Malaysian Minister Wants To Sue Youtube (Google)

If you are not a Malaysian, you probably have not heard of the now-famous Negarakuku rap. It is a rap recorded by a Malaysian student, Namewee that pointed out his views on Malaysia. Most of the points raised were spot on such as corruption in the police force. Unfortunately, some people find part of the rap offensive.

There’s a lot more going on but that is not the purpose of this post. If you are interested to find out more on this, do a search at technorati on the term Negarakuku or Namewee.

Namewee has since apologized especially after receiving death treats thrown at him threatening him and his family. However, this issue where some believe has been blown out of proportion is not going to end just yet. Malaysia’s local newspaper, TheStar reported that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz wants action to be taken against YouTube and other bloggers.

The Minister also said that he wanted action to be taken against YouTube and other bloggers who allowed sensitive material which went against the laws of Malaysia to be published.

Do you think that the Malaysian government has a chance at the giant Google?

WiMAX Launch Delayed In Malaysia Until Mid-2008

Some of us may have been waiting anxiously for WiMAX to arrive in Malaysia. The news was that it should start to roll out at the end of this year. However, I was shocked when I stumbled upon an article just a while ago. has reported on the 31st July that Malaysia will delay WiMAX rollout until middle of 2008.

(Business Times via NewsEdge) Malaysia has delayed the rollout of high-speed wireless Internet services to the middle of next year, to minimize potential glitches, Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said.

I didn’t read anything about this in the newspaper (maybe I missed it). After checking TheStar’s online achieve, I still couldn’t find any article reporting on it. I’m not sure how true this story is but if it is reliable, I’m sure I won’t be the only disappointed man in Malaysia (because Streamyx sucks).

They delayed the rollout to give more time to the four license holders to build a stable infrastructure. I guess it’s better to wait a little longer and get a reliable (and fast!) internet connection than to face the same problem that some/most of us are facing now.

I just hope it won’t be delayed again.

The End For JohnCow Is Near?

I read the news from Lilian that John Cow was sent a letter ordering him to cease his blog or risk a maximum $100,000 lawsuit. Is this the end of JohnCow? Maybe not.

If you read the letter, there was no mention that he must discontinue the blog. He was only required to stop using the work that was in infringement to the copyrighted material. Bah. Having said that, I’m not in the legal line so I could possibly be wrong.

If you compare John Chow and John Cow‘s blog, you will notice a significant similarity between the two. Everything from the theme, plugin, arrangement and even some text are the same. In fact, the only visible plugin difference that I notice is John Cow’s contact form.

It is still uncertain if this news is genuine. Some have indicated that this could be an attempt to create more buzz on or even for link bait. Anything is possible and nothing is confirmed until we see cease operating.

If it’s true that the blog will have to be shut down, why don’t John Cow setup a new blog now and divert traffic over? I mean, I would have done that if I were in his shoes. That’s a lot better than just losing all the traffic especially when he has just posted a healthy $1067.53 earnings last month.

Well, lets see what happens within the next few days. Don’t be surprise if all this is just an evil masterplan. 👿

BegForPost No Longer Available

Some time in March this year, BegForPost was created to compete against the great PayPerPost. BegForPost used the tag line, “Why pay per post when you can beg?” to attract members.

BegForPost caught on when it was featured on Techcrunch.

However, a few weeks back I noticed that BegForPost is no longer available. Now, the domain points to macmeter instead. After some searching, I found a comment left by anitab83 at saying that BegForPost’s footer contained the message “This site will self-destruct April 28th 2007”.

I couldn’t find any other information regarding this. Can anyone enlighten me?

IPhone Is Vulnerable To Hack Attacks!

A team from Independent Security Evaluators did some security tests on the iPhone and has found a vulnerability in it. The vulnerability enables hackers to retrieve personal information of an unsuspecting victim that is stored in the memory of the phone.

According to the article, those personal informations include “log of SMS messages, the address book, the call history, and the voicemail data”. However, the code used to exploit the iPhone can also be modified to retrieve other sensitive informations like “user’s mail passwords to the attacker, send text messages that sign the user up for pay services, or record audio that could be relayed to the attacker”.

The hacker strikes by inserting the malicious codes in a web page and lure his victims to it. Such attempts include:

  1. An attacker controlled wireless access point.
  2. A misconfigured forum website.
  3. A link delivered via e-mail or SMS.

The Independent Security Evaluators team advices all iPhone users to follow the steps below to protect themselves from such vulnerabilities:

  1. Only visit sites you trust.
  2. Only use WiFi networks you trust.
  3. Don’t open web links from emails.

A preliminary version of the attack papers is available for download. The complete version will be presented at BlackHat on 2/8/2007.

If you have an iPhone, make sure you update the software on the next security update.