WordPress 2.3 Release Candidate 1 Out

Finally, a stable version of the WordPress 2.3 RC1 is out. Although a lot of effort was put in to make sure this release is stable, it is still a pre-release software. If you plan to try out the new feature of WordPress 2.3, remember to backup your database before upgrading. Due to certain changes in the database for the latest version, you will not be able to revert back to your previous version without a backup. A final release of version 2.3 is scheduled on the 24th of September.

You can download WordPress 2.3 RC1 now. Check out the WordPress blog for more info.

How To Check What Plugins Other Bloggers Are Using?

Have you wondered what plugins other bloggers are using? Some bloggers are kind enough to share this information by providing a “plugin list” page. However, most bloggers do not do this. So, how do we extract the list of plugins other bloggers are using if they are not sharing them willingly?

We hack them! go through a backdoor.

I was reading this article on how we can make our WordPress blog safer by putting a blank index.html file in /plugins/ directory. Only then did I realize we can view the list of plugins that are saved by a blogger. This trick will work provided that the blogger did not block the directory in anyway.

Go ahead and try it. Just type http://www.blogname.com/wp-content/plugins/ and view the list of plugins others are using. You can’t download the plugin directly from the folder. Once you get the file name of the plugin, do a search on Google to find the plugin.

WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 Is Out

WordPress LogoThe WordPress team has just released the first beta of WordPress 2.3 for testing. New and updated features of the version 2.3 consists of plugin and core update notification, built-in tags support, faster javascript, and SEO-friendly URL redirection.

You are reminded that version 2.3 is currently still in beta. That means that this version is not stable yet. Bugs and problems are expected to crop up. If you so wished to upgrade and try out the new features, remember to:

  • backup your data nightly
  • check for latest updates and/or bug reports on the wp-testers mailing list
  • report any bugs or problems found while using

Finally, you can download WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 here.

WordPress Comment SPAMS

I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments lately. Thank goodness for Akismet or else I’ll need to delete them one by one. However, it still bothers me because I have to filter through the Akismet spam list before deleting them. That’s because false positives do happen occasionally. One thing I notice is that some of the spam comments that I’ve been getting lately has “evolved”. They no longer look gibberish and “spammish” like it used to be.

There are those type that sounded like Martians trying to speak English while adding drug keywords (bold) every now and then.

Enhance vaccine were resolved phendimetrazine to primary spokesman. They all and loss phencyclidine only two phenazopyridine for vaccines gene. Cerebral hemispheres front lines phenazine not always phenaphen governance. For these doctors who phenytoin they were phenyltoloxamine off in phenylpropanolamine tail. Patient beds insurance premium phenylhistine medicine will phenylephrine pr introduct phenyleph self.

There are those that is written in good English but has a flaw because it uses the whole “title” of the post (eg. Indexed By Search Engine Faster at TenthOfMarch.com).

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article ndexed By Search Engine Faster at TenthOfMarch.com, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

Lastly, there are those that are short and sweet. These are the deadliest because you know they are spams but you wish there were not.

your blog is so important. you are the new media. keep it up….


Why no one ever compliment me like that?