Review: Nuffnang Vs. Advertlets

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The war for the best Malaysian blog advertising company has begun!

In the blue corner, we have Nuffnang who claims to be “Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community“. While in the green corner, we have Advertlets who claims to be “Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network“. Which one of these two titans will emerge victorious? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, it is review time!


I come to know about Nuffnang a few weeks back. My first impression on it? “Why didn’t I think of that?” Anyway, it was a nice concept and all, but I wasn’t so sure if their idea would work. I found nothing much that interests me apart from “their story” (, their wacky stickman logo / mascot and of course, the two lady models.

I gave no thoughts about this program until I read this post. Having a paid post in will definitely be a boost for Nuffnang. However, there were some mistakes and improvements that I have suggested here for Nuffnang and kenny. I noticed the title of Nuffnang’s website says, “Nuffnang – Malaysia’s First Blog Advertising Community“. However, in all their banners they used, “Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community“. Hours after my comment, I noticed Nuffnang changed their title to “Asia’s…“. I wonder if they changed it after reading my comment. If so, at least say thank you lah! Oh, maybe they didn’t because I sounded a little rude in the comment…haha.

Thank God I took a screenshot of it as a proof (and souvenir).

Nuffnang, Malaysia or Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community?

Now, more complaint suggestion for Nuffnang.

I know you have bought both and However, you should official stick to one of them. Throughout your website, you used both the domains. It’s confusing and is not uniformed. Since both domains leads to, I suggest you stick to that domain throughout your website.

I also recommend you remove that flash navigation bar. Reason? Firstly, I’m allergic to flash. No seriously, using flash is a No-No in SEO. Whatever you put in a flash WILL NOT be accessible by search engine bots. You can use flash if you want, but use it wisely. However, creating navigation links throughout your sites using flash is suicide. Search engine bots can only crawl whatever links that is outside of the flash. In this case, the links that are not accessible to the bots are:

1. our_story.php
2. advertiser_faq.php
3. blogger_faq.php
4. blogger_faq.php

Not much, but you decide.


I only got to know of Advertlets a few days ago. My first impression of it? Pretty impressive. I like the way they used AJAX throughout the website. Their AJAX-ed banner is a knockout compared with Nuffnang’s. It allows the banner to remain small, while being able to contain a hell lot more information in it.

So, everything is good with Advertlets? No way!

Advertlets has way too many ‘taglines’:

advertisers + bloggers = money + happy
Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network. – Putting the bling in blogging.
Malaysia Boleh!
Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!

Advertlets, so many taglines?

Need so many for what? Just choose one or two (max) and stick to it. May I suggest you stop using “Malaysia Boleh!” and “Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!“. It’s not because I’m not patriotic or I hate Malaysia or I’m inviting ISA officers to my house. Here’s my explainations:

Firstly, your website consists of 99.99% English words. The 0.01% is the two slogan above. And that is WEIRD!

Secondly, “Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!” is a plain rip off from the slogan “Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!“. You simply replaced ‘Sukan‘ with ‘Bloggers‘. OK OK. It’s not wrong or illegal (I think), but it’s grammatically wrong. Notice that the slogan uses, “Majulah Sukan…” not “Majulah Ahli Sukan…“. It urges athletes to improve sports for the country. Therefore, your slogan should have been “Majulah Blog Untuk Negara“, not “Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!“.

Lastly, you simply have to remove the tagline “Malaysia Boleh!” because it is not suitable. It is like begging for sympathy of Malaysians to join your program for the sake of patriotism.

Then, there is the case of inconsistency again. Your title shows “… Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’“, while the one at the bottom of the page reads “Putting the bling in blogging“, without the ( ‘ ) symbols. I know this is a minor mistake but it shows amateurishness.

Advertlets, inconsistent taglines

Advertlets provide a comparison chart that compares themselves with their “nearest competitor”. They didn’t mention who, but of course is our “NN” lah! I wasn’t too fond with a few things that they did and did not compare with.

1. Web 2.0 style logo.
So what if you have and they don’t? It doesn’t add any value to your advertisers or bloggers. Furthermore, according to this article, “There is no official standard for what makes something “Web 2.0”…“. Therefore it’s useless to claim that yours is, and theirs is not. Using bigger and / or brighter fonts is considered Web 2.0. Using ‘Beta’ to replace ‘under construction’ is Web 2.0. Logo of websites like Technorati, Weblogs, Inc., Wikipedia, and even MySpace looks ‘older’ than their logo but is still considered a Web 2.0 style logo. So in my humble opinion, their logo IS Web 2.0 styled.

2. Friendliness of logo.
So, yours are “Happy and laughing”, while theirs “Appears to be boxing and screaming”? I have to admit this is true. Their stickman’s hands are so short it cannot even reach their mouth, thus looking like they are asking for a fight. But then again, what’s your point here? It doesn’t add any value.

3. Meaning of name
Your name sounds like “applets” and theirs “Doesn’t appear to mean anything”. Dear Advertlets, kindly get your facts right. If their name is meaningless, that is a proof they are MORE WEB 2.0 THAN YOU! More and more Web 2.0 start ups come out with names that have no meanings! There’s Skype, Meebo, Zimbra, Wayfaring, Kajeet, Zopa, Pando, and more.

Again, all these three comparisons are VERY LAME. It shows that you guys are desperate and cheap because you’ll do anything to knock out your competitors (including punching them below the belt). This comparison is baseless, useless and meaningless. May I add, your minimum payout is RM200, while theirs is only RM100. Why didn’t mention this?

To be fair to you guys, here are some improvements you can have on your website:

1. Currently, the top bar that contains “Login, Register, Help” cannot be closed. One of the right way to do it is, click once it opens and click the second time it closes.

2. Remove “Malaysia Boleh!” and “Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!” slogans. It’s an English website. If you are serious in putting Malay slogans, create a Malay version of your website. That would be another punch to your competitors.

3. Remove the 3 comparisons I mentioned above. It is useless. Your facts are wrong. It degrades your image. Period.

4. Insert the minimum payout in your comparison chart, if you have the balls guts. People know the amount. If they don’t, they will find out. Not putting it in the chart only shows that you are somewhat intimidated by your competitor. Or better yet…

5. Decrease your minimum payout to RM100. If you don’t convert the currencies and just compare a dollar to a dollar, most advertising companies set a minimum payout of at most 100 dollars. AdSense is USD100. Text-Link-Ads is USD25 (no minimum for paypal payment). Adbrite is USD5. Setting a high minimum payout shows that you want your bloggers to work like mad, for a longer period of time before they can get their paychecks.

You may argue it is the same (that they will still receive their paychecks once they reach RM200) but it is not. Imagine you work for a company that pays you RM2,000 a month. However, your boss tells you that you can only receive your salary after it has been collected up to RM10,000. That means you only get paid once in 5 months. You still get paid the same amount right, but is it the same?


Wow. This is a long post. Looking back, I commented more on Advertlets than Nuffnang. That’s because Nuffnang really has nothing much to talk about, really. Everything is short, sweet and nice. Straight to the point. And yes, lovely models. Design of the website is a little plain though, but it is the advertising campaigns that matters. And of course, the two lovely models.

As for Advertlets, the design of the website is really nice. I like the fact that you chose Yvonne Foong to become one of your Featured Bloggers. That will help her with her fund-raising campaign. I wish her well. Anyway, I especially like your banners. As Randy Jackson puts it, “It’s the bomb“. However you should modify your comparison charts a little. Those “3 things” I mentioned above really makes you look a little too desperate.


Up to this point, I still have no idea who will rise up as the winner. What do you think?

88 thoughts on “Review: Nuffnang Vs. Advertlets

  1. Ming says:

    Hi there,

    Its ming from the Nuffnang network.

    Some interesting points you made there.

    A website like Nuffnang is always on the move, and we are always looking to improve ourselves. We’ve got a solid foundation with which to move from and even as we speak, our developers and graphic designers are adding new features or improving the look of the site.

    We always welcome constructive comments such as yours, so if you think of anything else, do drop me an email.

    The most important thing for us however, is that we deliver on our most basic of promises.


  2. Josh Lim says:

    Wahai, saudara Mac Sepuluh. Ini adalah si Josh Lim dari sebuah syarikat pengiklanan laman web, 🙂

    Ada sesuatu pepatah Bahasa Inggeris yang berkata bahawa langkah yang diambil, mengatakan lebih daripada perkataaan.

    Kita ada banyak “bebola”, oleh itu kita telah membaiki dengan sungguh cepat, “comparision chart” di laman web kita berdasarkan kritikan yang ditujukan oleh saudara. Sila melawatinya untuk melihat apa yang telah dibaiki.

    Selain itu, betul juga apa yang dikatakan oleh saudara tentang satu dari tagline kita. Yang manakah di bawah yang lebih baik?

    – Majulah Blogosphera Untuk Negara
    – Majulah Budaya Blogging Untuk Negara
    – Majulah Ahli Blogger Untuk Negara

    Terima kasih atas komen saudara. Kita akan berjuang kehabis-habisan untuk memberi perkhidmatan yang lebih baik kepada pengguna!

  3. Bat says:

    hey, I also want to hear comments from the advertlets guys..haha..

    p/s: I’ve checked the comparison chart, they’ve made a bit change to that.. 🙂

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Don’t worry, you WILL hear from me. I do wish you guys well. All the best.

    I notice they changed the charts as well. But it still feels funny and strange. I would still prefer they remove those “3 things”. But, it’s their website, I have no say.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Josh Lim
    Spam filters are used to filter of junks. Somehow, your comment was filtered and marked as spam. 🙂 On a serious note, it happened because your comment wasn’t in English (I think).

    I don’t really understand this, “langkah yang diambil, mengatakan lebih daripada perkataaan”. I understand BM but, I don’t understand that. I thought it was supposed to be, “A picture speaks a thousand words”? Never heard of “One step taken speaks more than words”.

    I did notice the changes that you have made, even before receiving your comment. However, I am still not very impressed with it. Congratulations in proving you have the balls, but it should be “RM200 – since you earn faster due to your higher traffic” not “RM200 – since you earn more faster due to your higher traffic”. But I still don’t agree with the excuse reason given.

    About the “Web 2.0 style logo”, I’ve already explained in this post. There is no STANDARD that makes something Web 2.0. However, given the informations I’ve read, Nuffnang’s logo IS considered a Web 2.0 style logo. Please check the links I provided, and check the logo of Wikipedia and Myspace. But well, whatever makes you happy.

    About the taglines, I’ve already mentioned in the post. Don’t confuse your advertisers and bloggers with too many taglines. You should use only one or two for a given service / product. Having more taglines doesn’t mean you give better service, it shows how undecided you are, and that your company have no proper ‘directions’ and ‘goals’.

    If you are serious about putting a Malay tagline, I suggest you create a Malay version of your website. (Again I’ve mentioned in my post) Having different a Malay tagline suddenly appear out of no where in an English website is WEIRD. But once again, whatever makes you happy.

    Oh yeah, I have no comment on which one of those three are better. In fact I think you should scrap that ‘idea’ and start with a different tagline. It sounds cheap (IMHO), sorry.

  6. Josh Lim says:

    Hi TenthOfMarch,

    Langkah also translates as “action”. Hence, actions speak louder than words 🙂 We’ve also made a minor change, as you noted.

    Glad you like the AJAX-ed banner. It was one of the most challenging aspects of development actually, what with cross domain scripting restrictions. However, technicalities aside, it fulfills an important function – the collection of demographics, which is essential to make sure advertisers get their money’s worth.

    You can read more in a review here:

    Answering some of your questions might give away our future plans too early, so unfortunately I will have to leave it at that. However, please e-mail me, I’ll love to have more of your feedback.

    You’re also welcome to come down to the Advertlets office one of these days for a peek at our back end if you like – but no photographs. We value your feedback, and as our question asking nature (through polling!) will attest, we will take your feedback into consideration for future site features and amendments. Cheers.

  7. Timothy Tiah says:

    Hi TenthofMarch,

    We’re fortunate to be able to have read your previous comment about our varying taglines and we immediately made changes to that.

    I like what you mentioned about our flash navigation bar and is something we will definitely put in our pipelines for reworking.

    We’ve been too busy ensuring that our system is stable and robust that we have admittedly paid too little attention to ever so important SEO.

    We’ve since brought in an SEO specialist who would hopefully help us catch up on our lost time in that area.

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I have found it very enlightening and constructive, especially since you’ve pointed out things that many of us have seemed to overlook.

    I truly appreciate your entry.

    Thank you.

  8. TenthOfMarch says:

    I see that you’ve joined Nuffnang. Hope you make some money. I might be joining soon too. Don’t mind making a few ringgits here and there. 🙂

    I guess I did. Even Timothy from Nuffnang has joined the group. I started this post because it’s interesting to see how the two companies are battling each other. It’s a fun battle to analyze. Considering that they have just launched not too long ago, I’m sure there’s a lot more they can improve.

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Josh Lim
    Ah, yes yes. Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

    Don’t worry, both Advertlets and Nuffnang will hear more from me, that I promise you (and all my readers). However, if it’s ok with you, I would prefer to report my reviews and suggestions in my blog. Unless it involves sensitive issues or so, then I’ll contact you directly.

    That way, at least I can bring some traffic into my blog, and hopefully earn a dime or two. Yeah, “sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”, right? Of course, unless you are willing to put me on your payroll 😉 But that’s a different story. Nonetheless, I’ll send you an email with my contacts.

    Wow! Having an invitation to your office is something that I would not have expected. Being a tech guy, I would love to know how stuff works at the back end. I believe that is something that can be arranged. Errm, I do hope that I won’t be kidnapped and skinned alive once I step into your office, after all of my ‘not-so-kind reviews’ on your website.

  10. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Timothy Tiah
    I agree that emphasis should be put on delivering better quality products and services.

    To be very honest, I’m not too concerned with your website not fully SEO optimized (for now). You have chosen a marketing/advertising tool that would go beyond perfect SEO optimization to launch your website – word of mouth through blogs.

    That is something that I believe would reach more audience and quicker compared to relying on some dumb search engine bots.

    I apologize if I sounded a little rude, here and there. But you’ll see more of that. 😉

  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Josh Lim, Ming & Timothy Tiah
    Not sure if you have noticed, but my blog is only 1 month old today. Therefore, to boast that I have hundreds of unique visitors a day would be total BS. In fact, on days where I stop posting for a few days, my hits barely pass Nuffnang’s ‘minimum requirements’. But on average, I’m above that point.

    Yeah, I’m a noob. But I’m a noob with big ‘guli’s. When most of your members give you positive reviews, I dare bite you at your behind in my reviews. If I see anything else that bothers me, I promise you that you will hear from me.

    I have had enough reviews on the ‘surface’ of your websites. Are you guys ready for an ‘inside’ review? You better be, cause I’m going in. First stop, Nuffnang. Advertlets, get ready.

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  14. Danny Foo says:

    Well, here’s a challenging a question.

    Which one would be most recommended for a blogger to earn a meager income to at least support the hosting of their blog in future? 😛

  15. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Danny Foo
    That’s a question I would love to find the answers to as well. Unfortunately, it is still early days and therefore would be a little hard to tell. We will have to give it a few months, and wait for other bloggers comments.

    I have just signed up with Nuffnang last night. I will be doing a review from the inside of Nuffnang this time. And may I add, there is plenty of things to write. Do come back for it tomorrow.

    As far as I know, Nuffnang has already kicked start their ad campaign. Therefore, some bloggers are actually earning money from them already. I recommend you check out’s post.

    As for Advertlets, they are running a ‘review me (them)’ contest now. 300 lucky bloggers will be rewarded RM50 each.

    @Josh Lim
    Do I qualify for the RM50? I believe my review ‘not bad’ right? 😉

  16. Josh Lim says:

    Hi TenthOfMarch,

    You’ll have to write a seperate post to qualify for the RM50. Perhaps you’ll like to do it after you visit our office 🙂

  17. Timothy Tiah says:

    I don’t think the number of visits your site gets should classify you as a ‘noob’ when it comes to blogging.

    I know so many people who have been blogging regularly for years and still have low traffic on their blogs, but are they noobs? Noooo…. and they get as much enjoyment out of blogging as many of the more well-known bloggers out there.

    Keep blogging dude… it’s fun.. sooo fun

  18. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Josh Lim
    I believe that it would be a very interesting post indeed (that’s IF I managed to think of something interesting to write — haha!). Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I hope there won’t be a ‘deadline’ for your invitation! Of course, it must be before 31st May 2007, if I want a shot at that RM50. 🙂

  19. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Timothy Tiah
    Yes, and I am still learning. It’s really tough sometimes, to think of ‘what to write’. So many ideas, yet so little time and most importantly, most of the ideas aren’t ‘BOMBS’.

    Sometimes it takes me a few hours just to write a post. I wonder how some people can finish one in /- half an hour.

    But I agree that it is fun. Lots to learn and lots of new things to discover.

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  21. seraphangel says:

    it’s an interesting review TenthOfMarch, one that I feel is really helpful and constructive and not just to shoe polish any of the companies. Keep up the good work and good reviews 🙂 Would love to read more from you.

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  23. Shashi says:

    I already earned RM400 over in Advertlets. Payout for 3 cheques after a few months I just get the first cheque which is RM100..

    Still waiting for RM300 over, which advertlets is yet to pay. Now I’ve changed to Nuffnang lets see what this guys will do. Hope Nuffnang wont make me to wait like Advertlets too…

  24. ekompute says:

    I think Nuffnang is extraordinary… being weeks and still not a single sen, while in the meantime Google has moved up a few dollars for my other websites. Is Nuffnang real?

  25. ekompute says:

    I think on the overall, Nuffnang is okay. About the only thing they lack, I think, is transparency and honesty. All other things looks okay to me.

  26. Make Money Ways and Tips says:

    Thanks for the great review here. I currently used nuffnang in one of my blog. I hope soon it will give me nice results. I will be posting my latest updates on nuffnang.

    In my next post…see you guys

  27. Rachel says:

    I looked at Nuffnang recently as I’m getting ready to ditch Google AdSense (hate Googel with every fiber of my being :), but…..the way they pay is very delayed (they pay 30 days after the end of the month in which you request it and then send a check within 3 weeks. It then takes the bank up to another 3 weeks to process the check.

    Total time? 10 weeks wait for payment. Ridiculous.

    They’ll never grow as an advertising agency that way, not when companies like Google pay out less than 28 days after the end of the month you hit payout.

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