Sucker For Perfection

For those who have worked with me on projects before, you’ll know that I’m such a sucker for perfection. Everything has to be done right. Everything has to be done now. Sometimes I give myself unnecessary pressure, and probably to the people around me as well.

When I started blogging, I notice most blogs (by default) have a link that leads to a page that validates their HTML files. 9 out of 10 of blogs that I visited do not have valid HTML codings. When I started my blog, both my HTML and CSS files are valid, and I plan to keep it that way throughout my blogging life. Why, you may ask. Why not, is my answer. I want to be different. I want things to be right. I want things to be perfect. Probably it’s because my head is not hurting enough…and I’m looking for problems. Anyway, that’s just the right way to do it.

Every time after publishing a new post, I’ll validate my post and correct any errors that occur. So far everything is under control until I wrote my previous post. For the first time I had to embed a youtube flash video into my post. I had my worries that this may cause a problem but put my fears aside soon after. We’re talking about youtube here, I’m sure their codes must be valid right? Well, I was wrong. It turned out that the codes they provided was not valid.

Then the million dollar question pop up. Should I continue with my quest for perfection? Or do I just smash my ego on the ground like shattered glass? I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I went to google for a solution and found C.K. Sample III. Thanks to him, my site is 100% valid once again.

Catch my next blog where I’ll provide a tutorial to embed youtube videos into your blog without breaking your site’s validation.

Lost and Found

(Saturday, February 17, 2007)

My brother just came back from KL, for the CNY holidays. I told him about my Firefox bookmark problem, and his response was, “Why not you try to google for ‘restore firefox bookmark’?”. And that was when I realize how silly I was for not being able to think of that earlier.

So I googled it and sure enough, there was a solution for it. It appears that Firefox makes a daily backup of the bookmark and stores it in a folder. However, it will only keep the previous 5 days backups. This means that if I had this problem for more than 5 days, my ‘good’ bookmark would have been lost…..(this time…really)….. FOREVER.

I will put together a tutorial of how to restore Firefox bookmark if it has been corrupted. Check out my next blog.

Arggghhhh….just when I thought that I don’t need to spend time organizing my old bookmark. But of course, I’m happy that my collection of bookmarks is restored now! 🙂

Lost them all

(Friday, February 16, 2007)

I’m furious. Came back, and noticed all…I do mean..ALL my Firefox bookmarks are G-O-N-E!!! EVERYTHING….gone. If that’s not bad enough, I’m having trouble bookmarking now….which is troublesome. I guess I’ll need to reinstall it again. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

I really can’t believe it. All my important sites that I’ve bookmarked, for years….is all gone. There must be over a hundred sites in it….some fresh…however mostly obsolete. Just a week ago I realize I needed to manage my bookmark by deleting old, unused sites, and organizing the others in meaningful categories. However, due to severe laziness, I didn’t. haha. Even if I did, it would be tough to delete the bookmarks that I won’t be using now, but feel that I ‘might’ need it in the future (which I probably won’t need it anyway).

Oh well…I guess this ‘accident’ could be a blessing after all. Instead of going through each bookmark, and deciding whether to keep, or to delete it, now I’ll be starting with a new, fresh, EMPTY bookmark. That saves a lot of work doesn’t it? Yippeee!!!!! 😀

Back from swimming

(Tuesday, February 13, 2007 )

I just got back from swimming. Swam for 31 laps…stopped in the end because time’s up. Of course…in between those 31 laps..I got stop and rest a while lah. Quite impossible to swim non-stop, YET.

1 hour after swimming, I feel damn tired already. Ready to sleep anytime. haha. But I’ll try to stay awake, play some games maybe.

Just wait till tomorrow and the day after, I’m sure my whole body will be hurting like mad. Have to stick to a strict exercise program, to lose some(A LOT OF) weight. I look like I’m well into 5 months pregnant now. Damn…