How To Open .ppsx File In PowerPoint 2003

I received a .ppsx file last night from a friend. I recognize a .pps file as a PowerPoint file but have never seen a .ppsx file before. I had a feeling that it was a PowerPoint file so I proceeded to open it with my Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. I was smacked with the error message below instead.

PowerPoint can’t read the outline from [file_name].ppsx. No text converter is installed for this file type.

The error occurred because .ppsx files are created using PowerPoint 2007. Unfortunately, the file is not backward compatible. You will either need to ask your friend to re-save it so that it is usable for the 2003 version, or you can try out the hack below.

After searching around I found this tip on how to open a .ppsx file using PowerPoint 2003. All you need to do is to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. [download here]

You might need to install all high priority Windows Updates for this to work.

After installing the software, right click on the .ppsx file that you want to open. Select Open With and then Microsoft Open XML Converter.

How To Open .ppsx file in PowerPoint 2003

You should be able to open your file now.

Public Bank Debit Card Application Processing

I called Public Bank’s customer care centre and found out that my application is finally entered into their system. I sent the application form using express courier on the 10/10/2007 and they received it on 11/10/2007. This is confirmed after checking the courier company’s tracking system. However, my application was entered into their system only on 24/10/2007.

That is almost two weeks! To be fair, there were a few days of holiday and a weekend in between but still, that is quite long. I asked him how long it will take before my debit card can be approved. He told me it would take another two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

I immediately told the guy I need my application to be processed urgently. Unfortunately, I was told to call during office hours when the credit card department is open. Too bad. I guess I just need to call them tomorrow morning and hopefully there won’t be any other problems.

Keystroke Logger: Prank Or Reality?

I read KitKat’s post on a key tracker that some people use in public computers to track what the user types. I have heard of software based key loggers in the past but never a device for it. I had my doubts at first until I did more searching about it.

I found another post talking about the same thing — key tracker device. One commentator shared the same doubt as I did about this device. The alleged key tracking device looks like a normal converter (USB to PS2 or vice versa).

However, the following comments pointed me to a few websites that are actually selling the device.

I guess this device could be real. Apart from using it unethically, this device has its own “legal” and useful purposes. You can use it to check if your spouse is “dating” anyone online or to make sure your kids are not chatting with the wrong people online.

As a rule of thumb, one should avoid accessing highly sensitive accounts like online banking and PayPal when using public computers.

How To Maximize Adsense Earnings

When creating an Adsense for Content banner ad unit, you can choose text only banner, image only banner or a combination of both. All along, I have been selecting the text and image banner type. This allows advertisers to place image ads in my blog.

I checked and noticed two top tech bloggers in Malaysia having different approach when it comes to displaying Adsense banner ads. One displays text only ad units while the other displays text and image ad units. I have the impression that text only ad unit is able to generate more revenue compared to text and image ad units. I could be wrong.

According to the post in the Adsense Blog:

As a rule of thumb, we recommend opting into both text and image ads. Doing so expands the pool of advertisers competing to display on your site – both on a CPC and CPM basis – therefore maximizing your site’s revenue potential. It also helps to choose an ad format that supports both text and image ads.

The Adsense team recommends using the text and image ad units to maximize revenue. However, does this apply to all types of blogs? Does it depend on the area that your banner ads will appear as well? Maybe some area in your theme works better with text only ads while others with image only ads?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experimented on which type of banner ad unit works better for you? Does turning off the “targeting” option bring in more revenue?

How To Gain Organic Search Traffic

One should never underestimate the amount of traffic that search engines can bring into your blog or website. Once you have the right ingredients in place, you will notice a sharp increase in organic traffic from search engines. There are many ways that you can increase your organic search traffic. I would like to summarize the whole concept in gaining organic search traffic using two words — demand and supply.


You will need to know what people are searching for. There are probably millions of searches a day and you need to at least know what people might be searching for. Unless you work for a search engine company or have some reliable sources, it is hard to know exactly what the most searched terms are.

An alternative method to guess what people may be searching for is by looking into the mass media such as newspaper, television, radio and even blogs. What are the most talked about topic lately? Is there a new product or service that is aggressively promoted recently? Maybe there is a virus breakout and thousands of people could be searching for a possible solution for it?


When there is demand, there will definitely be supply. As if there is some “natural law” or something, the higher the demand, the higher the supply will be.

The same logic applies in the demand and supply for organic search traffic as well. It is only natural for people to be writing about things that many will be searching for. This is where the problem occurs. When there are more people writing about the same topic, the higher the competition will be.

When that happens, the next solution you will need is how to rank higher for certain search terms so that your blog or website will be displayed higher in the search list. This opens up a whole new topic altogether. There are many ways to get this done, be it legal or not.

Two roads ahead. Which one to take?

The road less takenFrom my point of view, there are two roads that you can take to increase your organic search traffic. You can either choose the road most traveled or the road less traveled.

Certain topics take up a larger piece of the search traffic pie. It is tempting to join this group since there is more demand. However, that means that you will need to compete with many others in this field. You will need to do more research on how you are able to get a higher ranking with certain search terms in order to maximize your chances.

On the other hand, you can always write about things that may not have as much demand compared to others. The benefit is that you will have fewer competitors in this field. This is probably what they call as the long tail of the search engine traffic. At the end of the day, you may even get as much or even more organic traffic compared to competing in the larger pool.

Share your experience, opinion and thoughts

What is your experience in this field? Which road did you take? Which road do you suggest new bloggers take? Of course, in reality there aren’t two distinctive roads that a person needs to choose from. One can always walk in between to generate maximum benefit from search engine results. Anyway, kindly share your thoughts on this.