How To Gain Organic Search Traffic

One should never underestimate the amount of traffic that search engines can bring into your blog or website. Once you have the right ingredients in place, you will notice a sharp increase in organic traffic from search engines. There are many ways that you can increase your organic search traffic. I would like to summarize the whole concept in gaining organic search traffic using two words — demand and supply.


You will need to know what people are searching for. There are probably millions of searches a day and you need to at least know what people might be searching for. Unless you work for a search engine company or have some reliable sources, it is hard to know exactly what the most searched terms are.

An alternative method to guess what people may be searching for is by looking into the mass media such as newspaper, television, radio and even blogs. What are the most talked about topic lately? Is there a new product or service that is aggressively promoted recently? Maybe there is a virus breakout and thousands of people could be searching for a possible solution for it?


When there is demand, there will definitely be supply. As if there is some “natural law” or something, the higher the demand, the higher the supply will be.

The same logic applies in the demand and supply for organic search traffic as well. It is only natural for people to be writing about things that many will be searching for. This is where the problem occurs. When there are more people writing about the same topic, the higher the competition will be.

When that happens, the next solution you will need is how to rank higher for certain search terms so that your blog or website will be displayed higher in the search list. This opens up a whole new topic altogether. There are many ways to get this done, be it legal or not.

Two roads ahead. Which one to take?

The road less takenFrom my point of view, there are two roads that you can take to increase your organic search traffic. You can either choose the road most traveled or the road less traveled.

Certain topics take up a larger piece of the search traffic pie. It is tempting to join this group since there is more demand. However, that means that you will need to compete with many others in this field. You will need to do more research on how you are able to get a higher ranking with certain search terms in order to maximize your chances.

On the other hand, you can always write about things that may not have as much demand compared to others. The benefit is that you will have fewer competitors in this field. This is probably what they call as the long tail of the search engine traffic. At the end of the day, you may even get as much or even more organic traffic compared to competing in the larger pool.

Share your experience, opinion and thoughts

What is your experience in this field? Which road did you take? Which road do you suggest new bloggers take? Of course, in reality there aren’t two distinctive roads that a person needs to choose from. One can always walk in between to generate maximum benefit from search engine results. Anyway, kindly share your thoughts on this.

How To Prevent Others From Loading Your Page In A Frame

Last month, I found out that someone was loading one of my pages in his website using a frame. Whenever the website is loaded, my page will appear as if it was the owner’s. I do not know what this person is trying to do or gain from it but I found a method to defeat it.

There is an article at Web Developers Notes on how to prevent web pages from loading in frames. You only need to insert the javascript code below in the HEAD section of the document that you would like to protect.

if (self != top)
   top.location.href = self.location;href;

How does it work?

The paragraph below is quoted from the article. It explains how and what the code does.

The code tests whether the top page is the same as the page being displayed. If this is not the case, the URL of the top page is changed to the URL of the present page. Thus, your page always loads in a full browser window the way you wanted it.


I have tried it out and it works like a charm. Try clicking here to check out the previous website that was loading my page in a frame. Now, the page redirects to my original page. Notice the URL at the top of the page shows it is loaded from my blog.

If you want to prevent others from loading any of your pages in a frame, use the code provided above.

Backup WordPress Database The Easy Way

Most web hosting providers do a daily backup on their servers. In case of any failures on the primary harddisk, there is always a backup to fall back on. However, these backups are never or at least seldom guaranteed by web hosting providers. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a backup of your database yourself.

Here are two methods where you can backup your database.

Method #1: Manual backup through cPanel (control panel)

You should be given a control panel to manage your account. The type of control panel depends on a few factors including the operating system that you are on. If you are using something else apart from cPanel, you will need to check how your control panel works.

Use cPanel to backup database

For cPanel users, click on the Backup icon. You will then be directed to the backup page where you can choose to download a backup or restore your database with your previous backup.

Download database in cPanel

Click on the link of the database that you want to download.

Method #2: Automatic backup using WordPress Plugin (the easy way)

The WordPress Database Backup plugin can be setup to backup your database automatically. This plugin is very useful and easy to use.

Wordpress database backup plugin error

After activating the plugin, go to “Manager … Backup”. If you see an error message such as “WARNING: Your wp-content directory is NOT writable! We cannot create the backup directory.”, you have two options to solve it. The first method is to set the permission of the wp-content folder to 777 (remember to change it to the default settings later). However, I recommend creating the backup folder manually. That way, you don’t risk leaving the permission of the folder to 777 and risk any potential attack.

The backup option page is split into two parts. The top part is used to download, save a copy in your server or send a copy of the backup to your email. The bottom half is used to configure automatic backups. You can select the frequency of the backups — never, once hourly, once daily or once weekly. The backup will be sent to your email address. Click on the submit button when you are ready.

The frequency of the backup should depend on a few factors including the number of posts you publish and the number of comments you get. If you publish a few posts daily and/or you get a lot of comments daily, it is best to backup daily. Or else, do it weekly.

Do it now

Many others have recommended this plugin as a “must have” for bloggers. Unfortunately, not everyone has taken the initiative to activate this plugin including myself. Well, I have just activated it a few hours ago and it is working like a charm. You should do it too before you lose your posts and comments to a harddisk failure.

How To Increase BitComet Torrent Download Speed

I bumped into Felix Ker’s post on how to speed up torrent downloads a while back. The guide provided to speed up your torrent downloads on popular torrent clients such as BitComet and uTorrent is available. Since my uTorrent download is stable but slow, I tested it on uTorrent instead of BitComet.

You will need to do some tweaking so be ready. You will need to setup your uTorrent client, router and computer network settings. Don’t worry, the post provides a complete walkthrough so you won’t miss anything.

After completing the setup, I tried downloading some torrent files but sadly, there was no noticeable increase in download speed. Before the change, my downloading with uTorrent usually max out at about 20kb/s. After the change, it was about the same.

I have no idea why it didn’t work out for me. My downloads with BitComet can reach up to 40+kb/s. The problem is that downloading using BitComet causes my Internet connection to drop occasionally. Anyway, I hope it works for you.

How To Apply Public Bank Visa Electron Fast (Within 7 Working Days)

UPDATE: Sending the application form using snail mail and courier service requires different address. Check the correct address to use below.


If your credit card or debit card doesn’t allow PayPal withdrawal, you may want to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. I called up Public Bank’s customer service and was told that it will take at least three weeks before your debit card will be approved. That is very long so I asked him if there were “any other ways” to get it done faster.

He literally “lighted up” and told me there was. He sounded so cheerful and happy I thought that whatever method he was going to teach me would involve bribing or some other illegal means. I was wrong.

He helpfully told me that getting the Visa electron debit card approved is a very easy process. You can actually get it approved within a week or so, provided that you followed his advice and rushed the Public Bank’s staffs. So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to your nearest Public Bank branch and ask for the Visa Electron debit card application form. Grab the form and leave while smiling to the beautiful lady behind the counter. Fill up the form (of course, duh!).

Step 2: Photocopy the front and back of your IC. Cross it out and state that it is for Public Bank use only. That way, it won’t be misused for other illegal purposes.

Step 3: Write a check payable to “Public Bank Berhad“. The amount should be at least RM25. Write your full name and IC number behind the check. If you do not have a check book, don’t worry. Just send the application form and your photocopied IC. They will provide you with a bank account where you can transfer the money into later.

Step 4: Send your application form, photocopied IC and check (if any) to the address below. To shorten the time needed for the delivery, I will be sending it using overnight postal service like ABX Express.

If you plan to send using overnight courier service (eg. ABX Express, NationWide express, etc), send it to the following address:

Public Bank Credit Card Centre
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

If you are sending using normal snail mail, send it to this address:

Public Bank Card Services
10th Floor, Menara Public Bank
146, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 11722
50754 Kuala Lumpur

Note: The address was given to me by the call centre staff and matches the address given in the Public Bank website. However, the address printed at the bottom of the application form shows that the postcode is 50754 instead. I will send it to the address above.

Step 5: Phone 03-21768000 to ask if they have received your application form. Tell them to process your application ASAP because it is urgent.

It will take at least 5 working days for your application to be approved. Phone them on the fifth day to check your application status again.

Your Visa Electron application should be approved within 7 working days (the quickest) if there are no other problems. I will be sending mine tomorrow.

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