How to Diagnose and Solve Streamyx Problems

Streamyx, being Malaysia’s premier broadband provider serves a big portion of our country’s Internet users. I myself have been using it as soon as it was made available in my area many years ago. Along the way, I have tried out a few other broadband providers but still find that Streamyx provides me with the best overall package in terms of pricing, usage and availability.

Every individual has their own need and requirements on broadband usage. Depending on those variables, a certain broadband service provider and its packages may be more suitable compared to the others.

So why should you choose Streamyx over the other broadband providers? The three points below are taken from their website:

  1. High speed — at up to 4.0Mbps, your media streams smoothly and your photos load at their shutter speeds. Makes dial-up seem like a bad dream.
  2. No disconnections — data flow that’s constant and consistent ensures no more time-outs and no more restarting downloads.
  3. Great value — pay one fixed rate per month, and waste no more time waiting!

However, every now and then, many (myself included) experience sluggish Internet connection speed that is well below what our respective packages offer. Some might even be battling with this problem on a daily basis. However, I have been told that many a time, the causes of our sluggish Internet connection lies in our own CPE. Do see below on some basic guides on how to have a better online experience.

Quick fix for Streamyx common error messages

When you are getting the Error 691 (Invalid login ID or password) message, you have probably entered the wrong login ID and password combination. Also take note that the login ID’s format is loginID@streamyx, without the “.com” at the end of it. The login ID is also case-sensitive.

When you are getting the Error 678 (Remote computer did not respond) message, your modem, network card or splitter may be faulty causing the lost of connection. You will need to look closely at your LED lights on your modem to troubleshoot this one.

When you are getting the Error 769 (The specified destination is not reachable) message, you may have a disconnected network cable, faulty network card or corrupted network driver.

Troubleshooting tips for blinking DSL modem light

If the Link/DSL light is blinking, switch off your modem and restart it after 30 to 60 seconds. This is quite common and has been documented in one of my previous posts. Make sure the telephone cable is connected properly to the modem. Try using another RJ11 telephone cable or bypass the splitter if restarting the modem fails to solve the problem.

If the LAN/ETH light is off, ensure that your RJ45 network cable is properly fitted into the back of your PC and modem. Retry with a different working cable to check if your current one is faulty. If that fails, try reinstalling your network card driver or updating it to the latest copy.

How to stay connected to Streamyx

Another common problem that people experience is that Streamyx stopped working suddenly. Firstly, check with the people around your area to identify if the problem is affecting a large area or only you. If it is the latter, then there are a few things you can do before calling TM for assistance.

Typical setup for Streamyx at home

The diagram above shows a typical setup every Streamyx user should have in their home or office. In order for your Streamyx connection to function properly, every component and cable involved must be in working condition and fitted correctly.

Firstly, check and make sure your phone line that is connected to the modem has a dial tone. Make sure all cables are properly connected. Then, ensure your cables are in working condition by testing it with cables that you know do work. You can also remove the splitter and phone so that the telephone cable is connected to the modem directly from the wall socket.

You should also check your phone bill to make sure that you have no outstanding bill and that your account is not suspended. If all efforts fail, then proceed to contact TM’s support by dialling 100 on your landline.

Simple Streamyx tips

The diagram below shows a different perspective of components that are divided into two categories — those under TM and customer responsibility. In order for you to experience optimal broadband speed from Streamyx, you need to ensure that Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) under your responsibility must be in working condition and compatible with TM Internet system.

Simple Streamyx tips for Customer Premises Equipment

You also need to ensure that your PC and ADSL router has been configured correctly. Any faulty CPE in the setup can affect the speed and availability of your broadband service.

You can get detailed information on these guides on the Streamyx website. If possible, we should try these troubleshooting steps before contacting TM’s support. There was once when the support team arrived at my home only to realize that the telephone cable was unplugged the previous night due to lightning.

Once you have exhausted all possible option, dial 100 on your TM line and follow the instructions to get help from TM’s customer service.

TM Streamyx speedtest : FAST

The screenshot above taken from a speed test conducted on my PC at my rented room in PJ. I am able to download files at a maximum speed of 160kbps. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Honda Safety Technology – Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

I have just bought my very first car about six month ago. With the price of petrol soaring to RM2.70 per liter at one point almost a year back, I had my target set on a foreign car. Although it will cost twice as much compared to a local car, I thought it would be worth the price for tangible and intangible reasons. Having said that, my first set of wheels is still local made. I decided not to take the recession lightly and to not underestimate the liabilities of owning a vehicle.

To me, one of the most important reasons to opt for a more expensive foreign car is safety. Before this, I have only heard from others saying how one car looks safer compared to another. If it wasn’t because Honda has engaged me to do a research on their safety technology, I wouldn’t know that the safety aspects developed in Honda cars goes beyond its looks.

For example, Honda has been committed in researching and developing safer vehicles since they first introduced disc brakes in the early 1960s. Ever since then, they have introduced leading-edge equipment and systems that features intelligent technologies to be fitted into their vehicles. Honda’s commitment towards safety is proven when the Honda Accord has been re-accessed as one of the safest cars as reported by Euro NCAP after a new independent crash test was reported on the 27th of February 2009.

Honda’s safety technologies can be divided into three categories – active safety, pre-crash safety and passive safety. These technologies help prevent accidents from happening. At the same time, they also focus on minimizing injuries to all parties involved when an accident does happen.

Honda’s road vehicles go beyond protecting the driver and passengers riding in Honda cars and motorcycles. The designs of their vehicles are built to protect even the passengers of the other vehicle, cyclists and even pedestrians in the event of an accident. The introduction of the pedestrian injury-reduction safety body in the year 1998 is an example of such great innovations by Honda.

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system is another technology introduced by Honda together with two other technologies on the 2nd of July 1997. The VSA system is an active safety system that consists of three technologies. Two of them are existing safety systems – Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS) – previously offered in Honda vehicles. The third technology in a VSA system is a Side Slip Control feature.

An example of when side slip may occur is when a driver engages a corner too quickly on a wet road. When the cornering forces of a vehicle are greater than the available tire grip levels, side slip occurs. If the front wheels are slipping sideways, the car is understeering. On the other hand, if the rear wheels are slipping sideways, the car is oversteering.

Sensors are placed around the vehicle to help detect when a side slip is occurring. These sensors include wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensor, yaw rate sensor and lateral acceleration sensor. The intelligent unit that detects and controls the VSA system to correct a side slip is the VSA-ECU component. This component detects understeers or oversteers by comparing the target yaw rate by the driver with the actual yaw rate of the vehicle.

The yaw rate used to detect understeers is calculated using the steering angle and vehicle speed variables collected from the respective sensors. When this happens, the VSA system reduces the engine torque and may even apply the brakes to the inner front wheel to correct the understeer. On the other hand, the yaw rate used to detect oversteers is calculated using the lateral acceleration, steering angle and vehicle speed variables. The VSA system applies the brakes to the outer front wheel to correct such oversteers.

In short, the VSA system helps to prevent accidents by preventing vehicles from sliding sideways caused by sudden changes in vehicle behavior or wet road. Such safety features is definitely worth the money that one has to fork out when buying a Honda.

If you need more information on Vehicle Stability Assist or other Honda safety technologies, you can always drop by Honda’s official website at for details. A few Honda Advanced Technology road shows are scheduled in the coming months across Malaysia. Do check those out as well.

Until then, drive safe and stay safe.

SPAM Messages On MSN

I have been avoiding MSN messenger and Yahoo Messenger when I am working for quite some time now. I find it quite silly to “Appear offline” all the time when I have no intentions to chat. Switching them on can be quite distracting sometimes.

However, after seeing the newest version of MSN messenger in action, I updated mine and leave it on every now and then. Then, I notice I am getting spam messages from the people in my contact list. I used to get them as well in the past but nowadays it seems to be a lot more frequent.

A few days back, a blogger friend sent me a message asking me if the link I sent her contains virus. I was a little confused because I did not send her any link. In fact, I did not send her any messages at all. I wondered if someone could have used my computer while I was away but quickly dropped that idea.

Then, I remembered those spam messages that I have been getting from the people on my MSN messenger contact list in the past. Sure enough, she copied and pasted the message “I sent her” (which I did not) and it looks exactly as those I have read in the past. It was spam.

XXXXXXX said (2:27 PM):
I got so many messages about those acai berry pills that I decided to order them and guess what? I lost 23 pounds so far and its only been two weeks. I am living proof that they work and best part was, they only cost me five dollars to try over at hxxp://

How to stop MSN Spam messages

Apart from updating my MSN messenger to the latest version and possibly clicking on one of those links sent to me in the past (yeah, I know I should not have), I cannot think of any other reason why spam emails are “sent out on my behalf”.

Any ideas?

6 Ways To Increase Available Hard Disk Space

The biggest mistake anyone can do while configuring and installing a computer is to create the C drive with a small partition. By saying “small partition”, I mean anything less than 20GB. The price of hard disks (GB/price) has dropped a lot in recent years. Some computer packages come with a default 160GB hard disk. That is why I don’t understand why people end up leaving so little space for their C drive.

When your C drive is almost full, it is natural to think of ways on how to increase hard disk space for your C drive. If you do an online search, you’ll get a few tips like clearing up temp files, uninstalling unused programs, removing unused files, backup files into removable storage and delete them from the hard disk etc.

Those are useful tips but what if there isn’t much space you can recover by following the recommended methods? Here, I shall share with you some methods I have used to recover “lost” space on the C drive.

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