Eatery2U, A Social Network For Food Fetish In Malaysia

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. It doesn’t matter if eating is just a need, a luxury or even a hobby to you, we all have to eat. You may be the adventurous type that looks for new food to satisfy your taste buds all the time. Maybe you are just tired of eating the same old food everyday. I was introduced a website by a friend that may help you find the next best place to dine., a food guide for the best restaurants in Malaysia is a social network website that allows its members to share their favorite restaurants in Malaysia. You start off by registering an account and selecting the type of cuisines that you enjoy — Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western & European, authentic Asian, etc. You can upload photos, fill up your personal details, marital status, hobbies, favorite books, movies and many others, just like a normal social network website.

There are lists of latest eateries, popular eateries and even eateries that are currently having promotion. If you found an eatery that is one of your favorites, you can add them into your favorite eateries list. When other members view your profile, they will be able to see this list. You can try out new restaurants that others have added into their favorite list. If you are unable to find something to your liking, you can post a question asking people to suggest one for you.

If you are just looking for a good place to chill out, they also provide a list of pub, lounge and bar that you may want to take a look at. All this talking about food is making me hungry. Bon appetite! 🙂

Friendster + Youtube = ShowOrNot?

Well, at least boon thinks that way. On a closer inspection, ShowOrNot does have some of the characteristics of Friendster and Youtube combined.

One thing ShowOrNot is but neither Friendster nor Youtube are is that ShowOrNot is our local Malaysian “product”. A whois check on the domain name showed that it was only registered less than a month ago. The last time I checked, there were only 132 members registered and less than 200 videos uploaded. The website is new so I expect the numbers to grow rapidly in the coming weeks.

I saw the video uploaded by one of the members below. It’s the famous/notorious Namewee, the Negarakuku singer. Anyway, this is an unplugged and censored version of the Muar Chinese song. Pay extra attention after 1 minute 30 seconds into the video. I laughed real hard even after watching it a few times.

Easily Calculate Your PayPal Fees With PPCalc

Paypal must be one of the most used “online wallet” online. Its users consist of bloggers, advertisers, buyers and even business owners. Paypal transactions are secured by VeriSign. Therefore, a lot of buyers and sellers alike prefer having transactions done through PayPal.

As of any services, PayPal charges a certain amount of fees for each transaction. This amount depends on several factors such as total monthly sales, location of country and types of payment received. Not to mention different currency exchange! Therefore, things might get a little confusing especially when there are a large number of transactions done per day.

PPCalc the PayPal fee calculator

PPCalc is a free online PayPal fee calculator that helps you determine exactly how much money to receive from a buyer or to send to a seller. It takes the currency and PayPal charges fee into consideration as well. If the buyer is supposed to pay for the transaction fees, the “Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator” option should be used. The “PayPal Fee Calculator” option shows how much the buyer will receive after deducting the transaction fees.

How much would it costs YOU to send ME USD10 through PayPal if I’m from Malaysia? Any transaction fee should be footed by you. Go ahead and give PPCalc a try. Just don’t forget to send me the USD10 😉

Easily Discover New Websites With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon allows you to easily discover new websites that may interest you. StumbleUpon users aka Stumblers bookmark a particular website that they find interesting and it will be shared with other Stumblers who have the same interest on the topic.

You can start discovering new websites without registering an account. However, I recommend you to register an account to enjoy greater flexibility and features.

You should also download the StumbleUpon Toolbar that is available for IE and Firefox users.

Once registered, browse to your Preference option which should be located at http://[your_user_name] You may fill up your personal information and public profile but the important part is the “My Interest” tab. There are currently over 400 topics to choose from. Select the category of websites which you would like to discover.

StumbleUpon preference option

With the StumbleUpon Toolbar installed, you can randomly search through websites in the category that you have selected earlier by clicking on the “Stumble!” button in the toolbar. If you like the website displayed, click on the button with the thumbs up and the words, “I like it!” If you don’t like what you see, click on the one with the thumbs down.

StumbleUpon toolbar

This is actually very addictive. I have discovered a handful of interesting websites using this method. I hope you are able to discover new websites that may interest you as well!

Did you StumbleUpon any interesting website today?