Gift of sight

(Thursday, February 15, 2007)

Article “Gift of sight”, taken from The Star (StarTwo, Tuesday 13 February 2007):

Have a (or a few) pair of old spectacles collecting dust some where in your home? Instead of throwing it away, or letting it rot, why not donate it? A collaborative project between Lions Club and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has prepared 32 collection centers in Petaling Jaya for your convenience to give away your old spectacles.

Don’t throw away your old spectacles. Donate it! So that some under-privileged people may have a chance to use it. The list of collection centers is shown below.

Quoted from TheStar:

Drop-off centres MBPJ HQ, Menara MBPJ, DJROA Community Recycling Centre, Ming Tien Food Court in Taman Megah, Taman Megah RA, Magnum in Taman Megah, Taman Mayang Jaya RA, Morning Market SS2/63 (in front of MJ restaurant), Lovely Disabled Home in SS2, PJCC at Jalan 17/21, London Optical in Damansara Utama, Malaya Optical at Jalan Yong Shook Lin, RA Section 5 (Photo Shop of Jalan Chantek), SK Sri Kelana, RT Jalan Carey, RT Section 1A, RT SS5, Komuniti Link at Summit Shopping Centre, Saujana Apartment RA in Damansara Damai, RT Kampung Chempaka, JKKK Kampung Kayu Ara, Beautiful Gate at Jalan SS2/24, RA SS3, Klinik Huang in SS3, RT Sea Park, Clinic MBPJ, RT Section 4A, MBPJ Landscape Department in Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya, Hotel Lisa De Inn, Hotel PJ De Inn and Komuniti Link in ICT Centre at Jalan 17/1A.

RA: Residents Association
RT: Rukun Tetangga

For further details or donation in bulk, contact Lee Lih Shyan at 012-2081489.

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