Niamah! WTF Is This?

I was scanning through my blog stats yesterday and noticed a new referral link from

Illegal linking from another blog

I was quite happy at first thinking that one of my posts could have been selected and shared due to its usefulness. When I clicked on the link, I saw the screen below.

Screenshot showing computerhelp linking to my post

I thought there was a mistake so I refreshed the page. The same blog (which is mine) came up. How in the world did this happen? Why the link above connects to my guide on how to remove the skype virus? I checked the source code of the website and it looks like the owner used frames to embed my post into their website.

Well, at least they did not steal my content by ripping it off and posting it up as theirs. However, does this consider as “stealing”? It does confuse others into thinking that the URL above is somehow related to my blog. Bah. It is not like my blog is famous. Why mess with my blog?

Contest: Win Free Hosting And Domain Name

Our Make Money diva has started a Go Dot Com contest where you can win a one year free web hosting or a domain name. Seven lucky contestants will be selected and her readers will be voting for their favorite blog post. The top two will win the one year free hosting while the other five will get a free domain each.


One of the requirements for you to join this contest is that you must have a “nicely maintained blog on a free hosting”. From what I understand, only those running a blog in free hosting (eg. blogspot, livejournal, etc) can participate in this contest. Check with Lilian for more details.

What you need to do:

You need to write a post about 200 words on why you think blogging is beneficial. There is also one paragraph given that you need to quote. That’s it! If you are blogging from a free blog host service, this is a great opportunity to get your own domain or to host your own blog on a self paid server.

Closing date is on 10th October 2007. There is still plenty time so prepare your best post now.

I Just Requested For My First Nuffnang Check

After putting up Nuffnang banners in both my blogs for a few months, I am now able to request for a check. Let’s see if Nuffnang really pays cash, eh? ;-) It is not much but will still contribute to my Nikon D40x fund. Yipeee!

First time requesting a check from Nuffnang

I am now starting to enjoy the efforts that I put into blogging. Checks are coming in. PayPal is getting fatter. The only problem would be to cash out from PayPal. My sister is studying in NZ now, so I think I will be cashing out through her. After analyzing all my options, I think this is the safest, fastest and cheapest way for me to cash it out. I am still looking into the E*Trade option though but that won’t be anytime soon.

U Comment I Follow, After X Comments

The old dofollow plugin will remove the nofollow tag from the comments. This is a good way to encourage people to comment because it provides a linkback to the person’s blog or website. There are advantages and disadvantages of this plugin. One of the negative impacts is that removing the nofollow tag may invite more spammers to your blog.

The upgraded dofollow plugin developed by AllPassion takes care of the problem above. With this new plugin, the nofollow tag will only be removed after an individual has commented at least 10 times. Note that this number can be changed by editing a variable in the plugin file.

I am thinking of joining this U Comment I Follow movement as well. I am still considering. Anyway, if you want to activate this plugin, you can get one of the U Comment I Follow badges from Randa Clay. Tell the others you have removed the nofollow tag and (hopefully) see an increase in comments.

Have you activated the dofollow plugin? If you haven’t, why aren’t you willing to activate it? Would you activate it if I were to activate it? U Activate, I Activate :-P

[Via Ankesh Kothari]

PayPal Accepts Bank Account From 35 Countries

My previous post on how did you withdraw your PayPal funds has generated some interesting responses. One question that came up from the discussion is whether PayPal accepts E*Trade’s Hong Kong bank accounts. PayPal has no problem accepting E*Trade accounts previously because E*Trade gave its users U.S. bank accounts. However, E*Trade has switched to Hong Kong bank accounts not too long ago.

I checked PayPal’s website and retrieved a list of bank accounts from 35 countries that are accepted by PayPal. The 35 countries are as follow.

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. French Guiana
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Guadeloupe
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Hungary
  16. Ireland
  17. Italy
  18. Japan
  19. Martinique
  20. Mexico
  21. Netherlands
  22. New Zealand
  23. Norway
  24. Poland
  25. Portugal
  26. Reunion
  27. Singapore
  28. South Korea
  29. Spain
  30. Sweden
  31. Switzerland
  32. Taiwan
  33. Thailand
  34. United Kingdom
  35. United States

If you reside in one of the countries above, you can choose to withdraw your PayPal funds into your local bank or into a U.S. bank account.

PayPal accepts Hong Kong bank account

Since Hong Kong is one of the countries that PayPal accepts, I believe you can still transfer your PayPal funds into the given Hong Kong bank account by E*Trade. I have never used E*Trade so I may be wrong. Please correct me if I made a mistake.

Select your country from the list in this page to check whether PayPal accepts your bank account from your country. Happy making money online!