Beauty Treatment Of My Dreams

A few days back I read one of Kenny Sia’s blog entitled The Latest Fad In Beauty Salons that cracked me up. He mentioned how the fast growing beauty industries are “happily taking advantage of the situation, cleverly turning people’s insecurities into a multimillion dollar business. They also boast some of the most ridiculous technology I have ever seen.”. I guess it’s true that some / most people feel insecure with the way they look thus burning a big deep hole in their pockets.

Full AdvertisementI have always doubted the before and after pictures posted by beauty centers in advertisements. Most of the time they seem so unreal, unreachable and even unbelievable. Other times, I’m almost certain that they have mislabeled the pictures. 😈 Whatever it is, before and after pictures must be one of the most exploited marketing tool used in beauty advertisements.

Last Saturday after having breakfast, I notice this advertisement in our local newspaper. It’s a typical looking advertisement, with a few before and after pictures that they claimed are their faithful customers (before and after using their products), and some special promotion.

What caught my eyes is the comparison between a set of before and after pictures of one of their customers displayed in the image below. They claim the customer’s age is 39 and suffering from freckles. I’m not sure if it’s only me, but don’t you notice an obvious difference between the two pictures? Even at first glance, it looks like those two people are not the same person. What do you think?

Before and after picture close up

I’ll not argue if they claim the lady in the before picture (hereinafter named “Ms Before“) is 39. However, the lady in the after picture (hereinafter named “Ms After“) must be at most in her late twenties. Next, Ms Before has a bigger and flatter chin, while Ms After has a smaller and pointy chin. Ms Before looks 10 pounds heavier than Ms After, just look at how the fats in Ms Before’s face and the lines on her neck disappears in Ms After.

However, the biggest difference is the neck. Just look at it. Stare at it. See the difference yet? If you haven’t, just slap yourself in the face. (I mean it, do it). Ms Before has a short neck. In fact, her neck is so short, her chin is almost level with her shoulders. On the other hand, Ms After has a much longer neck. That must be at least a 4 inch neck if you ask me. So WHY the difference?

I have a few possible suggestions, Photoshop being one of them. I’ll keep the others to myself and leave you with your own imaginations (saving my arse from any possible lawsuit). Next, if you look closely at the word ‘After^’, you should notice the symbol ‘^’ beside the word ‘After’. Diving down the advertisement, holding the newspaper up close to my eyes barely inches away shows the message below.

After picture close up conditions

“^Your results may vary. …..”

Well, for those of you who are a little too naive, always remember this. Your results may vary, or it may not, but IMHO it most probably will. I know people who has modeled for beauty advertisements whose picture was photoshoped before printing.

Conclusion: If it’s true that Ms Before and Ms After is indeed the same person, I guess going for this company’s skin treatment not only beautifies your skin, it makes you look 10 years younger, help you lose weight and most important of all, it helps your body organ grow LONGER.

From the advertisement, I’m guessing that this is a facial product. But I am wondering if it is as effective if I would to apply it on my groin area. With that, I would gladly recommend this treatment to people who are suffering the same problem as I am. Hopefully, after the treatment, we can all be like Ms After, who now has a BIGGER … LONGER ORGAN.