Asteroid May Hit Earth In 2029

Boris Shustov, director of the Institute of Astronomy, said at a forum that the Apophis asteroid could have a bigger impact than an asteroid that hit Siberia in 1908, the Novosti news agency reported. (source)

If this is true, it will only be another 22 years before it happens. It sounds like the movie Armageddon. An asteroid is heading towards earth and men are trying to save the planet by either destroying the asteroid or shifting its course. Blasting the asteroid may not be an option since the article stated that it may cause more harm than good.

What if the asteroid does hit earth? What if you are unfortunate enough to be directly affected by the asteroid hit? What would you wish to do? What about the rest of the world that will be indirectly affected by it?

“Type in Internet Explorer” Email Is A Spam

I got an email in my inbox two days ago with the title “Type supercheapoem .com ln |nternet Exp|orer”. The content of the email reads “5ave 9O% 0n 50FT\/\/ARE”. spam email

Since I have no interest in purchasing any software, the email was a total junk to me. In fact, I do not know the sender thus receiving such an email makes it feel like spam. Analyzing the email further, my feeling was further strengthened when some of the letters in the title and content was replaced with symbols instead. Look at the screenshot above and see if you notice which letters were replaced.

Anyway, I checked with the McAfee SiteAdvisor software that I am using. They have not tested the site yet but there was a review by one of the users, dean, an “Experienced Reviewer” and has a reputation score of 9/9. He labeled as “Phishing or other scams”. His stats sounds credible to me and here is what he has to say about

This is the infamous “Downloadable Software” scam. The site purports to offer ridiculously low prices on a variety of well-known applications. The prices are so low that the site is an obvious fraud and the software itself, assuming it even exists, is pirated. Examples:

* Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium – $149.95, you save $1,049.05
* Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 – $129.95, you save $3,865.05
* Office 2003 Professional – $69.95, you save $480.05
* Windows Vista Ultimate – $89.95, you save $310.00

The site has been cloned thousands of times by scammers, often using “throw-away” domain names and is promoted through spam. Typically, the sites are registered in China or the Russian Federation, hotbeds of pirated software activity and identity theft. Caveat emptor.

I did a whois check on and found the domain was registered to a guy named Alex Rodrigez. The domain name was only registered about a week ago. I did more searching and found that Alex Rodrigez is just an alias used by Leo Kuvayev (the guy’s real name) to register the domain. In fact, he has an entire Wiki entry made just for him — Leo Kuvayev (Wikipedia).

Leo Kuvayev is believed to be the ringleader of one of the world’s biggest spam gangs. He and six business partners were fined $37 million as a result of a lawsuit brought by the Massachusetts attorney general [1]. It was found that they were responsible for millions of unsolicited e-mails per day.

There is a lot more info about Leo Kuvayev on the Internet. So far, I haven’t read anything positive about him yet. Stay away from and any other websites that are offering you a deal that is too good to be true.

MyBlogLog Implements Yahoo Sign-In

I occasionally check my MyBlogLog stats to see the number of offsite clicks. It is good to know which links that attracted the most interest among my readers. That way, I get to tune my writing to encourage more click-throughs to the website or blog that I intend to write about.

MyBlogLog requires a Yahoo login ID

This is when I noticed that MyBlogLog has implemented a Yahoo sign-in. I thought to myself, “Wow. Yahoo has just bought over MyBlogLog. I must blog about this ASAP.” Thank goodness that I searched for more information on this. It seems that this is stale news and that Yahoo was reported having interest to purchase MyBlogLog even in January this year.

I sort of hate it when things like this happen. It is just that I have to do something extra before I can continue using the service. I still have no idea when is the official date of this MyBlogLog purchase. Why did the implementation of the Yahoo login too so long?

How To Remove Skype Virus (dsc027.scr or wndrivsd32.exe)

One of the computers in my house was just infected by a virus that is spreading through Skype. Since I wasn’t the one using the computer at that time, I do not know exactly what or how it happened. All I know is that there was a message received by one of the people in the contact list with some message and a file. My guess is that the file name should be dsc027.scr (I could be wrong). The computer is infected once the file is opened.

Some of the symptoms that I experienced include:

  • Unable to open skype even though the program is already running
  • Internet browser closes automatically when entering certain websites (especially skype forums)

After checking the list of processes running from the task manager, I managed to identify an alien process — wndrivsd32.exe. Sure enough, that was the culprit. Below are the steps I took to remove the virus.

  1. Open up task manager (right click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”)
  2. Select the “Processes” tab
  3. Click on the process name called “wndrivsd32.exe” and click on the “End Process” button
  4. Quickly run the regedit program (Start menu .. Run .. type “regedit” and click the OK button)
  5. If the Registry Editor closes automatically, you need to repeat step 3 again. Do it quicker this time.
  6. Go through the folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Microsoft->Windows->Current Version->RunOnce
  7. Delete the key that holds the value C:\Windows\System32\mshtmlsh32.exe
  8. Open up this file C:\Window\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts with a word editor like notepad. It will be filled with “garbage” inside. Just empty the whole file (delete everything in the file) and save it.
  9. Delete this file (if it exist) C:\Windows\System32\wndrivsd32.exe.
  10. Restart the computer and run Skype again. Play around with your computer. If everything is normal (including Skype), the virus is gone.

Delete the mshtmlsh32.exe string in the registry

Empty the hosts file and save it

I found two other sources that helped me removed the virus that has slightly different steps. Some of the files they instructed to remove don’t exist in my computer. If they exist in yours, remove them as well. Check them out.

YouTube Launch Digg-Like Comment System

I was just checking out YouTube and noticed a strange difference, yet familiarity in their comment section. YouTube has just added a digg-like comment system where its users get to vote up or down a comment.

How does it work?
Each user gets to vote up or down a comment by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. In the end, all positive and negative votes are calculated and a point score is given to the comment. For example, 10 positive votes and 3 negative votes will give a score of 7 to that comment.

YouTube launch digg-like comment system

Users get to set the “quality” of comments that they want to see. The quality range from great (+10 points or more) to very poor (-10 points or more). They can also choose to view all comments. The comments that are below the points set will be hidden. However, they can click on the “Show” link to view comments that have been hidden.

YouTube users get to select the quality of comments to view

Benefits of this new feature
Occasionally, discussions in the comment section can get heated up and some people end up calling names and stuff. With this new feature in place, those comments can be voted down. Apart from that, users can also vote down comments that are inappropriate, spam, advertisements or offensive.

There are also videos that generate heavy discussion thus leading to thousands of comments. With this feature, a user can identify comments that are “worth reading” easier than previously.

My experience
This new feature is definitely a plus for YouTube. I tried voting up and down a few comments. The comment that was below viewing point was hidden immediately after being voted down. However, I experienced a “strange behavior” with the comments after refreshing the page. There was once where all the comments were hidden because they were marked as spam. I am not sure if this is a bug though.