Why Must Google Index A Blog Or Website?

I received an email from Mott just a few days ago. It contained an interesting question that we decided to share it to whoever may need it. If there’s anything that you guys would like to add, please leave a comment below.

Why must Google index a blog..or website. Can you tell me, in layman’s term the purpose of this?

“Search engine indexing entails how data is collected, parsed, and stored to facilitate fast and accurate retrieval.” (source)

We use Google to quickly and accurately search for related web pages that we need. In order to do that, Google needs to “crawl” through the Internet, collect and store these web pages. A certain “set of rules” are used during the process of storing these web pages to allow search results to be more accurate. (This process is called indexing)

If Google doesn’t index a particular website/blog/forum etc, that particular web page will not show up when a user searches for it.

Just to add some extra info: When people talk about SEO or search-engine-optimization, they are concentrating on how to design a certain web page so that Google will index and give it a “higher priority” compared to other web pages. Each web page’s “priority” is defined as page rank (PR). PR ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the number, the higher your priority will be thus showing up higher in search results.

For example, search for make money and you will notice 5xmom‘s blog there in the top 10. That is because her blog ranks high for the term make money.


If there’s anything that anyone would like to add or if there’s any factual mistakes I’ve made, please leave a comment below. Thanks.

New WordPress T-Shirts Selling To The World

When WordPress first launched their t-shirt store, they only received orders from within the United States. The good news is that the store is back up now and they are accepting orders from other countries as well.

Currently, there is only one colour available — RED. The t-shirts are available in mens and ladies designs.

Each t-shirt costs £9.50 GBP. For proper fitting, check out their manufacturer’s size guide. These t-shirts are up for a limited time only. If you missed it, you’ll never get the chance to buy one again.

While you’re at it, why not send one to me as a gift? 😉

For more information, check out their official blog on this.

Ajax Loading Indicator Generator

Some websites incorporates the AJAX technique to load certain element onto a webpage without reloading the entire page. It is common to see certain loading indicator like the one below to indicate that a process is running at the background. The indicator will disappear when the process has completed and while the page is updated.

Ajax loading indicator 1

ajaxload.info is a free webtool that allows a user to easily generate different types of loading indicator. The colour of the indicator and the background can be customized as well. A colour picker will appear when the mouse is clicked on the colour textfields. Clicking on the “Generate it !” button will generate the loading indicator in the preview panel below.

ajaxload.info colour picker

Some other indicators that can be generated are displayed below. Feel free to download it if you want to.

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Easily Discover New Websites With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon allows you to easily discover new websites that may interest you. StumbleUpon users aka Stumblers bookmark a particular website that they find interesting and it will be shared with other Stumblers who have the same interest on the topic.

You can start discovering new websites without registering an account. However, I recommend you to register an account to enjoy greater flexibility and features.

You should also download the StumbleUpon Toolbar that is available for IE and Firefox users.

Once registered, browse to your Preference option which should be located at http://[your_user_name].stumbleupon.com/prefs/. You may fill up your personal information and public profile but the important part is the “My Interest” tab. There are currently over 400 topics to choose from. Select the category of websites which you would like to discover.

StumbleUpon preference option

With the StumbleUpon Toolbar installed, you can randomly search through websites in the category that you have selected earlier by clicking on the “Stumble!” button in the toolbar. If you like the website displayed, click on the button with the thumbs up and the words, “I like it!” If you don’t like what you see, click on the one with the thumbs down.

StumbleUpon toolbar

This is actually very addictive. I have discovered a handful of interesting websites using this method. I hope you are able to discover new websites that may interest you as well!

Did you StumbleUpon any interesting website today?

Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang AGAIN!?!?

Earlier on, Advertlets seems to be losing out to Nuffnang when it comes to attracting new publishers. This morning, I received an email from an anonymous person suggesting Advertlets has lost some important assets/resources to Nuffnang this time. The content of the email is as below:

from: haha <haha@haha.com>
to: [tenthofmarch]
date: Jul 18, 2007 11:25 AM
subject: Hahahaha what do u have to say? — TenthOfMarch.com contact form

goto url:

The title of the post caught my attention — 2 Advertlets Lead Developers Converge to Nuffnang. My immediate respond (before reading the post and doing more research) was, “Is this real? Nuffnang siao already? Wouldn’t this be like putting a mouse into a sack of rice (Chinese proverb)?” I mean, if you have been following the spy scandal controversy happening in the world of Formula 1 lately, you would think twice before taking such actions. Could this be a plot to spy on the competitor internally?

A quote from an “interview” (not sure done by whom and when) with the two of them:

Both of us love development .. and we would wanna be in a company where the development is growing and the developers has a say in how the project would be.. Team work is whats important, not a one man show…

An SMS and another phone call later, the news was confirmed. Advertlets did lose its 2 main developers to Nuffnang. Now with the exit of their 2 main developers, I wonder how is Advertlets going to cope with their losses. They better start hiring and paying if they do not want to be left (too far) behind.

Somehow for an unidentified reason, the photo below gives me goosebumps.

The new members at Nuffnang
(the photo above taken from arsyan.com — contact me in anyway if this should be taken down)

I hope there’s no hanky-panky behind this new recruit. As a programmer myself, I have said in the past that I would have quitted if I were in their shoes. Maybe that is what’s happening. With that, I sincerely wish the new Nuffnang team good luck and best wishes.