Diamond Dash Bot Auto Click (free download)

Why I developed Diamond Dash Bot?

I created this as a programming challenge, not to cheat to achieve a high score. The goal is to achieve a maximum score within the given 60 seconds without powerups. The best I achieved so far is 2.6 to 2.8million (before score bonus). There is still possibility to improve the algorithm. I’m aware of time cheat hacks but going down that road becomes (more) pointless.


Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package

Free Download (no survey, no BS)

Diamond Dash Bot v1.1 (LATEST)
Diamond Dash Bot v1.0

User Guide

You need to configure the Diamond Dash Bot application at least once, provided that the location of the game board does not change from its previously configured location.

You need to calibrate the diamond tile at least once, provided that the Offset option has not changed.

Start the Diamond Dash game. You will need one round to setup and configure the program. Once the game has started, follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Setup panel, click on the Board button. A white outlined square will appear. Move your move over the Diamond Dash board so that the square covers all tiles. Click the left mouse button to confirm the board location. Check the panel on the right to ensure all tiles are within view, reset the board position if necessary.
    Diamond Dash Bot v1.0 - Setup board
  2. Under the Options panel, select an OffSet value. You can leave this to the default “Option A”.
  3. The Click interval indicates how frequent the program will attempt a (in some options, a few) click(s). The interval is in milliseconds.
  4. To begin the auto click process, click on one of the 4 strategies (ie. Top-Down, TD-BU, Bottom-Up or Experimental).
  5. When the program isn’t clicking on diamond tiles, or only clicks them when they are in a group of 3 or more, you will need to calibrate the diamond tile. Under the Setup panel, click on the Diamond button. Click on the diamond tile on the right panel (a small white outlined square will appear around the tile).
    Diamond Dash Bot v1.0 - Calibrate diamond tile
  6. When the program isn’t clicking on the Plasma Burst tiles, follow the steps above (same as Diamond tiles) by clicking on the PlasmaBurst button.
  7. IMPORTANT: To stop the auto click process, press the Escape or Pause/Break button on your keyboard.

Strategies definition:

  • Top-Down: Searches for a match from top to bottom.
  • Bottom-Up: Searches for a match from bottom to top.
  • TD-BU: Search for a match from bottom to top and top to bottom concurrently.
  • Experimental: Searches for up to 5 matches from top to bottom concurrently.


  • [4-Sep-2012] V1.1: Added calibrate Plasma Burst button (unlock after reach Level 7 in Monster World). Thanks nick!
  • [9-May-2012] V1.0: Initial version.

Leave a comment below for feature, enhancement, or bug request.