referrer logs). You can check out this URL:


    Or you can google “referer spam” or “referer spoofing” for more information.

    This has nothing to do with the security of individual sites. Hope that explains things?

    2) Shiryen, that might be exactly the point. That was one possibility I was thinking about, but a more likely one might be, maybe he wanted to get caught and implicate us?

    Anyway, one more point I’ll like to say to everything here. We at Advertlets.com believe in the spirit of fair competition – I think we’re critical enough of the competition in real life in a public, transparent and fair manner. We do this through our comparision chart that is open to amendments and criticism from the public, and we don’t need to resort to anonymous attacks.

    The other point to bring up of course, is whether “DevilsAdvocate” is “TenthOfMarch”. It seems to have taken a lot of effort to make the video. If you calculate the time it took to script, shoot and edit, and the lovely props as well – it’s at least 3-4 hours, and probably more. And if you stutter, it’ll take even longer to record a good take… Btw, it’s “AdverTlets.com”. Enounciate la 🙂 All that’s missing is ominous music in the background, and shocking sound effects (dum dum dum dum!)

    Why would someone go through so much trouble? 🙂 For a vendetta against whoever of us (Until now I have no idea which side you are on), for increased traffic, “because I can” or all of the above?

    TenthOfMarch, if its not you – fine, then great piece of investigative video journalism. But you are implicated as much as we are, really. I’m not pointing the finger at you, but just stating that we can’t really see what goes on behind on your side right? We don’t even know how you look like. To either Your / DevilsAdvocate / Nuffnang’s credit though, its quite interesting though that they chose to reply in detail to the “false criticism”.

    Peace! Really! Seriously, go out, have some fun. It’s a bright sunny day outside, and there’s more to life than blogging and blog drama la. One day when we’re all rich through our respective blogs and dotcoms, we’ll look back, and laugh about this while sipping expensive wine, k?

  4. Ming says:


    I urge you to refrain from implicating Nuffnang in any crime you might think has been committed without proof.

    I can categorically state that for both the DDOS attack and this so called referrer spoofing, nobody from the Nuffnang network has been involved in any way whatsoever. Be it instigation or execution.

    Quite simply, we have no need to attack advertlets in any way, and have in fact proven that in our actions thus far. Both founders of Nuffnang stand for open and fair competition.

    For the DDOS attack, you took great pains not to mention Nuffnang explicitly, and thus we saw no need to respond to your claims.

    In this instance, you have implied the Nuffnang community, wrongly. We will forgive this transgression. However, if you continue to explicitly accuse us, we will have no choice but to pursue a course of legal action.

    If you are sincere about having that glass of wine. I would gladly do so the next time I am up in KL. It does not have to be when we have made it big.


  5. Jayelle says:

    oooh er tenthofmarch, you sound sexy:) yum!

    hehe. well done:)

    Not too sure about anonymous attacks or referral spam. But I do know what ‘cover line’ or ‘cover up’ means. 🙂

  6. Josh Lim says:

    Hi Ming,

    Its pretty impossible to claim that no one registered with either of our networks are doing or not doing anything behind our backs. Unless we are all seeing, and all powerful. That would be cool, but not possible. But for the record, no, I am not implicating Nuffnang. I am just saying that its possible that someone has been doing all these.

    FYI: I have been called, ever so eloquently, an “asswipe” (by one of your registered members in blog comments on a rather popular blog), a “prick” (by an anonymous one) and some other distateful things have happened…well – you could see how fanatic it gets.

    But if I were to respond and say – “its you guys! grr!”, without any proof, that would make me just as bad. I hope you didn’t misunderstand my sentence, but I was just giving credit where credit was due – that you responded maturely to what was considered an anonymous and underhanded remark. And well, credit to whoever that anonymous attacker was, that his comments were worth all this discussion (ethics aside – refer to Voltaire).

    No need to bring out the legal guns, what you heard was not a shot, nor was it aimed at anyone in particular.

    Ming – Shiraz okay with you? Sure. I believe we have a lot to talk about. We’re all smart, hardworking, law abiding (and might I add well dressed and good looking too, hehe) entrepreneurs here and I believe we can compete fairly without resorting to anything evil la.



  7. aman says:

    just downloading the video, will comment later.. 😀

    off topic: by the way, are you going to the PC Fair @ KLCC

  8. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’m really flattered by your compliment. Honestly…I am. Because no one has ever said that to me before (I think). I guess that is because they can SEE me. LOL 😛

    Anyway, I saw your “Featured Blogger” post on Nuffnang. I laughed my butt off. Great work.

    PC Fair at KLCC? I don’t think so. The last time I ever been to KL’s PC Fair was to work.


    @Boss Lepton
    Borrow, means must give back. So when you plan to return it? 😉 LOL. Seriously, use it.

    @Josh Lim
    The picture you attached in the email proves nothing. It is just part of a screenshot of a screen. It does not show that graph belongs to which domain. What if I didn’t post the video, and just posted screenshots of it? It would be a lot harder to believe what I’m trying to report, right? Furthermore, I couldn’t find a graph in google analytics that matches your graph. Can you point me to the right direction?

    Just to answer your previous question:

    “This sentence is hilarious: ‘I felt like throwing one of the Nuffnang guys down the Penang bridge already’. So if you get frustrated with Advertlets, then how? Throw down the Klang river? KL Tower?”

    At that time I wasn’t sure but I have since made up my mind. I would flush you down the toilet bowl because I believe there is where you belong.

    I will reply your other comments in my next post.

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