Sucker For Perfection

For those who have worked with me on projects before, you’ll know that I’m such a sucker for perfection. Everything has to be done right. Everything has to be done now. Sometimes I give myself unnecessary pressure, and probably to the people around me as well.

When I started blogging, I notice most blogs (by default) have a link that leads to a page that validates their HTML files. 9 out of 10 of blogs that I visited do not have valid HTML codings. When I started my blog, both my HTML and CSS files are valid, and I plan to keep it that way throughout my blogging life. Why, you may ask. Why not, is my answer. I want to be different. I want things to be right. I want things to be perfect. Probably it’s because my head is not hurting enough…and I’m looking for problems. Anyway, that’s just the right way to do it.

Every time after publishing a new post, I’ll validate my post and correct any errors that occur. So far everything is under control until I wrote my previous post. For the first time I had to embed a youtube flash video into my post. I had my worries that this may cause a problem but put my fears aside soon after. We’re talking about youtube here, I’m sure their codes must be valid right? Well, I was wrong. It turned out that the codes they provided was not valid.

Then the million dollar question pop up. Should I continue with my quest for perfection? Or do I just smash my ego on the ground like shattered glass? I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I went to google for a solution and found C.K. Sample III. Thanks to him, my site is 100% valid once again.

Catch my next blog where I’ll provide a tutorial to embed youtube videos into your blog without breaking your site’s validation.

5 thoughts on “Sucker For Perfection

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    I had to admit, I googled for the term ‘OCD’. That is what happens when you stay indoors too much. muaahahaha.

    I’m not a tech geek la. 😯 haha. I’m too cute for that. 😳 I’m something between a desperado and a moron.

  2. woofworks says:

    desperate for wat? cybersex cos it can be typed and structured so perfectly that it gives u a hard on?


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